Work socks that stay up. HJS Studio Pattern.

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How To Keep Socks Up All Day & Why Yours Are Sliding Down

Work socks that stay up

SMCR February 7, at My husband spent 4 hours on a 45 minute commute back in because everyone started leaving work when the snow began falling and major routes like and became parking lots. And those of us who remember want to avoid anything remotely like that. Allison February 7, at 1: The thought of being stuck inside a car or commuter train for days with no heat, food, or water definitely makes me want to stay home. But I must be entitled for wanting to stay safe. Yep, just another spoiled brat looking for an excuse to take a vacation day. Lisa February 7, at 1: Esra That is totally ridiculous. Bad weather days mean miserable, long commutes and public transit rides and distracted, frazzled staff. Anonymous February 7, at 2: My boss gave us the option to leave early, but we had to use PTO to do so. Anonymous We had people stuck a few years in Chicago on Lake Shore drive. Took forever to get them out of there. If you have to drive make sure you have emergency supplies in your car! Jonah February 1, at 9: When we were smaller no one had any issue with people working at home. We all have laptops and internet. We are an agency and a service business yes, but we can be fully responsive at home. Suddenly management has gotten militant about demanding ppl come in during dangerous weather or take a vacation day. This makes no sense to me. If u get in late and leave early u are far less productive than if u worked at home. I am not putting life and limb for any job. Will they buy me a new car? Pay medical bills and support my family if I am hurt or killed? Work at home people. If your are productive hopefully they willget the message thst they are being unreasonable. If not, find another place to work. Oxford Comma February 7, at 2: There were accidents at every major traffic artery out of the city and there was massive gridlock for over 14 hours. Our thruways were parking lots and most people spent over night stuck in their cars on them. Just as this was all starting to hit, at the place where I was employed, a bunch of us wanted to leave early. We were told no. Not if we wanted to keep our jobs. So I left at my appointed time and it took me over 8 hours to get home less than 10 miles and normally no more of a commute than 15 minutes. There was a state of emergency and the city officials wanted no one to drive into the city the next day as the roads were basically parking lots. I called my employer who was based in the next city and she was livid that I would not be at work. She called the manager to apologize about me the recalcitrant employee only to learn that the only people there were the ones who had gotten stuck over night and who had slept on their desks. AG I love your user name Nyxalinth February 7, at 6: Was it a call center, or just a very poorly managed office? It was a call center position, and the place in question is pretty well-known for treating their employees like crap nowadays. Anonymous February 7, at 8: I had to send a picture to her to prove it! Oxford Comma I was outsourced to a hospital as a biller. My employer had their finger in a lot of different pies. Incidents like these prompted me to focus on grad school and getting the heck out of there. BW February 7, at 3: There were long periods of time where traffic just did not move. Then I got nearly home, and because the plows were all stuck in traffic and could clear and treat the roads, I only managed to slide back down the hill. BW February 7, at 4: I remember being home waiting and waiting and it getting later and later with no word from him. The snow was so high up against the doors we were literally snowed in the house. My dad was able to get a ride home after the storm ended and had to borrow a shovel and some help from the neighbors to dig his way into the house. Other than that, I remember it was really cool as a kid — snow towering above my head! We made some awesome snow forts and did a lot of sledding down the middle of the street and crashing into the snow piled at the bottom. Most bosses will understand that. RG February 7, at 4: Does Boston have something similar? BW February 7, at 6: BW February 7, at 2: Winds mph on the coast. I would recommend anyone in the storm zone going into the office at all to leave early. It could be not so bad or it could be worse than expected and in a different time frame than expected. You need to plan for the worst, especially in a large city on a day where people are in school and commuting to work. If things go the wrong way, roads and public transit will get overwhelmed very quickly. It is impossible to keep up with clearing roads when they are clogged with traffic. The snow accumulates and people can become stranded or will be sitting out there for hours not moving. We had this scenario within the last 10 years in the Boston area. A storm moved in earlier than forecast, just as people were getting out of work. Visibility was reduced to zero in no time. It took people upwards of hours to drive home. Other people who depended on bus service were left stranded and had no choice but to walk home or find someplace else to take shelter. The best thing to do in case of a large storm moving in is to encourage as many people as possible to stay off the roads. This allows the city to get the equipment out there and keep up with clearing snow off the roads which will allow emergency and essential services to continue to operate in dangerous conditions when they are most needed to keep people safe. Allison February 7, at 3: Work socks that stay up

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  1. There were accidents at every major traffic artery out of the city and there was massive gridlock for over 14 hours. Needles 2 and 3: Make a note of how many you pick up to repeat on the other side of the heel.

  2. You might want another in the space between the heel flap's side and the first needle of the instep. The ribbing around the opening is a nice touch.

  3. Slip 1, purl to last stitch before turning gap, purl 2 together, purl 1, turn. You might want another in the space between the heel flap's side and the first needle of the instep. There were long periods of time where traffic just did not move.

  4. Plastic zip-type bags are pretty secure, as are boxes with no ventilation holes or cracks.

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