Yellow flags of the world. Flags of Every Country.

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Yellow flags of the world

Flag of Esperanto As languages rarely have a flag designed to represent them, [13] it is a common but unofficial practice to use national flags to identify them. The practice is discouraged [14] and can be irritating [15] [16] and because flags tend to evoke feelings other than the intended meaning. Examples of such use include: Though this can be done in an uncontroversial manner in some cases, this can easily lead to some problems for certain languages: Croatian language , Bosnian language , Serbian language and the Montenegrin language languages spoken in more than one country , such as English or Arabic. In this second case, common solutions include symbolising these languages by: A Portugal-Brazil mixed flag, usually divided diagonally, is also a possibility. Thus, on the Internet, it is common to see the English language associated with the flag of the United Kingdom , or sometimes the flag of England , the flag of the United States or a U. Related flags[ edit ] Since many flags have a simple design, there is bound to be cases of flags with similar designs. From to , the flag of Romania had an insignia in the middle of the tricolour flag. In the insignia was removed, reverting Romania's flag back to an earlier version. This version matched the design which had been adopted by Chad in This has concerned the Chadian government, and in they requested that the United Nations should consider it an issue. We will not give up the tricolour". Flag of the Arab Revolt , used in Hejaz [18] [19] The Pan-Arab colours black , white , green , and red are first known from the flag of the Arab Revolt in The tricolor flag of Russia, inspired by the flag of the Netherlands , [22] was introduced in the late 17th century. Based on this flag, the first Pan-Slav congress defined the Pan-Slavic colours red , blue and white. The Nordic Cross[ edit ] Nordic flags The oldest flag of the Nordic countries is the flag of Denmark with a description dating from Similar flags are also used as regional flags, most prominently the semi-official flag of Scania. Examples are Shetland and Orkney. The emblem was formed by reversing the colours of the Swiss flag out of respect to Switzerland. In association football , linesmen carry small flags along the touch lines. They use the flags to indicate to the referee potential infringements of the laws, or who is entitled to possession of the ball that has gone out of the field of play, or, most famously, raising the flag to indicate an offside offence. Officials called touch judges use flags for similar purposes in both codes of rugby. In American and Canadian football , referees use penalty flags to indicate that a foul has been committed in game play. The phrase used for such an indication is flag on the play. The flag itself is a small, weighted handkerchief, tossed on the field at the approximate point of the infraction; the intent is usually to sort out the details after the current play from scrimmage has concluded. In American football, the flag is usually yellow; in Canadian football, it is usually orange. In the National Football League , coaches also use red challenge flags to indicate that they wish to contest a ruling on the field. In yacht racing , flags are used to communicate information from the race committee boat to the racers. Different flags hoisted from the committee boat may communicate a false start, changes in the course, a cancelled race, or other important information. Racing boats themselves may also use flags to symbolize a protest or distress. The flags are often part of the nautical alphabetic system of International maritime signal flags , in which 26 different flags designate the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. Flags flown at a car race In auto and motorcycle racing , racing flags are used to communicate with drivers. Most famously, a checkered flag of black and white squares indicates the end of the race, and victory for the leader. A yellow flag is used to indicate caution requiring slow speed and a red flag requires racers to stop immediately. A black flag is used to indicate penalties. Racing flags In addition, fans of almost all sports wave flags in the stands to indicate their support for the participants. Many sports teams have their own flags, and, in individual sports, fans will indicate their support for a player by waving the flag of his or her home country. Capture the flag is a popular children's sport. In Gaelic football and Hurling a green flag is used to indicate a goal while a white flag is used to indicate a point In Australian rules football , the goal umpire will wave two flags to indicate a goal worth six points and a single flag to indicate a behind worth one point. For safety, dive flags indicate the locations of underwater scuba divers or that diving operations are being conducted in the vicinity. In water sports such as Wakeboarding and Water-Skiing, an orange flag is held in between runs to indicate someone is in the water. In golf , the hole is almost always marked with a flag. The flagpole is designed to fit centered within the base of the hole and is removable. Many courses will use colour-coded flags to determine a hole location at the front, middle or rear of the green. However colour-coded flags are not used in the professional tours. A rare example of a golf course that does not use flags to mark the hole is the East Course of Merion Golf Club , which instead uses flagpoles topped by wicker baskets. Flag poles with flags of all shapes and sizes are used by marching bands, drum corps, and winter guard teams use flags as a method of visual enhancement in performances. Yellow flags of the world

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  1. However, it was never officially adopted as such, and the short-lived Kerensky government never had time to make it official. World FlagsAlphabetical list of all world flags.

  2. On warships, the jack is flown from a flag pole jack-staff located on the vessel's front end bow when at anchor or in port. The nickname of the Albania flag is 'flamur e Skenderbeut' Skanderbeg's flag.

  3. In water sports such as Wakeboarding and Water-Skiing, an orange flag is held in between runs to indicate someone is in the water.

  4. In almost all cases, the team is given a chance to make repairs to the car and get it up to an acceptable condition. However colour-coded flags are not used in the professional tours. Both were replaced in by a white-blue-red tricolor type 3 with a canton of the imperial arms.

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