What it is gorilla zoe mp3. Mo B. Dick.

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Gorilla Zoe What It Is feat Rick Ross & Kollosus

What it is gorilla zoe mp3

We were very humbled by that, and it means a whole lot. And it was nice to finally meet you in person too! Music Gorilla has put me in front of industry and new audiences as well as provided many opportunities. We got to play a great show in a professional and friendly atmosphere and have one on one conversations with some major talent scouts. Doing so directly resulted in the opportunity to make a record with multi-platinum producer Matt Squire. Every year gets better and MusicGorilla is always at the top of their game. Thank you for showing us such an amazing time! Also, Alexia and Lawrence who run it are completely awesome to work with. We highly recommend it. They do so because they have the same passion in music as the artists they represent. Alexia and Lawrence are industry pros who have spent a lot of time and effort building relationships in the business so they can open doors for their clients. The gig was right in the middle of all the musical madness and had a great vibe. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of the fun down in Austin, Texas. There was a great positive energy about the place and about Music Gorilla, the sound guy was incredibly helpful and great to work with, and the audience was really responsive and fun. Thanks so much to the team that put this great event together; looking forward to doing it again soon! We look forward to more collaboration with Music Gorilla, thank you guys! We were surprised to see how many fans believed in us to get us all the way to and from NYC. Once we arrived to the famous Bitter End, we were greeted by a friendly personnel from MG. MG has opened up a lot of doors! Most well put together unofficial showcase happening, hands down! We were really pleased that he was so detailed and thorough with his immediate feedback. Most bands struggle every day trying to get an opportunity to perform their music in front of even the smallest of labels…Music Gorilla put us in the lap of a Major label. Music Gorilla obviously takes a lot of pride in what they do because the quality of what they offer is priceless. There was a big crowd at a really kick ass venue. The sound was really good and the staff was super cool and helpful. Over all it was a really well run event and The Locals were happy to be a part of it! I am always excited when I receive an email about a new opportunity. We greatly appreciate the people at Music Gorilla for recognizing this and helping to spread the work of independent artists. I would recommend you guys to other filmmakers. It was a lot of fun to participate in the Austin showcase this past March. Showcasing various bands in such a short period of time is quite a feat, but the MG team were efficient, calm, and helpful…and there was a great crowd in attendance! We did a non-stop set which finished with an audience requested encore! We were literally done and the sound guy left the table to unplug us from the stage but the crowd raised their voice asking for one more song! Sound guy went back to the table for us to play one more. It was a lot of fun for us and we appreciate the opportunity to play for you guys. It is tough for independent bands to get heard, and Music Gorilla helped us reach new fans and industry contacts that are tough to get as an independent band. We are honored to be working with such a great group! The staff and support was excellent and the acts on the bill with us were absolutely awesome to watch and work with. Chicago and I would like to thank Music Gorilla for the professional level of opportunities they present. Two of my songs recently have been signed to a T. We are excited to have been selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are original artists who have been striving and working hard to break into the music industry. This feedback will help us grow and give us the needed direction to accomplish our goals. Our showcase with you was quite possibly our most memorable show in Austin that week. The lead up was thorough and professional, the staff and sound engineer handled the mass amounts of bands incredibly well, our sound was great, the fans were amped, the drinks were flowing. The result of such a perfect storm of awesomeness: We rocked the house. Thanks for working so hard doing what you do and creating opportunities like these for artists from all over the country. Indie artists should def use the site it is one of the best in the biz. Thank you so much again and I hope you have a blessed day!!! We gained a ton fans from our showcase as well as constructive, thoughtful, written feedback from the industry representative. Because MusicGorilla has a solid reputation for carefully selecting artists, the people on the other side of the business value and respect them. As a consequence, industry people treat MusicGorilla artists as a step above the rest. We appreciate all the hard work it takes to make the showcase a success that it was. This showcase for Virgin Records was the best and most professional we have attended. From the sound to the promotions and being greeted with a hug, we felt right at home, which made it easier for us to perform at our highest level! Many doors have opened. Thanks for taking a chance on a bunch of 16 year olds! You guys are amazing! Your staff was extremely professional and very informative! They had a blast and really appreciated the opportunity! It was a great showcase and magnificent opportunity to play our music on such a grand scale. Most of all we hope we represented Music Gorilla well. Music Gorilla is a great place to find opportunities. Just a few weeks ago, I receive an inquiry, sent off my CD and received a contract in only a few days for my music to appear on up to 5 new kids Christian DVDs. It has also gotten me the option on a film with Sony… I am very elated to have found Music Gorilla, thank you. He is very interested in the band, and he saw us because of Music Gorilla. Are you promised a deal??? No, but will doors open…. Two of my songs were also selected for placement on their current compilation CD, which will soon begin receiving air-play at those same stations. That kind of exposure is phenomenal to an Indie writer like myself, and it is totally due to my Music Gorilla membership. Thank you MG for making this happen for me!! The one that stands out as the best, most fun, most valuable was the Music Gorilla showcase. While popular press coverage spreads the sad news that SXSW is not really an indie focused event anymore, Music Gorilla is truly keeping the indie spirit alive and healthy. We are so glad they are and we are deeply thankful and honored to have been included this year. I had a blast and it was so great getting to meet you in person and hang with all my Texan alumni. You did a great job — I was there for a few of the other acts and really enjoyed it! We hope we have the chance to work with Music Gorilla in the near future and would highly recommend them to any band looking to further their career! Since the beginning, Alexia from Music Gorilla has been so helpful and enthusiastic; we would recommend anyone with doubts to cast them aside!!! Their artists are many and varied and most of all, talented! I was able to not only score most of my movie, but to really drive scenes home thanks to these amazing artists. Just the fact that the great people At Music Gorilla have really put something together to help bands, and not just for labels but tv shows, Movies, video games you name it. Recently our band did a a clip of our music and a few of our band members even get to be on TV, for a show called Friday Night Lights and ever since then our crowd has grown. The bands and artists that performed were amazing and it was an honor to be a part of the lineup, especially as an electronic artist. The awesome staff from Music Gorilla was supportive through the entire process and after the show I received great insight speaking with the industry rep that attended. Many thanks to Music Gorilla and Lawrence Erlichman for the opportunity! They gave us the opportunity to play in a foreign country for the first time ever. They sorted out everything for us so all we had to do was turn up and play. We truly owe them lots and I hope we can achieve what we want through them!! I am a new songwriter and it is difficult to know how to get my work out there and heard. I found Music Gorilla and immediately signed up for pro membership. I was excited and somewhat skeptical but happy I was actually able to submit my songs to producers. This is the best venue I have found to help me move forward with my goals. We had fun at the show and the feedback was extremely valuable. Looking forward to doing it again! You really facilitated the entire thing and have always worked to create opportunities for us to showcase our music. Thank you and Lawrence. I was chosen to be in an upcoming documentary film. I was ecstatic to receive the news that my music was going to be a part of this unique project. What it is gorilla zoe mp3

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  1. Thanks, Music Gorilla, for providing a channel in which I could submit to opportunities like this one.

  2. I was excited and somewhat skeptical but happy I was actually able to submit my songs to producers. Recently our band did a a clip of our music and a few of our band members even get to be on TV, for a show called Friday Night Lights and ever since then our crowd has grown. As a result of that she is getting significant national exposure.

  3. The showcase ran flawlessly, and the sound was the best on our entire tour! Thank you and Lawrence.

  4. For all you skeptics out there, Music Gorilla does everything they say they will do. For those of us who are actively making money off of our music, this really is a treasure.

  5. This is one company that truly has the musician as the main priority. We really appreciate you, and all of the guys in the band really enjoyed meeting you. But Music Gorilla is fabulous for finding the film opportunities!

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