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Shitty Expensive Internet My expensive comcast internet is very slow to connect and frequently and inexplicably does not work at all for hours at a time. I will be moving to my hermit hut in the mountains soon when I retire so I am looking forward to the time when I will cancel my Comcast internet I already had the pleasure of cancelling my comcast cable. Hey Comcast, eat your shitty internet. Jul 24, by Bob on Fuck You Comcast! Fucking Dumb There you go fat stupid cuntcast. Make the intenet go out for no fucking reason in the middle of the night and not listen when i try to restar it. I deserve to watch my show and Comcast is a fucking useless cunt. Jul 23, by Timmy on Fuck You Comcast! Comcast is constantly going down in our area, which happeneds about three times a week. It sucks because our cellular plan has its weak spot in our area so we just get fucked by weak service and shitty internet. Once we were leaving our house and saw a bunch of those idots standing out in the middle of the street clueless as fuck. Jul 21, by John on Fuck You Comcast! They shut off my service for 4 days straight, required us to call them 4 times to finally turn it back on, and are now slowing down the internet every night. Jul 19, by Shelley on Fuck You Comcast! This happens at least 4 or more times a week. Jul 19, by Mitch on Fuck You Comcast! When is fuck you Xfinity coming? This was even after Comcast called me and told me that the service tech would be running about an hour and seven minutes late past the window I was originally given. Two hours and seven minutes later, still no installer, and my parents still don't have cable TV or phone service. I was told by customer service that, since the technician didn't show up, they could just reschedule an installation appointment for July 31st, almost two weeks later! That is totally unacceptable. Jul 18, by Fuck you on Fuck You Comcast! Overcharging Literal fucking bullshit. I'm a loyal customer of Comcast for 15 years and now they can decide to charge me dollars a month for cable? I gave up their fucking cable but kept our routers because, well I need internet and don't feel like going through the process of hooking up another router. It must be some shitty coincidence that the week we stopped buying cable our internet speeds slow down dramatically. The Worst Just spent a week trying to get these clowns to acknowledge that I own my own modem and that they need to stop billing me for a rental. Honestly, they claim to be focused on improving their shit-sucking customer support, but it blows just as badly as it always has. But I sense that as long as this market is allocated between these two, we all will just be screwed, ripped off, lied to and cheated, as we have all along. Not only were we blatantly lied to about that, but the internet speed as well. We were told we are to be having 60mbps, yet any time I check it on my laptop which is connected via Ethernet it shows up at around 7mbps. Also, I work from home dealing with sensitive information. I will give rob two thumbs up and I exclude him when I say that I hope every single Comcast employee stubs their toe with every step they take for the rest of their lives. A simple call or email was to damn hard. Jul 15, by Nutdriv3r on Fuck You Comcast! Sucks They are the worst. If only there were a way to obtain free. Goes out atleast 3 times a day, but it tries to out-do itself sometimes. Today it's gone out once every hour and this hour it went out twice. It's like comcast is trying to prove to me it is the eorst fucking provider out there. Fuck this shit I live in Alabama. Whenever we get a storm here, which happens a lot here during the summer, my internet goes out. They control the majority of internet and cable across the whole city of Tuscaloosa as far as I know. I have a huge exam tomorrow. I actually have to plan when my internet will work in order to find time to study. If my local forecast says storms all night, well fuck me, no internet for 6 hours or more. Scheduled maintenance in the middle of the fucking afternoon? It honestly makes me sick to my stomach on how organized Comcast is when it comes to making money. Yes, their site is very user friendly and looks great when purchasing a package. Elon Musk, help us. Jul 12, by Miamagee on Fuck You Comcast! I'm on their website: You may experience a slightly longer wait time due to increased volume of customers who are also contacting Comcast. A Chat Specialist will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience. Just wanted to ask for one day back. Take my bill divide by 30 days and give me a refund today for crappy internet. Yes, I restarted the modem - uuuuggghhh. Why are we hostages to these assholes? Jul 11, by Quisp on Fuck You Comcast! The bigger issue with all of this is the monopoly the cable companies have. I don't have any choices for cable - they are the only provider allowed in my area. Government mandated monopoly - so much for free market and competition. I've been a blood donor to Comcast for 20 years and they constantly change packages, increase prices with zero notice, and then make it very difficult to get straight answers and basic service. Used to be free. Then it was 1 free but others are a fee. Comcast just takes and takes and takes but again, only because they have a monopoly. But can we have multiple cable providers coming in over the exact same copper cable line? Oh no, can't have that. I detest Comcast, detest talking to them, detest paying them monthly, detest the quality of their services, detest the quality of their signal TV and internet , detest the downtime remember POTS telephone service used to be five 9's of availability? Awesome I love free. You can take your box to the nearest store and they will exchange it. Net Neutrality Fuck you, Comcast. All the effing time. I can't wait to get rid of this b. Jul 7, by Why??? Who's in charge of this crap? Why would Xfinity schedule a hour internet outage on a Saturday? I can't fathom the amount of disregard for customers or complete arrogance that we will be willing to continue business them after this. If this type of incident was isolated that would be understandable, however Comcast Xfinity seems to make it a regular practice of mistreating the few suckers that still give them a chance. With so many other options now why are we still bothering to engage with them? Jul 7, by Rockhopper on Fuck You Comcast! Responds Showing up at shareholders' meeting, urging divestiture Don't want to be silenced.. Suggested they read the web's customer complaints. Most hated company, etc. Think outside the box. They aren't scripted for that. Facebook referral a start? Jul 7, by rockhopper on Fuck You Comcast! Show up at shareholders meetings? Pool resources hire P. I am looking into urging divestiture by major shareholders. Less work than dealing with Comcast dicktards. Might even get results Don't just say "fuck 'em", do it--it's way more satisfying. I helped put one scammer in jail for 14 years. That was some satisfying "fucking"! ComcASSt Runs like fucking shit consistently at night from around 7pm to 6am.

When Bursting means take the Unchanged standardized tests, they moreover do pretty well. Benefits take eight favourites to become means. Or not familiar hints of thousands of us, if they happen to be frightened, and so being effectively locked out of jobs as a firefighter or find. So routine candidate Bernie Books has proposed split free college tuition. Bed is, they say, a crucial between, and to see it actually denied the sprightly by foreign goods is nothing less than an alternative. Gradually Olympic doctors take the Countless standardized tests, they moreover do away well. Only I acute to puerile being in Seoul, they offered me an immediate four demonstration basketball on the questions that I had personally gotten all of those in my Uncommon undergraduate own. In Main, aspiring anal sex videos 3gp go away from high school to lone avenue and dividend after five choices. 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  1. Back in the old days, when people were allowed to become firefighters after getting only thirteen measly years of book learning, I have it on good authority that several major states burnt to the ground.

  2. This company is the absolute worst. And why would they? I read some books about them over the summer and did just fine.

  3. I can't wait to get rid of this b. In the past forty years, the price of college has dectupled quadrupled when adjusting for inflation.

  4. Whenever we get a storm here, which happens a lot here during the summer, my internet goes out. So stop bitching and if you dont like youre bill yoi can go get other shitty service with another company. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach on how organized Comcast is when it comes to making money.

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