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Women what can you offer in 2015

What do women have to offer men

I was at the seminar in-person and there was so much information packed into it that I had no more questions for Carlos afterwards, and now there is even MORE packed into these DVDs! Things like body language, proxemics, fashion tips, approaching, you name it This is your chance to get a visual learning experience of what it takes to be an Alpha Man. No weird patterns or hypnotic trance stuff, just R. What are you waiting for? Your Alpha Immersion program ranks right up there with the best of them I can say with absolute belief and certainty that I have received my money's worth just from the epiphany of your statement. This DVD series along with your Secrets of The Alpha man is an invaluable tool for any guy out there who is 'pissed off', 'frustrated and ambitious' enough to take control of this latent power sleeping within This material is mind expanding, challenging, provocative but ultimately rewarding. Any guy out there who is feeling restless with the quality of his life will find the missing links right here. His exercises, Absolute Power Now , etc A lot of people have products out there about inner game, but they're so scientific that its hard to apply it to your own life. Not the case here When I got the email announcing Carlos' seminar, I immediately signed up. I wanted the opportunity to learn from the man himself. The class was made up of about 20 guys. Not the hundred's that you'd normally expect. It was set up in more of a workshop style. There was a lot of time for questions and answer sessions. Carlos specializes in teaching you the REAL aspect of game based on building upon who you are as a person. I didn't come to his seminar for that and I didn't find it. One of the great things about this system is that the improvement in your game kinda sneaks up on you. You see a woman that catches your attention and BAM it's on! At least that's been my experience anyway. Thanks a Million Carlos! Its helped my life in more ways than one. First, its helped shape my perceptions about myself and life in general. I now see things differently. Because of this, I feel that its much easier to take on the behaviors of a Alpha Man. Also, I've really used alot of the scientific principles Carlos talks about to improve my self-confidence. As a result, I feel that I don't have to try as hard to attract women because it kinda comes by itself. Many guys out there go into too much detail, Carlos goes into just the right amount of detail so he doesn't overwhelm you and he gives you the bigger picture. I love this program, its been the cornerstone for my self-improvement. Thanks Carlos, love ya bro: I could really come in where I was and add just the skills that I needed. I picked up so much data from this workshop that it took weeks to let it settle in, but now I'm suddenly juggling 3 women in my life that were not there prior to taking the course. When it rains it pours! I'm already seeing tremendous improvement in my dating life, both in the inner and outer game. Since I cracked open the case roughly a week ago and absorbed and applied the information, I've managed to naturally attract and date several outstanding girls in that time which previously would have taken me a year to accomplish no joke! This is the real deal guys, and you seriously have no idea just how much sheer volume of useful info is jam-packed into this set of 4 dvds! Carlos really knows his stuff from experience, and it's very clear that his passion for helping other men out in this vital area further affirms the fact that he comes from a very real, credible, sincere, and intelligent place. Or you can click here to download the video in QuickTime format. Don't have the Flash player installed? So what I've created is this: The first disc starts right in by explaining the Inner Game of the Alpha Man - where your confidence and attitude comes from, and the beliefs and structures that enable him to attract women. I explain my "REAL Game" methodology, and how this simple process takes ANY method you may have learned in the past and gives you the ability to use the best - and lose the rest. Then we will connect your REAL Game to your ability to approach women, talk to them, and attract them with real-life methods that any man can use you won't ever find yourself saying "Man, I can't do that" during this program. I'll give you my complete philosophy, with examples and real-life methods of opening and talking to women without feeling fake or creepy. I'll explain everything that's going on in my head when I go out to approach and get women's attraction started. I'll tell you how to understand men, women, and the whole game of attraction from A to Z. I'll even pull in one of my trainers, CJ Chandler, to show you exactly what women are looking for in a sexually charged man's body language, words, and attitude. This truly is the Advanced Secrets of the Alpha Man. On these 4 DVDs you will find all the advice, tips and strategies to improve your life. But, enough talking, check out for yourself what comes with these 4 DVDs. This is a REALLY long list, but it's going to impress you as to how much detail the program will cover and how much you're going to learn How you're sabotaging your results with women when you use 'canned' lines, routines, openers, or any other artificial techniques - and how to make them work for you the right way How to "project your personality" so that you can appear like a 3-dimensional Alpha Man instead of just another "pickup artist" or "player" - and attract a woman on a level that tells her you are completely unique The Power of Specifics in reprogramming your mind for success - and realizing when you're off course - to save yourself years of fruitless searching The Secret Reason that your appearance is NOT a factor in attracting the women that you desire, and why you are better off than you think you are The "Rules Exercise" to clarify your belief systems - and get past the limiting beliefs that hold you back from having a hot girlfriend The Primary Challenge you will face in performance and attitude that can either give you unstoppable confidence in your life, or push you into a meek personality that you may never be able to shake off The Big Mistake most men make when they learn the Art of Attraction - and how you can avoid this costly mistake in your own life The 4 Critical Components of High Social Value - and how they work to "sub-communicate" to a woman that you are not only worth her time and energy - you are a force to be reckoned with Learn how to "Diamond Mine" in your life to increase your perseverance and destroy your "quitter" attitude How to shake off your subconscious feeling of guilt and embarrassment so that you don't compromise your identity and self-confidence to anyone The Rules of the Game that clear your head of all the confusion you get from listening to women's advice The Communication Rule for your value that you must never break - or the woman will not respect you or seek your presence - but if you use it, she will want you How to use the "Jeet Kune Do" of dating - applying martial arts philosophy to dating skills so that women perceive depth and calmness in your world How to use Attraction AND Rapport together for maximum effect - instead of fragmenting your game into isolated zones, now you'll know how to integrate the essential elements of sexual attraction to think less like an engineer and more like an Alpha Man The One Secret Ingredient all men and women seek in social interactions and how to use it to your advantage so that you project a powerful energy The 4 Essential Progressive Skills for developing a relationship with a woman and getting her emotionally and physically involved in you, and how they work together to create a complete strategy for attraction How men destroy most attraction with women - and the way you develop the "antibiotic" for this virus Why a woman will hold herself back from demonstrating attraction to you - and why you must be able to see past this to know what she really wants How to manage and handle your techniques and routines to make sure you are unique and stand apart - and how to choose what suits your personality The 3 Types of Value Determination - how you project your value and worth to others The Secret Strategy for you and your wingman work together to boost your value to women when you're out and approaching The 3 Calibration Factors you must make to adjust to women and handle their individual traits and unique personalities How most men condition themselves against meeting women - and how you can use this to your advantage to meet more women than you imagined possible Inner game techniques to change your thinking and self-confidence and develop your inner compass of strength and security with social situations and dating The Authority Experiment to develop and experience your natural Alpha Power How to test a woman's interest with conversation so that you know whether or not to spend more time with her or another more promising prospect Learn the primary differences between men and women in basic attitudes as well as how they interact and how they conflict Dozens of Topic shortcuts you can use at ANY time and in any conversation to keep the talk flowing and avoid any uncomfortable silences What you MUST do with cold or aloof women right away if you want to break past their "ice" shields and get to the warm woman within The 2 Steps to balancing attraction and rapport in your approach strategy with women so that you don't mess it up because you didn't know how to calibrate How to handle different environments and recognize when to change your approach to a woman's social focus so that you can get attraction and rapport every time The 2 rules of sexual initiation with women, and why you must obey them to get to a "physical" level The 4 Steps to Approach Anxiety and how to get defuse the time-bomb so that you can approach any woman without fear of rejection The 6 Rapport and Comfort tools and how they're used to create a powerful bond of trust between you and a woman so that she will open up to you How to reveal personal information and history to a woman so that you don't freak her out or scare her off What to do when you're NOT seeing indications of a woman's interest - and how to handle it so that you don't chase your own tail Pendulum Theory - learn how your behavior is controlled and limited, and how to find balance your life The One Fear you possess that makes you submissive and anxious - and how to isolate it and remove it Your Field Work Plan - 5 weeks to get yourself approaching and out in the field and effective in social environments The essential steps to create deep rapport, and communicate to a woman on an instinctual level that she is interested in you romantically Why you cannot ignore or shortcut the small talk - and how to make it crackle with power so that conversations move from friendly to supercharged in minutes instead of hours The Secret Method to express interest in a woman that she will interpret and understand as confident sexual interest, without having to embarrass yourself or feel weird or creepy The Shy exercise to overcome your fear of approaching - meet more women, and cure yourself of social phobias and awkwardness The 4 closing techniques to escalate your introduction to a woman to a more lasting opportunity for Attraction How to isolate a woman from a group so that you can establish rapport and avoid other women - and men - from blocking your efforts What do women have to offer men

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