What size are condoms. Condom Sizes Exposed – Regular, Large or Small.

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How to Buy Condoms!

What size are condoms

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  1. On the other hand, bursting through a too tight condom because your penis is very big is less embarrassing of course, but can create other problems.

  2. Condom size chart If you want a quick suggestion, use the Condom calculator , or review this short condom size chart. Only a very few condoms are available in size 57 mm, a condom size that is already considered very big. Putting on the wrong condom size can cause slippage, breakage, dull sensation, and above all a lack of enjoyment.

  3. Loop it once around the thickest part of the shaft of your erect penis. There is also not much help offered in the market to inform men about their right condom size.

  4. These figures might seem small but don't forget that the condom has to fit rather tightly to prevent slipping off.

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