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You can talk to a pretty girl

I can say that loudly and proudly in front of scrapbookers because you probably had ten one too. I loved collecting the stickers and trading the stickers and finding the right page and placement for the stickers. I especially loved the part of the process where I was far too young for a job and needed to find every available moment to convince my mother I needed new stickers. And I loved sitting in my room when I was supposed to be asleep, quietly turning the pages under the lamplight to catch all the little foils and glimmers and shines on the most special of all the stickers in my book. Tell me this is not crazy talk and it has long been time to bring back sticker books. Sticker books should never have left. Big books of stickers from all the different designers and collections you know and love: These stickers also have a thinner profile than the cardstock stickers of our collections, making them great for things like planners where bulk can be a real concern. My sticker book has over stickers, thanks to several pages that have lots of tiny pieces designed to be scattered around the page in the same way I often use enamel dots and mist. It has the same colour palette as the Glitter Girl collection, with lots of brights and also gold foil and iridescent holographic finishes. Because me was very serious about her iridescent holographic finishes, and just maybe this is my gift to her. You can collect all the StickerBook editions from HobbyLobby stores in the US, or your favourite paper craft retailer, like here. But if you need pink and purple, when yeah: This week Friday Live moves to a new time — 1: You can join in live on Facebook. And now… which of these sticker books will make it to your collection? Scrapbooking and Random Chatter: Friday Live is very different. Lots of chit-chat with those who are watching and typing in comments, many of which have nothing to do with scrapbooking. But you can definitely see each layout come together from start to finish, just with a very different delivery method. This layout came from a challenge I used earlier that day: The gorgeous layout chosen was by Cassie Box and I adore hers and mine too, so many thanks Cassie for sharing your beautiful work! From the looks of things, my answer to that is everywhere. Everything on this page is from the Glitter Girl collection, bar a scrap of plain white vellum for the journaling! Time to head back a bit and add something to my Harry Potter album from the studio tour several years ago. The papers here are from my Starshine collection, plus chipboard pieces, star stickers, and stamps from assorted Studio Calico kits over the years. Today, my answer is to mix it with some very old favourites to pull out the greens and blues in the Glitter Girl colour palette. Nope, I have no shame in keeping supplies for ten years if I still like them! I started with three photos for this page but ended up making two layouts that face each other in the album, one this week and one the next. Also, the connection went very skewif midway through the broadcast this time, so the video is in two parts. Supplies for this one are a mix of Glitter Girl just without the pink elements! Plus green letter stickers from my old favourite, Sassafras! Then another boy page to face that one — this time really working with the green rather than the lighter shades! The green paper in the background is ancient, from Scenic Route, and the rainbow of stripes down the side is equally vintage, from KI Memories. But the darker cloud paper is from my Starshine collection and the rainbow cloud print is from Glitter Girl, as is the funky star paperclip. Then there was the week that it seemed like computers were plotting against me. I started the video in landscape and it moved to portrait. So I started again and it went to portrait again. I tried a third time and it was not the charm… so in the end, I just scrapped sideways so you can see it the right way but oh man it was a weird week. The florals are one of my favourite products of all time — Foldies from Sassafras. I have a good stockpile of them still. This year there are a few options: Let me tell you more! Shall we look at the stamps first? This is the word sheet… …and this is the number sheet. They can also be purchased as a set without the kit, if you prefer. It can be purchased in addition to the kit, in addition to the other stamps, or all on its own. Everything is chosen for a mix of specifically Christmas things alongside patterns that can be used year-round for the everyday. This way you can incorporate your leftover supplies into your stash in January without building up year after year of supplies you only use at Christmas. I am happy to report that the US option for kits this year will be a full kit rather than having to shop for the kit contents. If you do prefer to shop for individual items, I will make that list available next month. When you pre-order, you pay a deposit of half your kit price now and the remaining half when your kit is boxed and ready to ship. Those prices include shipping. The Christmas Carol stamp set is available as an additional item or on its own. Pre-orders have now closed. A very limited supply of kits and stamps will be available without placing a deposit, but those numbers are truly very few. If you would like to reserve a kit with no worry, pre-ordering is your friend. Thanks so much, and I promise you can now go right back to autumn and not think more about Christmas until at least November! The next Friday Live is the 11th of August at 3: And let me know what you pair your rainbows with, of course! A Most Magical Scrapbook: It might be a wedding album or a baby album or a special travel adventure, but these special times bring up all the emotions for scrapbookers: So, so excited and absolutely bursting with stories and in love with so many photos. I wanted to get all the feelings from my heart and all the moments from my head and get them on paper in a way that captured it all with exactly the right… everything. Which is maybe just a little, tiny bit intimidating. Where on earth could I start? But I caught my breath, approached things with a balance of practicality, order, and creative spontaneity, and recorded the entire thing from start to finish to share with you. And then there are the videos. That includes a video on photo and printing organisation, album planning, then all the process videos for every layout in the class. The layouts include single pages, double pages, and pocket pages. There are pages with one photo and pages with many photos. I use a varied range of supplies throughout the album and share different techniques so every single page and video has its own unique focus. I agree, forty pages of the same supplies would be pretty uninspiring viewing, and not nearly as fun for me to make either! But nothing in the class is so specific that you need to have the same experience and memories. Class starts Wednesday the 16th of August and runs through the end of September, but there is absolutely no need to keep to that specific schedule. The materials can and should! You can choose your preferred currency: If neither of those is your home currency, you can check exchange rates at XE and use either button. It will automatically convert to your own currency and you do not need to do anything special. You can pay by credit or debit card or from a Paypal account. For those who also do Learn Something New each September, the two will overlap. Or should I say see ya real soon! You can talk to a pretty girl

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  1. This week Friday Live moves to a new time — 1: Dodging the question will absolutely convey a negative result.

  2. But the darker cloud paper is from my Starshine collection and the rainbow cloud print is from Glitter Girl, as is the funky star paperclip.

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