Why do i think bad thoughts. Why are Japanese so Bad at English? (5 Reasons).

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Why do i think bad thoughts

Why Do Married Men Masturbate? Oct 08, Why do married men masturbation? I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses, reason, and intellect has intended us to forego their use and by some other means to give us knowledge which we can attain by them. Plus, this is only in the last week. Over half of evangelical pastors say they have watched porn in the last year. Well, because if they are watching porn, you can bet they are masturbating. A survey of Christian men by Dr. At a poll at The Marriage Bed forums, over half the men said they were having sex with their spouse once a week or less. Data into knowledge In the above survey by Dr. Again, in the survey by Dr. While in the marriage bed poll, over half the men said they were having sex with their spouse once a week or less. Who wants to bet that a large overlap of these are the people who are having sex with themselves as often or more than with their spouse? I posit that a very large majority of these Christian men are masturbating while watching porn. What does the Bible say? As I said, there are none that explicitly talk about masturbating, but I think we can find some applicable verses: If you are masturbating and thinking about someone other than your wife, this is adultery. But I will argue that a lot of spouses are masturbating out of greed. Here Paul tells Timothy to hold on to the faith and a good conscience. As we saw earlier from the stats, most men who are masturbating do not have a clear conscious about it. But, I think the largest argument is not an explicit verse, but rather the overriding message of the Bible with regard to marriage and sexuality. Otherwise, by doing so, you are cheating on your future spouse. We call this fornication. When you are married, focus all your energy on your spouse. Now, I say this in all love, having struggled with all this before. I have a 15 year history with porn addiction, from teenage years through most of my marriage. There were times I could not perform sexually because I had already masturbated too many times that day. There were times I avoided sexual encounters because I was worried my wife would realized I was being sexually active without her. And at all times I was hiding something from my wife. The damage this causes a relationship is not measurable, but it is substantial, even if you wife is not aware of it. If she is aware, the damage is greatly increased. Talk to your spouse about it, see if you are harming them by masturbating. Your body is not yours alone to do with as you like or feel, and if you are using it in a way they do not approve, I believe you are breaking the spirit of this verse. Why do married men masturbate? In short, I think there are three reasons. Loving, but firm, help. Do you know of any other reasons? You might be interested in these: Why do i think bad thoughts

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  2. A few years ago, a second Holocaust was unthinkable. Now most kids have little idea what their parents do in their distant offices, and see no connection indeed, there is precious little between schoolwork and the work they'll do as adults.

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