Where can i buy condoms in australia. Mates, Signs of Sexy.

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Where can i buy condoms in australia

It is preferred by 9 out of 10 over typical latex condoms. You Need Them Now! With Unique there is a higher rate of heat conductivity between partners. Unique is made from a high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin called At At is approximately three times stronger than latex yet one-third the thickness of standard latex condoms. Unique is designed for average or large girth penises. Do not use Unique if you have a narrow girth or narrow penis. For more on choosing the right size condom Note: Unique should always be put on a dry penis. They are for people who want protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also want maximum feeling and enjoyment. Since Unique is packaged like a credit card you can carry it like one. Unique is great for any kind of sex, oral, vaginal or anal. Unique can be used with any lubricant without compromising the integrity of the condom. Either the man or his partner can put the condom on without ever actually touching the part that goes inside the body. Please watch our product demonstration VIDEO to see how the condom goes on differently and better than latex. Unique is wonderfully packaged in the size of a credit card to be discrete, and contains 3 easy to use condoms. In your wallet, your purse, inside the smallest clutch or inside the pocket of a tight pair of jeans. With Unique, being prepared is now discrete and even fashionable. Please read this article to understand more about non-latex condoms. But Don Max, like most of us, hated tradition latex condoms. The idea was to reinvent the condom from head to toe. Not only was he going to build a better condom but one that was non-latex, stronger, thinner and easier to carry. The quest began with the material. He began experimenting with different types of plastic films, forming them into condom shapes and testing them on machines designed to measure bursting, tensile and friction pressure. He reasoned that the material had to be thin enough to conduct heat so the experience would be as close to a natural sensation as possible, but strong enough to protect. After a years of testing what was born was a synthetic resign called AT AT tested to be up to three times stronger than latex but was one third the thickness. Many years in development and testing, Unique 1. Unique is now the first and only high performance, high quality condom available on the market today. We produce small quantities of the best performing condom in the world. Unique is not designed or targeted to the teenager market. Unique is for adults who know a thing or two about sex and want protection with a better sexual experience. Try Unique, then retry latex and you will never go back to latex or mass produced condoms again! Many people ask why Unique is made in Colombia and the answer is simple, because thats where Don Max lives. And yes, he still personally field tests each batch. Please click on our certification certificates below. Unique is a also an effective barrier method for prevention of pregnancy. Where can i buy condoms in australia

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  1. But Don Max, like most of us, hated tradition latex condoms. Condoms help in reducing the risk of transmitting diseases by blocking the exchange of fluids whenever you have sex.

  2. Unique should always be put on a dry penis. Specifications relating to the size of the condoms Volume and bursting pressure Strength and durability Correct labelling and packaging.

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