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How To Treat External Hemorrhoids At Home?

What happens when a hemorrhoid pops

He and his parents are Jewish, but his younger brother Ike is actually from Canada. Kyle is also known as the moral compass of the otherwise chaotic town - although has a nasty temper to go along with it. He's noted in-series as loving football and basketball while also demonstrating high intelligence his wimpy cousin Kyle even calls him a "redneck jock stereotype" in one episode. All of the Other Reindeer: In earlier seasons, Kyle would often feel left out by his friends around the holidays, him being a Jew and all. Usually of Type 3 , but can be Type 4 depending on how much he's fueled by his hatred of Cartman. He believes that all the bullying and meanness appearing in South Park were a result of the vulgarness of Terrence and Phillip and Canadian media in general and tries to an end to their shows so they can no longer corrupt the morals of people in other countries It leads to Canada getting nuked by the President much to Kyle's horror. Gives one to Heidi Turner that it makes her realize how far she has sunk ever since she dated Cartman. Oh, what's the matter Kyle? You don't want me around 'cause you had the hots for me and I shot you down? I would never have the hots for the person you are now. Heidi is stunned by Kyle's answer Atrocious Alias: He's a stand-in for Matt Stone. Back from the Dead: On the outside, a potty-mouth, angry nine-year old who's also the smart one of the group, but the movie demonstrated that he can hack into top secret military databases. He has also been shown to be fairly athletic at points of the show and fully capable of kicking Cartman's ass when necessary. Kyle always tries to do the right thing, even if it doesn't get him rewarded or gain happiness. It becomes more apparent when Cartman, a sociopath at the age of 10, is involved because despite Kyle hating him with all his heart, he could never let Cartman suffer from his own stupid actions and wants to at least see him do the right thing once in his life. Don't call his mom a bitch. Or make fun of his Jewish heritage. Or be Eric Cartman and do pretty much anything. At this point in the series, it's more the third thing than the first two. Beware the Nice Ones: Kyle is usually very kind, but you might not want to anger him if you know what's good for you. See Berserk Button above. Ike has become one of Kyle's highest priorities sometime after "Ike's Wee Wee", from following him to Somalia and getting him home safe to worrying about Ike getting circumcised or keeping him from running off with his teacher to Milan. Could arguably be Kyle's biggest drive after his antagonism towards Cartman. He briefly played this role to Blanket in "Jeffersons" due to his father neglecting him. He goes from giving him a band-aid to trying to take away Jefferson's custody of him. Most notably in "Cartmanland". It's one thing being pushed into denouncing the existence of a God or in this case a righteous God. It's another to be pushed to the point of giving up on life due to Cartman's constant Karma Houdini instances. It takes one major case of divine intervention to rectify. That case of divine intervention was Cartman needing to staff a fully operating amusement park, selling it back to the original owners, and seeing Cartman lose his cash because he was liable for Kenny's death since it took place while he was still owner. Can do this at times. Mostly having to do with being the center of Cartman's torment around him being a Jew. Kyle, if you don't do as you're told, I'm going to be very angry! Well, you made me eat veal and didn't tell me what it was, so go ahead and be angry, you baby calf-killing bitch! Stan sometimes calls him that, too. Early in the show's run, his personality was more similar to Stan's; he was more childish, bratty, indifferent and a Big Brother Bully to Ike on a larger scale. As the series went on, his character got more fleshed out and unique to Stan's, and he also became much more kind-hearted if you aren't Cartman, that is , and his love for Ike is a lot more manifested. On the other hand, he can be more overly-dramatic about social values almost bordering on Soapbox Sadie in seasons and will move mountains to prove Cartman wrong about the silliest of things, something his earlier self wouldn't have done due to apathy. In later seasons, though Seasons 18 and 20 don't feature him as one. He's regularly portrayed as the top student in his class, has the highest capabilities with the computer, including photoshopping a photo to fool the Japanese government to stop whaling and get his best friend out of trouble and single-handedly thwarting a terrorist attack with some inspired Google-fu. He's also shown more than a slight capability with philosophy and managed to remove himself from reality. This is available only when Cartman has a new, evil plan. He easily gets a Jewfro that's larger than his head into a small hat. Justified since it's just the art style exaggerating the size of it. Over the course of the show, he's evolved into this, as he's often stuck playing the voice of reason as well as the conscience in a show featuring Eric Cartman. Department of Redundancy Department: He never stops reminding everyone that Cartman's fat. Strictly speaking, though he and Stan can switch roles from time to time. When he, along with the rest of his friends, does something wrong or even thinks that they did , he usually tries to frame it on Butters. During "Cartman Finds Love" and "Doubling Down" all thanks to Cartman, the latter of which seemed to have mentally broke him. While he really was becoming like his mom , in his defense, he's actually a bit less of an extremist than she is. While she didn't regret being A Nazi by Any Other Name for the most part, it taking the coming of the apocalypse to have her regret her actions, Kyle couldn't bear to see that he caused Canada to be nuked which, while horrible, is a bit less horrible than The End of the World as We Know It. After realizing that Terrence and Philip didn't make him laugh anymore and becoming disillusioned with them, he shaves his hair to a smaller style along with a new non-Terrence and Phillip shirt. Then he immediately puts his hat and jacket back on before admiring his "new" look in the mirror. The hat remains on the rest of the episode. F-M The Finicky One: He has shades of this at times, though his foil, and more or less the entire world he lives in, is so immoral he doesn't really need that high standards to get wound up over it. His obsession with beating Cartman, to the point of occasionally leaning into Knight Templar territory. Reaches the point in season 21 where his anger that a girl he liked rejected him for Cartman and basically turned into a female Cartman enraged him so much that he indirectly got Toronto nuked. Good Angel, Bad Angel: The voice of morality and plays the "good angel" on Stan's shoulder, prodding him to do the right thing, in direct opposition to Cartman's "bad angel" who will do the wrong thing and take Stan along for the ride. Good Is Not Nice: Seeing some of the conflicts between him and Cartman out of context wouldn't make all that clear that Kyle's supposed to be the good guy. One example is in "Le Petit Tourette", though, in the perspective of the adults. Cartman fakes Tourette's Syndrome to get what he wants, and Kyle, who's known Cartman all his life , gets annoyed and says that he doesn't have Tourette's, and an authority figure that has it accuses Kyle of being a bully and he is taken to observe various kids with Tourette's with lack of swearing. He is then forced to apologize to Cartman. However, when Cartman plans to bad-mouth Jews, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back, so Kyle devises an elaborate plan that actually saves Cartman from going in too deep. His method involved having tons of pedophiles committing suicide to stop the show and is angry when Cartman thanks him for it. He is quite easily pissed off, usually because of something Cartman says or does. After Cartman starts a rumor in "Cartman Finds Love" that he and Kyle are together, Kyle tries his damnedest to express that he is not gay and not gay for Cartman. He really does not like the idea of drinking pee or eating bananas. He Who Fights Monsters: Has shades of this due to his antagonism toward Cartman. In some episodes he thinks nothing of having him dead. Although this also depends on how far Cartman has spent in monster territory in previous episodes. At least when Cartman's involved. Even if he was laughing at the irony of the situation based on previous episodes, this episode alone frames him as this trope. In The Stick of Truth, he requests a group of elves to kidnap your character and threatens to blackmail your character, even though you're already a member of Kupa Keep. Ironically, Cartman recruited your character in a much more polite manner. This example is more benign than the former though as the characters were playing a game and he puts his grudge towards Cartman aside to stop Clyde. Very much so in the later seasons, and serves as a good counterbalance to Stan's later cynicism. Not too blatant, but Kyle gets sick much more often than the others boys unless you count Kenny's constant dying. Suffered kidney failure and mentioned to have Type 1 Diabetes in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", got infected with a hemorrhoid in "Cartmanland" which turned fatal , was sick throughout the entirety of "The Snuke" and had a quick cold in "Guitar Queer-O". Well, it's either this or plot convenience or for other reasons. For all the mentioning of his family's faith, Kyle rarely goes to temple or prays, or even wears a kippah. Plus, his family eats pork products they had pork for dinner in "Conjoined Fetus Lady" and Kyle threw up bean with bacon soup in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" , which isn't kosher. Plus, that's part of the joke. Kyle, being The Smart Guy , is very intelligent, and when this is combined with Hot-Blooded and Snark Knight , it becomes something of a subtle version of this trope. He believes himself to be on a moral ground high above others , especially Cartman. He and Stan are usually Only Sane Men to the craziness of the world around them, and act as more moralistic foils to Cartman. At times however, often when Cartman is not in a starring role, they can act rather selfish or immoral, having nothing against using similar bullying or conniving tactics to Cartman to get what they want. This is more toned down in later seasons, though still pops up every now and then. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He can be Hot-Blooded on occasion, mostly due to Cartman's behavior, and in earlier seasons he wasn't much better than Cartman himself. He's also susceptible to Kids Are Cruel , but he's about as friendly as you'd expect a 9 year old boy to be. What happens when a hemorrhoid pops

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  1. Gives one to Heidi Turner that it makes her realize how far she has sunk ever since she dated Cartman. While he really was becoming like his mom , in his defense, he's actually a bit less of an extremist than she is.

  2. Over the course of the show, he's evolved into this, as he's often stuck playing the voice of reason as well as the conscience in a show featuring Eric Cartman. However, this was never mentioned again.

  3. His Jersey self is treated as this. On the bright side, the vast majority of viral activity occurs within the first year after infection. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

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