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What do guys prefer down there

If you've ever wondered why: And as we all know, actions speak louder than words. Then let me explain why. You see, a White female is more masculine, rough and independent than a typical Asian female from Asia. They need a guy who is more masculine than them, or at least is taller and looks more masculine. A typical Asian guy looks way too meek and feminine to them. They are not masculine enough for them, nor sexually attractive to them either. Asian males look nothing like what her DNA-driven mating instinct looks for. This is why most White women treat Asian men as asexual and do not consider them for any type of romantic relationship. NE Asian women in China and Japan, for example, are a thousand times more feminine than White women are, even those in Europe, in every way. There is no doubt about that. A modern white woman is more rough, thick-skinned and masculine, compared to a typical Asian female. Therefore, a typical super feminine Asian woman is no doubt more naturally suited for an Asian man, who is not as rugged and masculine looking as a White male is. This is why white women who go to NE Asian countries have a lot of trouble finding decent quality Asian men to date, and often complain about it on the internet. Another reason why Asian men and White women are not naturally compatible: White women are heavily into lookism. They care more about looks than Asian or Hispanic women do. Looks matter a lot to White women and they won't give a guy a chance unless they are "physically attracted to them" per their own words. White women generally prefer tall athletic White men. Even if they deny it, it still must be true because they always choose certain types of white guys that rate high in the looks department. However, most Asian men are not very attractive or good looking. That's why Asian women aren't as fixated on looks as White women are. If they were, most of them could not find an Asian male partner because most Asian guys aren't attractive. Therefore, this again is a mismatch, because White women want good looking guys and most Asian men are not good looking, and thus cannot meet the criteria that white women have for the looks they are attracted to. This is yet another major factor that makes Asian men and White women one of the least frequent pairings of couples, and why they have a lower success rate together in dating too. This seems to be true even in Europe, however it does seem that European White women are more open minded toward Asian men and aren't as racist toward them as American White women are, because frankly, European girls are more down to earth, mature and broad minded than their American counterparts are, and nowhere near as fake either. Anyhow, these are the fundamental reasons why Asian males and White females are not naturally suited for each other and have a very low success rate in long-term relationships. It makes perfect logical sense, don't you think? On the other hand, White male and Asian female couples are far more common, as we all know and see. They have a higher success rate, and are more naturally suited as long as both are open minded about interracial relationships , because a masculine white male and a feminine female are a viable complementary match. However, I've noticed that the types of White males that get along best with Asian women are not the rugged, red neck or macho types, but the low key, mellow soft types with less testosterone, and are into Asian cultures. Many of these white guys seem to have "Asian souls and personalities", hence we call them "eggs" - white on the outside, yellow on the inside. So even a White guy who is not too masculine is still well suited for an Asian female, as long as she is more feminine than he is of course. What do you all think? Does this make sense? Also, this report by the Daily Mail shows that White men and Asian women are the highest in demand in Western countries. Now if you're an Asian male, don't get too down just yet. There is Good News for you, if you're willing to look outside the box that is. More on that later though. First I want to admit that there are always exceptions to all this of course, just as there are with every general tendency or pattern. Now, I am not saying it's impossible for Asian men and White women to have good relationships or stick together, just that it's low probability and does not usually last long. Therefore, if you are an Asian male with a fetish or preference for White females, I would say it's ok to go for it, as long as you: And of course, as long as you understand that this pursuit is a low probability endeavor that will not work for the majority of Asian men though there are exceptions of course, which can be found if you look for them and therefore is just for fun or to satisfy your curiosity. Those are the types that are more likely to date Asian men. I guess it's because since they like everything black, that they fancy the black hair of Asian men? As an Asian male myself, I can understand how alluring attractive white females are, especially when they seem unattainable and aren't naturally attracted to you. It's a challenge we dream of overcoming, especially if we have insecurity issues, because then we feel that acquiring a White partner will make us feel more accepted and successful in Western society, and thus will compensate for our feeling of inferiority or insecurity in a culture where White males are the ideal male standard. However, once you start dating both White and Asian females, you will naturally appreciate Asian women and realize that they are better suited for you and complement you better, for they are super feminine and complement an Asian male naturally well, as nature and God intended or designed. That's been my experience. Asian women, especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean NE Asian types have a grace, elegance and femininity that White women can never have. This is why Hollywood movies almost never show the top Asian female models in their films and entertainment, because they would eclipse even the best of the best in white female models. The white male preference of Asian females is only true in America and Europe, not in Asia. So if you go to an Asian country where there are still plenty of single females, such as China, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. In contrast, the white males in Asia will tend to date the "leftovers" in Asia, the women that Asian men don't want, either cause they are too old, unattractive, or have personality issues. So you will have better pickings in Asia than the white men do, assuming of course that you are a decent quality Asian male comparing yourself to an equal quality White male, all else being equal. Is it really so bad to give up White women for Asian women like these? In addition, the Asian females in Asia are also better for you because they are more down-to-earth, feminine and non-westernized. In other words, they aren't as corrupted or spoiled. They act more humble and modest, not arrogant like Americanized Asian girls do. In Asia, women are raised with traditional values, to care about others and prioritize the needs of their family, husband and children. They aren't raised to be selfish, narcissistic and egotistic like they would be in American culture. As we all know, humble modest girls are easier to get along with than spoiled arrogant girls. So the women in Asia make better wives, will treat you better, and have better values and character. And thus will complement you better. That's why Asian countries have much lower divorce rates than America does, not surprisingly. Me and some Chinese girls I met in China while I was outside asking directions. They invited me to eat with them later. As you can see, girls in China are much more friendly, social and hospitable toward male strangers, as this would never happen in America. So I would definitely recommend you go somewhere in Asia to date women. Find a job or start a business there if possible, so you can live long term and have a better prospect of finding a good quality partner than if you were just a tourist. If you don't know where to start, then visit several Asian countries to find out where you fit best, including your own native country where your parents or ancestors came. However, I wouldn't put too much stock in finding a girlfriend or partner in the wealthier first tier Asian countries though, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan or Korea. The women in those nations tend to be spoiled, difficult and very picky. So unless you are the cream of the crop or you have a lot of social connections and networks in such countries, I wouldn't try to date women there. I mean you could try of course, and you may get lucky, but I wouldn't put much stock or hope in it. The women in such countries are well off, independent and have money. They don't even need men, so they will demand the cream of the crop or be very picky, because they can afford to be. What's more, they tend to be hyper closed when it comes to talking to strangers or meeting new guys. So they aren't even that social or open with new people, and that includes you too. Take it or leave it. Now one final thing. If you are an Asian male still interested in White girls, what I would recommend is that you go date the White girls overseas, in Europe and Russia. Not in USA or Canada. That's because the white women in Europe and Russia tend to be a lot more down to earth and genuine, and are less racist toward Asian men, in my experience. So you will have a better time connecting with them and vibing with them. If nothing else you will at least make some nice new White female friends over there. Once you go to Europe, you will see that the white women there are NOT like the white women in America. They don't act as fake or immature, and aren't as paranoid or high strung or man hating, as American women are. So you will feel much more comfortable with the white females there, in European countries and Russia. In particular, focus on Eastern Europe for the women there are less spoiled and not into feminism as much. However, even if you find a girlfriend in Europe or Russia, again like I said earlier, the chances of it lasting long term into marriage aren't that great. There is simply a rift between the natural instinct of White females and Asian males, one that makes them drift easily apart. Of course, there are successful marriages between Asian men and White women, they do exist no doubt, and examples can be found. But that doesn't mean that the majority of Asian men will succeed long term with white women. It only means a minority will. Though not impossible, it's simply not as achievable as dating within your own Asian race. Now I'm not trying to discourage anybody here. Just giving the facts. Hope you understand where I'm coming from. What do guys prefer down there

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  1. Indeed, these statistics about Cobol or Java being the most popular language can be misleading. The remarkable thing about this project was that he wrote all the software in one day in Python, incidentally. They need a guy who is more masculine than them, or at least is taller and looks more masculine.

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  3. But you can refuse to play his game and still make him feel attractive, which will keep him chasing you through whatever medium you choose.

  4. At any given time, there are only about ten or twenty places where hackers most want to work, and if you aren't one of them, you won't just have fewer great hackers, you'll have zero. Economically, this is a fact of the greatest importance, because it means you don't have to pay great hackers anything like what they're worth.

  5. This has, like the arrival of desktop publishing, given people the freedom to experiment in disastrous ways, but it is certainly more efficient. With hackers, at least, other hackers can tell. To learn more about the benefits and freedoms of dating foreign women and living abroad.

  6. A throbbing headache is not a good thing, but it can be a sign of a good thing-- for example, that you're recovering consciousness after being hit on the head. They aren't raised to be selfish, narcissistic and egotistic like they would be in American culture. I mean, email is bad enough.

  7. On their job listing page, they say that one of their "core values'' is "Don't be evil. When Google was founded, the conventional wisdom among the so-called portals was that search was boring and unimportant.

  8. So you won't attract good hackers in linear proportion to how good an environment you create for them. The hackers who become famous tend to become famous by random accidents of PR. I think it should be used exclusively for only a handful of things:

  9. I guess it's because since they like everything black, that they fancy the black hair of Asian men?

  10. The distinguishing feature of nasty little problems is that you don't learn anything from them.

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