When tired how to stay awake. Tired in the morning and awake at night? Here is a REAL solution..

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How To Stay Awake At work When Your Really Tired & Sleepy

When tired how to stay awake

Energy drinks have become increasingly popular in recent years. Studies show that excessive use of energy drinks puts you at risk for caffeine intoxication, insomnia and severe agitation. In addition, too much coffee gives you the jitters and will keep you awake when sleeping becomes possible after your class. The Alert Master nap alarm will stop you from falling asleep in class without pumping your body with unhealthy substances that have side effects. It's a great solution for those who want to figure out how to stay awake without caffeine. Being alert during your studies can make the difference between getting good grades and getting bad grades. How to stay awake at work It can be difficult for people to remain at work without falling asleep. Many night time phone operators use our product to stay awake while at work. Security personal and machine operators must keep themselves alert and focused at all times to prevent catastrophes and also to avoid falling asleep on the job and hence loosing their job. In our current financial crisis keeping your job is the most important thing you should be focusing on. The Alert Master drowsy driver alert helps accomplish just that. Drowsy driving can lead to a disaster so you need all the help you can to prevent such a situation from occurring. Pull over at the nearest convenience store and get a cup of coffee. This may seem obvious to some but it's a good tip for several reasons. Of course coffee has caffeine which does a great job of waking you up. However, stopping to get your cup of java also allows you to stretch your legs, get a little bit of exercise and get your blood circulating. All of these things will give you an energy boost. What some people don't know is that caffeine can take up to 30 minutes to be effective so get your cup of coffee and walk around for a while. The combination of the two will do wonders for keeping you up when you get back in the car. Some people find that a hot drink, even if it is coffee, can actually make them feel sleepy if they are extremely tired. Take a power nap As just mentioned, a power nap is a nap of minutes. A power nap is said to be the best type of rest in the middle of the day to reinvigorate you without leaving you groggy. This is because if you sleep too long your body will enter the type of normal sleep cycle that it does at night time. The name of this phenomenon is sleep inertia. So it is best to take a short nap, just enough to feel rested. If you then drink a caffeinated beverage when you get up you will maximize the effects of the nap even more. Take a snif of an essential oil This may seem a little strange but strong smells can wake you up. Why else are smelling salts sometimes placed under the nose of someone who has fainted? Aromatherapy claims that certain essential oils such as those derived from rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus blue gum do a good job of reducing fatigue and invigorating a person. Take a trip to a health food store and stif around for the smell that does the best job perking you up. It may not be the smell that you like the most. In fact a strong, sharp smell is more likely to invigorate then a sweet, flowery scent. Don't drive after eating a big meal It's not a good idea to drive after eating a big meal because a full stomach tends to make you drowsy since your body is working hard to digest the large quantity of food you just ate. Eating a large amount can quickly spike your blood sugar levels and as they come down equally fast you tend to get tired. Think of all the men asleep on the sofa after a big Thanksgiving meal. This is a scenario you want to avoid when driving a car. Don't go hungry either though. It's important to keep your blood sugar level stable so keep healthy snacks in the car like nuts and seeds or fresh fruit. Water is a terrific pick-me-upper too. Drinking cold water can help you feel refreshed and it also keeps you stay hydrated which is equally important. Chewing gum is also known to help keep you awake. Keep your distance from the car ahead of you If it is a ways to the next rest stop or you otherwise have no chance to pull over and try some of the other tips above make sure to stay at least 3 car lengths from the car ahead. In addition, keep your windows down if if is cool outside. The cold air will keep you awake. If it's hot outside then crank the air conditioning in the car as the cold temperature will have the same effect. The worst environment to be in when sleepy is a warm environment so make sure that the temperature is cool to cold. Studies conducted by sleep research teams shows that a person who has stayed awake an entire day performs the same behind the wheel as a drunk driver with a blood alcohol content BAC of. This makes them many more times likely to be involved in an accident then an alert person. In the United States the NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board has done several studies showing the correlation between sleepiness and accidents especially where heavy trucks are involved. Seeing these statistics really drives the point home. Driving while tired is an alarmingly prevalent reason for the many road wrecks we see each year. Use the tips above and get a Stay Awake device as extra insurance. When tired how to stay awake

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  1. If it's hot outside then crank the air conditioning in the car as the cold temperature will have the same effect.

  2. This may seem obvious to some but it's a good tip for several reasons. Journal of Sleep Research, December ; vol 4:

  3. In addition, too much coffee gives you the jitters and will keep you awake when sleeping becomes possible after your class.

  4. In fact, studies have shown that after an all-nighter, you may be functioning at a similar level as someone who is legally drunk.

  5. Tapping a button may not be more distracting than changing radio stations, but if it is, stop using it right away.

  6. The worst environment to be in when sleepy is a warm environment so make sure that the temperature is cool to cold. In our current financial crisis keeping your job is the most important thing you should be focusing on.

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