What is the definition of rebound. Definition of 'rebound'.

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What is the definition of rebound

Hawaiian Islands could be compensated by regional rather than local displacement of the lithosphere. This is the more general solution for lithospheric flexure , as it approaches the locally compensated models above as the load becomes much larger than a flexural wavelength or the flexural rigidity of the lithosphere approaches zero. Isostatic effects of deposition and erosion[ edit ] When large amounts of sediment are deposited on a particular region, the immense weight of the new sediment may cause the crust below to sink. Similarly, when large amounts of material are eroded away from a region, the land may rise to compensate. Therefore, as a mountain range is eroded, the reduced range rebounds upwards to a certain extent to be eroded further. Some of the rock strata now visible at the ground surface may have spent much of their history at great depths below the surface buried under other strata, to be eventually exposed as those other strata eroded away and the lower layers rebounded upwards. An analogy may be made with an iceberg —it always floats with a certain proportion of its mass below the surface of the water. If more ice is added to the top of the iceberg, the iceberg will sink lower in the water. If a layer of ice is somehow sliced off the top of the iceberg, the remaining iceberg will rise. Similarly, Earth's lithosphere "floats" in the asthenosphere. Isostatic effects of plate tectonics[ edit ] When continents collide, the continental crust may thicken at their edges in the collision. If this happens, much of the thickened crust may move downwards rather than up as with the iceberg analogy. The idea of continental collisions building mountains "up" is therefore rather a simplification. Instead, the crust thickens and the upper part of the thickened crust may become a mountain range. Post-glacial rebound The formation of ice sheets can cause Earth's surface to sink. Conversely, isostatic post-glacial rebound is observed in areas once covered by ice sheets that have now melted, such as around the Baltic Sea and Hudson Bay. As the ice retreats, the load on the lithosphere and asthenosphere is reduced and they rebound back towards their equilibrium levels. In this way, it is possible to find former sea cliffs and associated wave-cut platforms hundreds of metres above present-day sea level. The rebound movements are so slow that the uplift caused by the ending of the last glacial period is still continuing. In addition to the vertical movement of the land and sea, isostatic adjustment of the Earth also involves horizontal movements. It can cause changes in Earth's gravitational field and rotation rate , polar wander , and earthquakes. Eustasy and relative sea level change[ edit ] Main article: Eustasy Eustasy is another cause of relative sea level change quite different from isostatic causes. The term eustasy or eustatic refers to changes in the volume of water in the oceans, usually due to global climate change. When Earth's climate cools, a greater proportion of water is stored on land masses in the form of glaciers, snow, etc. This results in falling global sea levels relative to a stable land mass. The refilling of ocean basins by glacial meltwater at the end of ice ages is an example of eustatic sea level rise. A second significant cause of eustatic sea level rise is thermal expansion of sea water when Earth's mean temperature increases. Global sea level is also affected by vertical crustal movements, changes in Earth's rotation rate, large-scale changes in continental margins and changes in the spreading rate of the ocean floor. When the term relative is used in context with sea level change, the implication is that both eustasy and isostasy are at work, or that the author does not know which cause to invoke. Post-glacial rebound can also be a cause of rising sea levels. When the sea floor rises, which it continues to do in parts of the northern hemisphere, water is displaced and has to go elsewhere. What is the definition of rebound

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  1. Brittleness , in technical usage, is the tendency of a material to fracture with very little or no detectable plastic deformation beforehand. The company rebounded after going through a difficult period.

  2. Brittleness , in technical usage, is the tendency of a material to fracture with very little or no detectable plastic deformation beforehand. See you on the tee.

  3. Toughness tends to be small for brittle materials, because elastic and plastic deformations allow materials to absorb large amounts of energy. By varying the presence of interstitial atoms and the density of dislocations, a particular metal's hardness can be controlled. A point defect is an irregularity located at a single lattice site inside of the overall three-dimensional lattice of the grain.

  4. This choice of entry mode interacts with ownership strategy — the choice of wholly owned subsidiaries versus joint ventures to give a 2x2 matrix of choices — greenfield wholly owned ventures, greenfield joint ventures, wholly owned takeovers and joint foreign acquisitions - giving foreign investors choices that they can match to their own capabilities and foreign conditions.

  5. Describes another noun--for example, "boat race," "dogfood. An analogy may be made with an iceberg —it always floats with a certain proportion of its mass below the surface of the water.

  6. When the sea floor rises, which it continues to do in parts of the northern hemisphere, water is displaced and has to go elsewhere. A point defect is an irregularity located at a single lattice site inside of the overall three-dimensional lattice of the grain.

  7. The Sun Trends of 'rebound' Used Occasionally. Search Definition of foreign direct investment Investment from one country into another normally by companies rather than governments that involves establishing operations or acquiring tangible assets, including stakes in other businesses.

  8. These irregularities are point defects and line defects. Ultimate strength is an engineering measure of the maximum load a part of a specific material and geometry can withstand. If there is an atom missing from the array, a vacancy defect is formed.

  9. When a dislocation intersects with a second dislocation, it can no longer traverse through the crystal lattice.

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