What to wear with a sweater dress. How To Sew a Simple Turtleneck Sweater Dress.

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What to wear with a sweater dress

For dinner, collared shirts and pants or "nice" jeans are suggested for men, and slacks or jeans, dresses, skirts, and tops for women. Few issues create as much confusion or contention among cruisers as what to wear to dinner — and, more importantly, what others wear to dinner. As cruises and cruisers have become more diverse, so has dress — both what cruise lines ask us to wear, and what we actually wear. And the more diverse our dress is, the more we argue about it! Just take a look at the dress code-related discussions on our message boards, but be forewarned: Just about every cruise line has a dress code of some type. Except for the occasional nudist charter, they all at least agree that clothing is required! But from there on, dress codes range from those where dressing for dinner means putting on a clean T-shirt to those where any male passenger not in a tuxedo might as well be wearing nothing at all. And for every dress code, there are those who try to bend the rules. If a tuxedo is required you'll find those who want to get by with just a suit; if all the cruise line asks is that you don't wear shorts, you can count on someone trying to wear them anyway. Those who follow the dress code to the letter often complain of lax enforcement, and truth be told, many cruise lines do seem loath to turn people away, especially for minor infractions. There are plenty of stories of people in shorts and T-shirts when at least a suit and tie is supposed to be required — but lax enforcement isn't universal; at least on some ships, people do get turned away from the dining room. Once upon a time, it wasn't so complicated. On cruise ships and in first class on ocean liners, formal dress was absolutely required after 6 p. Until the s, men invariably wore white tie, and ladies evening gowns. The dress code was set for every night of the voyage, and only the truly brazen would dare flout it — and usually wound up being sent to their cabins as a result. Then things gradually became less formal, with black tie slowly making inroads until, in the post-war years, it was the expected dress for men. But with the advent of modern cruising beginning in the s, things began to change radically. New budget cruise lines, whose ships were often second-hand and third-rate, appealed a new type of passenger that didn't own formal dress. Meanwhile, major ships began designating formal and informal evenings. But right into the s, dress codes for the most part remained rigidly defined and enforced, though certainly less so than in the past; there was little confusion or debate about what to wear when. The late s and early s, however, brought a marked change in the dress code scene. As more and more cruise lines turned their focus to first-time cruisers, and as society in general became more casual, big cruise lines began to loosen their dress codes. Many made it apply only to the main dining room — not the other public rooms at night — while NCL, as part of its Freestyle Cruising initiative, was the first to make formal nights "optional. Unfortunately, it's impossible to predict just how much you'll get away with on a particular night on a particular ship, or exactly what your fellow passengers will actually be wearing — enforcement really comes down to the whim of whoever is standing at the door at that moment, and as for others' dress, it depends on the passenger mix on your particular cruise. What we can tell you is what each cruise line says you should wear: Azamara Club Cruises The Code: Azamara's dress code is "resort casual"; acceptable attire includes sportswear, golf shirts, shorts, pants, and jacket if desired, but not required for men and sportswear, shorts, casual dresses, skirts and pants for women. Number of Formal Nights: The line says "guests should feel comfortable in wearing formal attire if they so desire," but there are no formal nights. Also, no tuxedo rentals are available onboard. All restaurants are "resort casual," but Windows Cafe, the buffet option allows for an even more relaxed option. Written Restrictions and Jeans: No bare feet, tank tops, caps, bathing suits, or jeans are allowed in the dining room or specialty restaurants. No jeans in the dining room or specialty restaurants, but jeans are OK in the buffet. Carnival will change its dress code this spring. Currently, most ships have formal and casual dress codes. Formal dress includes tuxedo, suit and tie, or jacket and tie for men and evening gown, cocktail dress or pantsuit for women. Casual wear means sport shirts and slacks for men and dresses, skirts or pantsuits for women. The new dress code is being tested on two ships and will roll out fleetwide in mid-May. Cruise casual dress includes sport slacks, khakis, jeans no cut-offs , long dress shorts and collared sport shirts for men, and casual dresses, casual skirts or pants and blouses, summer dresses, capri pants, dress shorts and jeans no cut-offs for women. Cruise elegant dress means dress slacks, dress shirts and sport coat suggested not required for men and cocktail dresses, pantsuits, elegant skirts and blouses for women. On elegant nights, passengers may choose to dress more formally in suits and ties, tuxedos or evening gowns, but this level of dress is not required. There are two formal nights per seven-night cruise, one on shorter cruises. Cruise elegant nights will replace formal nights under the new system. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido restaurants are open nightly and have a casual dress code. Under the new dress codes, gym shorts, basketball shorts, beach flip-flops, bathing suit attire, cut-off jeans and sleeveless shirts for men are the only items of clothing never permitted in the dining room during dinner. Celebrity's Web site states that you'll need three types of clothes for a cruise. For men "casual nights" includes a sport shirt and slacks, while women will be comfortable in a pants suit, skirt and blouse, or casual dress. On "informal nights," men are requested to wear a jacket, shirt and tie, while women may want to wear a suit or dress. The number of "formal," "informal" and "casual" nights depends on the length of your sailing. See Celebrity's dress code chart for details. Casual dining is offered most nights on every cruise, depending upon the itinerary, and is served in the Palm Springs Grill and pool area on the Mercury and at the Oasis Grill and pool area on the Galaxy. On the Century casual dining is available in the Sky Bar. On our newest ships, casual dining is offered at the Seaside Grill and pool on the Constellation, the Oceanview Grill and pool area on the Infinity, the Ocean Grill on the Millennium and the Waterfall Grill on the Summit. No jeans on "informal" and "formal" nights are allowed in the dining room. Most nights are informal, with "resort wear" appropriate; jackets are not required. There are two formal nights per Caribbean cruise and one or two per European sailings, depending on length. A suit for men and a cocktail dress for women is recommended. The standard buffet option is available for diners wishing for an even more relaxed vibe. Though Costa does not reference jeans directly in their written policy, denim is allowed in the dining room, according to a spokesperson. Formal attire includes a dinner jacket or lounge suit and an evening dress or cocktail dress for women. Informal attire, which applies to most evenings, means a suit or smart jacket for men tie optional and cocktail dress, trouser suit or stylish co-ordinates for women. On casual nights, the choice of dress is left entirely to the passenger. Casual nights usually fall on evenings in port or during special events such as deck parties. Typically, six- to night cruises have two formal nights, but with longer sailings, the number of formal nights can increase to five. The buffet restaurant, Marco's, is open from 6 p. Shorts and swimsuits may not be worn in the ships' main restaurant. Crystal Cruises The Code: Crystal has formal, informal and casual dress codes. Formal attire includes a tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit and tie for men and an evening dress or gown for women. Informal attire, which applies to most evenings, means a suit or jacket for men tie optional and cocktail dress or pantsuit for women. Casual attire includes sport shirts and slacks for men and casual dress or pantsuit for women. Typically, to night cruises have three formal nights, but with such a wide range of sailings, the number of formal nights can be quite variable depending on number of sea days, among other things. The Lido Cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch, and the casual Trident Grill closes each evening at six. Unless they like to dine early, it is possible that guests will have to rely on room service for a truly casual option and especially on formal night! Jeans, shorts, casual slacks, sport shirts and caps or baseball hats are not permitted in the dining room or specialty restaurants after 6 p. Cunard has formal, semi-formal and elegant casual dress codes. Formal attire means black tie or formal dark suit for men and evening dress for women. Semi-formal attire includes jacket and tie for men and cocktail dress or pantsuit for women. Elegant casual attire means jacket no tie required for men and dress, skirt or trousers for women. The dress code applies throughout the public areas in the evening. A six-night crossing will typically feature two casual nights, three formal nights and one informal night. Though Cunard ships generally have a more elegant vibe, each vessel has a more casual option during the evening. Waiter service is added in the evenings to the daytime buffet area. Shorts and swimsuits may not be worn in the ships' main restaurants. Disney has formal, semi-formal, "dress-up" and casual nights; "dress-up" applies to three- and four-night cruises and formal and semi-formal to longer cruises. Formal means tuxedo or suit for men and gown or dress for women. Semi-formal means suit or jacket for men and dress or pantsuit for women. Most cruises include one or more theme nights such as pirate or tropical. The dress code applies to the main dining rooms at dinner. For Palo specialty restaurant , a dress shirt or jacket for men and dress or pantsuit for women is appropriate regardless of night. Three- and four-night cruises feature one "dress-up" night, where men are encouraged to wear jackets and women pantsuits or dresses. A seven-night cruise features one formal night. On Disney's family-geared vessels, there is no shortage of casual options. So if little Tina refuses to get dressed up, the laid-back buffet will be there for her. Casual dress is unspecified, except that shorts, swimwear and tank tops are prohibited in the dining room. Olsen Cruise Line The Code: The normal evening dress code requires that men wear a jacket and tie and women are dressed in "informally smart" attire. What to wear with a sweater dress

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  1. For the song by Jacob Sartorius , see Sweatshirt song. No bare feet, tank tops, caps, bathing suits, or jeans are allowed in the dining room or specialty restaurants. Until the s, men invariably wore white tie, and ladies evening gowns.

  2. Wear a stole around your neck and make sure you stay confident. Shorts and swimsuits may not be worn in the ships' main restaurants.

  3. The ideas will hopefully inspire you and you can then change the entire look of sweater when you wear them.

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