What causes yellow armpit stains on shirts. Easy Steps to Keep Your White T-Shirts As Bright as Day One.

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How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains

What causes yellow armpit stains on shirts

August 1, iStock Though most of us know we shouldn't make meals out of strange plants we come across in the wilderness, we probably wouldn't think twice about touching those with shiny fruit and appealing colors, assuming them to be as safe as they are beautiful. But there are many trees, flowers, and berries that can cause great bodily harm through mere contact—agonizingly itchy rashes, respiratory issues, temporary blindness, and even total organ failure. Here are some of the most notorious. Contact with the sap causes a blistering, painful rash that can last for weeks, which means you don't want to stand under the tree in a storm; raindrops can pick up the sap and drop it onto your unprotected skin. You shouldn't try to destroy the manchineel, either—inhaling smoke from burning its leaves can lead to respiratory issues or even temporary blindness. They contain a toxic protein called abrin that is so poisonous, a single seed can kill you within 36 hours. Prick a finger while drilling a hole in the small seed, and that necklace will be your last. The gympie-gympie Dendrocnide moroides is not to be trifled with. Simply breathing near the plant can cause nosebleeds and rashes due to the inhalation of shed needles. In severe cases, this can lead to shock, and even death. It's also worth noting that age doesn't diminish the danger: Dry samples, preserved for decades, still retain their stinging abilities. Like the manchineel tree, it has historically been used to poison arrowheads for hunting. Aconite contains large quantities of pseudaconitine, a toxin that can paralyze an animal as large as a whale, allowing it to be brought down by hunters. Like the manchineel tree, wolfsbane causes its fair share of accidental deaths. In , a gardener in Hampshire, England, was rushed to the hospital after handling the plant without protective clothing. The toxin entered his blood, causing multiple organ failure, and within five days, he was dead. Growing up to feet tall in the rainforests and mountains of Australia, the ancient pine dating back million years produces massive, watermelon-sized cones weighing up to 22 pounds … which it then drops on unsuspecting victims below. Consumed by cows and other livestock, the plant's leaves and stems contain a toxin called tremetol that was passed on to humans through the animals' milk. Modern animal husbandry practices have mostly made milk sickness a thing of the past; the plant is cleared so animals can't graze on it. The flowering evergreen shrub is prized by gardeners and usually grows to 6 to 12 feet tall. Additional symptoms include skin rashes, visual disturbances like blurred vision and halos, and bloody diarrhea. Those with hardy stomachs, beware. Touching the plant followed by any exposure to ultraviolet light causes a reaction called phytophotodermatitis , a rash so severe it is often mistaken for chemical burns. It can also cause permanent blindness if the photosensitive chemicals come in contact with your eyes. The giant hogweed's effects are insidiously long-lasting: Blisters from the rashes and third-degree burns it inflicts can take months to heal, and the affected area may remain photosensitive for years after exposure. What causes yellow armpit stains on shirts

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  1. Eccrine chromhidrosis is even more rare than the apocrine form of the disorder. To be safe, go with non-chlorine bleach, like OxiClean. The giant hogweed's effects are insidiously long-lasting:

  2. If you prefer not to be contacted at all, you may opt out of receiving any communications from us at any time by notifying us at emailoptout bonniercorp. If you have a top loading washer, go ahead and fill the tub with warm water, then add your shirts and the white vinegar.

  3. You can try to remove the dark stains with the same tips as in that article, but with the chemical change, it may be permanent.

  4. Begin by mixing the unseasoned meat tenderizer with water to form a loose paste. Transfers of personally-identifying information may also be made where necessary for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims. When we use trusted businesses or persons to process personal information on our behalf.

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  6. These lists will never contain sensitive information. Like the manchineel tree, wolfsbane causes its fair share of accidental deaths. Overgrowth of certain bacteria on the skin can cause this condition, although the discoloration of sweat is not usually yellow.

  7. For light stains, treat with your detergent most have oxygen-based bleach as part of the formulation and toss in the wash. However, if you notice yellow discoloration of your skin or the whites of your eyes, see your doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes the build-up needs a good scrubbing to get the stain to break down enough for the cleaners to work.

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