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My Next Move

What is my next move

We eat great food, explore new menu concepts, and meet our in-house talent. One recent tasting was filled with delights: Brazilian shrimp stew, spring lamb with cucumber yogurt relish, and grilled branzino with salsa verde. But the icing on the cake for me? All six chefs were women. See us in the photo pictured above with Arne Sorenson, our president and chief executive officer. Much has been said lately about the need for more women chefs and restaurateurs. The James Beard Foundation, which hosts the largest annual awards ceremony for the U. Most chefs typically pursue careers in the independent restaurant world. We have to figure out how to bring more of that talent to us. We have a lot to offer as an employer that operates more than 10, restaurants worldwide. The chefs have a lot to offer us as professionals. Marriott International has always supported women leaders. My mother, Alice S. Marriott, helped my father, J. Willard Marriott, build this company from a nine-stool root beer stand almost a century ago. She was the first chef when the root beer stand started serving tamales and chili, and, ultimately, became known as the Hot Shoppes — the restaurant chain that started it all for Marriott International. She would have been bowled over by the creativity and culinary talent of our female chefs. We will work to determine better mentoring initiatives for women chefs, while providing more career opportunities and membership in industry associations. I want us to lead the industry in this effort to advocate for women culinary leadership. I am proud of the six chefs I met at the taste panel. What is my next move

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