What are the signs of the flu. 6 Clear Signs You’re Getting Sick.

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Why The Flu Causes Aches & Pains

What are the signs of the flu

Dogs are getting the flu, too! Think your dog might have it? According to Newsweek , dog flu has been diagnosed across the United States and has even spread up into Canada. How can you tell if your dog is sick? Some dogs may develop secondary bacterial infections which may lead to more severe illness and pneumonia. More than just a sniffle, this mucus can come on quickly and last as long as three weeks. If your pooch has a case of the shivers but is not in a cold environment and is not a chihuahua! If your normally boisterous puppy is lying around, not interested in normal, day-to-day routines, he might be sick. Keep an eye on him and if you notice any other troubling symptoms or behaviors, it could be a symptom of dog flu. They will feel warm to the touch and their gums may be dry and tacky or bright pink. Do not give your dog over the counter human anti-inflammatories for fever, as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and many other human medicines are deadly for dogs. If you think your dog has a fever, you should call your veterinarian. All dog owners should know these 12 foods that could kill your dog. If you suspect your pet has a fever, talk to your vet. This type of cough can last anywhere from 10 to 21 days and is a hallmark symptom of canine influenza. Cough should not be treated with human cough suppressants as they can harm your pooch. Seek treatment from your veterinarian. The accompanying nasal discharge can make sneezing messy and fairly constant through the duration of the illness. When you arrive for your appointment, Dr. Clean all leashes and toys. Also, discuss whether the dog flu vaccine is appropriate for your pup. What are the signs of the flu

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  1. Hand washing, especially before eating and after any close association with an infected person or items clothing, bedding, toys they have touched Launder items daily that infected persons wear Avoid direct contact with infected individuals when possible Do not eat undercooked foods, especially meats Do not eat raw foods or drink untreated water Do not drink untreated or unpasteurized fluids, especially milk Thoroughly wash any produce, especially in third world countries, before eating While traveling, avoid all raw foods and ice; drink only from sealed bottled products and use bottled water for tooth brushing There is a vaccine available against rotavirus that has reduced this infection in children. For Clostridium difficile infected patients, antibiotic sensitivity testing may need to be done to determine the most effective antibiotics to use. Doctors don't always prescribe them because flu symptoms generally go away on their own without treatment, but they are available.

  2. Antiviral medications are available by prescription only. The emergency room should be used for people who are very sick.

  3. If you are interested in trying Instant Immunity, start taking it at the beginning of the flu season. Asthma patients may have an especially tough time with wheezing and coughing. What is the prognosis for a person who gets the stomach flu gastroenteritis?

  4. Keep an eye on him and if you notice any other troubling symptoms or behaviors, it could be a symptom of dog flu. If you have the emergency warning signs of flu sickness, you should go to the emergency room. If there is a temperature of

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