Why do women pee when they orgasm. What Is Squirting?.

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Did You Pee During Sex? The Real Story

Why do women pee when they orgasm

Female ejaculation does not exist. Only rare women can achieve female ejaculation or squirt. Kegel exercise is the key to achieving female ejaculation. Only women with prominent G-Spots can achieve female ejaculation. Female ejaculation can only be achieved through G-Spot orgasms. Gynecologists are educated about this issue and provide women with correct information. Female ejaculation is urinary incontinence peeing. Women who have given birth are the only women capable of female ejaculation. There is only one way to achieve female ejaculation. Women often do not realize that they can ejaculate because they are missing the cues of when they can do it. There are specific techniques that can be taught to a woman to teach her how to do it and how to hold it if she does not wish to ejaculate. Women can ejaculate without having a G-Spot orgasm and for that matter without having an orgasm at all! Women can increase the amount of fluid they ejaculate by following specific steps. Women can ejaculate multiple times within a short period. Female ejaculation is not urine, is much like the consistency of water, is clear in color, and usually smells like nothing or has a slight sweet scent. After testing it was found to be similar to Prostate fluid found in men. However, it can come out with urine. OBGYNs and other physicians often misunderstand or even misdiagnose female ejaculation. The first documentation of these being like the male prostate was in when Reinier De Graaf had described a collection of glands that surround the female urethra. He described the glands as producing transparent fluid to lubricate the vagina. However, it was not until when the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology finally began to use the term 'female prostate' within their terminology. It just goes to show how slow Western medicine has been in really giving female sexuality the attention that it deserves. Part of the reason that the gspot and its functioning was ignored was because it does not impact reproduction and therefore it was deemed unimportant. However, as a woman speaking for my sex, I can say that it is truly a great failure on the part of physicians that they have seen only reproductive functioning as important. After all, it has been determined that prostate massage in men actually reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Could it not be just as important for women to know if draining the gspot could also provide health benefits? When the female prostate gspot has become enlarged or caused discomfort it is called female urethral diverticulum or female prostatitis. Many urinary tract infections UTIs have been incorrectly diagnosed and treated due to this disregard for the female prostate. Even beyond the health aspects of female sexuality, women's sexual pleasure is important solely for the sake of itself. As more sexual health professionals are pushing for research in this area we are beginning to see increased education about this which is finally giving women the knowledge they need to be rightfully sexually empowered. The Female Prostate Glands vs. However, as mentioned before there is a great deal of debate regarding it even among sexual health professionals. The pictures below suggest that the theory of retrograde ejaculation may be what is really going on inside. This is where the fluid has gone out the gspot and up into an empty bladder and then comes out. However, it could also be urine mixing with the fluid from the female prostate. However, there are a lot of factors still being debated on this topic so take a look at some internal pictures below. A female's bladder filled during sexual intercourse in these Magnetic resonance images- Midsagittal images of sexual response in a multiparous woman left at rest; center pre-orgasmic phase; right 20 minutes after orgasm without expelling the fluid. There have been clinical tests where a woman's bladder is drained of urine before sexual stimulation and ejaculation. Even though the women's bladders had been drained, they were found to expel anywhere from 50 ml to ml of fluid into a catheter bag. This has lead researchers to conclude that at least some of the liquid must come from the bladder such as in the study conducted by Samuel Salama and his colleagues at the Parly II private hospital in Le Chesnay, France. However, even in that study it was shown that the majority of post-orgasm urine samples contained prostatic-specific antigen PSA. It is the PSA that many researchers say is the "true" female ejaculate which is produced mainly by the Skene glands. Other researchers show more urine with smaller amounts of prostatic secretions. Gary Schubach have stated in his research that the majority of the female ejaculation originates in the bladder, but the expelled fluid is not quite normal urine. In his research a woman's bladder was emptied using a catheter prior to orgasm. During orgasm a catheter was in place and connected to a collection bag. Analysis of the fluid expelled during orgasm is the basis for his claim. An oversight to this approach is that the bladder sphincter is normally closed. If it were not, liquid in the bladder would simply come out at any time. By creating an artificial passage and collecting the fluid expelled from the bladder during pelvic muscles contractions is just part of the picture and does not explore if during orgasm this passage normally exists, even if only for a moment. Some speculate that female ejaculate originates from the kidneys in large volumes which could hold some validity in that magnetic resonance imaging has captured increased fluid in the kidneys when a woman is aroused. Combining this fluid with the fluid that is expelled from the female prostate glands would complement the lab tests on the fluid. Therefore, this is an excellent theory and one that should be delved into more through testing such as ultra sound monitoring. The bladder theory is just one theory and is assumed to be true because doctors are confused about how the fluid can come from the Skene's glands the g-spot as it could not hold as much as 2 cups of fluid. Thus, they reason that it must come from the bladder. However, the theory that I lean toward is that it does indeed come from the kidneys and Skene's glands. It is still a controversy and because there have not been any recent studies that I have seen that give absolute proof How Much Ejaculate Comes Out? Most women can gush as much as. However this can be affected by how hydrated a woman is, how much she pushes while ejaculating, and other factors. The more fluid the more chances prostatic-specific antigen PSA is being mixed with urine. The female prostate comes in many different shapes and sizes but the majority of women have a prostate that is positioned near the external urethra can expel similar amounts of fluid. How to Female Ejaculate I have spent a lot of time developing techniques for both women and their partners to help a woman achieve female ejaculation. You can gain access to those techniques in my page ebook - The Art of Female Ejaculation eBook I have been asked what is my personal favorite sex toy for achieving female ejaculation and that would be the Hitachi Magic Wand with the blue Gspotter Attachment. I also recommend other powerful dual action vibrators as they provide simultaneous gspot and clitoral stimulation. The most simple way of explaining how to do it is to bare down and push when you feel like you are about to have an orgasm rather than clenching tight. There are many other things that can also be done as covered in my book, but that is the biggest piece to the puzzle. Because women can urinate and ejaculate at the same time, it is recommended that women should try to urinate before sexual play if they want to avoid urination during an ejaculatory experience. The best way to stop it is to simply not push outward during an orgasm. Women can also clench down on the urethra by using their Kegel muscles, much like they would to stop the flow of urine. The more developed the Kegel muscles, the easier it will be to control it. Learn more about Kegel Exercise. Why do women pee when they orgasm

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  1. This could be interpreted or confused with female ejaculation if its that time of the month and during sex an orgasm expels more of this fluid at once instead of slowly over time. At these moments, critical for mutual enjoyment, communication is of major importance.

  2. Combining this fluid with the fluid that is expelled from the female prostate glands would complement the lab tests on the fluid.

  3. He might prefer to have his partner help him. There is only one way to achieve female ejaculation. Easier said than done, maybe, but I believe in you!

  4. Interestingly enough, these instructions alter the angle at which the urethra enters the bladder, and make it much more difficult for a woman to retain urine.

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