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X rated adult movies

People under 18 may not buy, rent, exhibit or view these films. They are legally available to be sold or hired in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. France[ edit ] Films may be shown in theaters in France only after classification by an administrative commission of the ministry of Culture. In , the X classification officially: The commission has some leeway in classification, it may for instance take into account the artistic qualities of a movie not to count it pornographic. In , some conservative associations sued the government for granting the movie Baise-moi , which contained graphic, realistic scenes of sex and violence, a non-X classification. The decision was highly controversial, and some suggested changing the law under which it was rated History of British film certificates The original X certificate, replacing the H certificate , was issued between and by the British Board of Film Censors in the United Kingdom. It was introduced as a result of the Wheare Report on film censorship. From to , it meant "Suitable for those aged 16 and over," and from to it was redefined as meaning "Suitable for those aged 18 and over". The X certificate was replaced in November by the 18 certificate. Sometimes the rating of a film has changed significantly over time. The Battleship Potemkin was rejected for "inflammatory subtitles and Bolshevik propaganda" in , rated X in , and finally rated PG in Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message In the United States , the X rating was applied to a film that contained content judged unsuitable for children , such as extreme violence, strongly implied sex, and graphic language. When the MPAA film rating system began in America on November 1, , the X rating was given to a film by the MPAA if submitted to it or, due to its non-trademarked status, it could be self-applied to a film by a distributor that knew beforehand that its film contained content unsuitable for minors. Films that achieved critical and commercial success were later re-rated R after minor cuts, including Midnight Cowboy and A Clockwork Orange. The threat of an X rating also encouraged filmmakers to re-edit their films to achieve an R rating; one notable example of this was the satirical action film RoboCop , which had to be edited eleven times before it could attain an R rating. As pornography began to become chic and more legally and commercially tolerated, pornographers placed an X rating on their films to emphasize the adult content. Some even started using multiple X's i. In some cases, the X ratings were applied by reviewers or film scholars, e. Because of the heavy use of the X rating by pornographers, it became associated largely with pornographic films, so that non-pornographic films given an X rating would have fewer theaters willing to book them and fewer venues for advertising. Moreover, many newspapers refused to advertise X rated films. This led to a number of films being released unrated sometimes with a warning that the film contained content for adults only. X rated adult movies

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