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Were moving too fast

How to use this site Consider moving back to Canada: The planning steps are arranged by the amount of time you have leading up to your move. It starts 18 months before you move back. Moving sooner than 18 months? Just work through all the steps to be sure you are ready. Scroll up to see links to all the time-based planning steps Canadians around the world contribute their wisdom to this site. Throughout the content you will find their insightful stories, ideas for consideration, and useful tips. Can you contribute your own? Find answers to your specific questions: Tax, real estate, health care, country-specific, FAQ's, and much more! Scroll up to see the links to specific topics where you will find answers to many of your questions! Get professional help for your move: Yes, A real person you can trust to answer questions specific to your context, help you make sense of your options, and disolve the overwhelm of moving back so you feel clear and confident! Professional Support for your move back to Canada! Why move back to Canada? This question is easy for some to answer, but not so easy for others. Common reasons for moving back to Canada: Your job or contract overseas ends. Your employer moves you back. You are tired of living abroad and want the familiarity of Canada again. Especially when you retire. See the "Retire in Canada" page of this site! You want to live in the Canadian lifestyle again. You have family and friends to return to. You want to raise your children in a Canadian context. You have an elderly parent to take care of. You need access to the public health care system in Canada. You have just gone through a relationship breakup and want to retreat and regroup in Canada. The most common challenge in the decision making process: Sometimes, however, it is not an easy decision. The most common challenge in the decision making process about whether to return to Canada or not is this: I am fine, but they are not happy here. There is no easy solution, but one thing you can do is to use the discomfort of the situation to learn as a couple, or as a family, about what is important to you - what life is supposed to offer you and what changes you might undertake in our own thinking, beliefs, and patterns to find where you need to be in the world: Why do you really want to move back to Canada right now? Are you running away from something or running to something in Canada? Where should you be right now for what you need to do in your life at this time? Answering these questions in complete honesty to yourself will really help you understand what you want from life in Canada when you return. It may also help you decide if Canada is even the right place for you right now! To help you get started with your answers, here are some of the reasons people like being expatriates - why they like living away from their home country. What will you miss from the expatriate lifestyle? Meeting amazing people Finally being away from home Having this once-in-a-life-time experience Realizing that things can be done differently Changing ourselves - yes we can Being out of our 'comfort zone' Realizing that not everything at 'home' is perfect Learning a new language properly Showing your visitors from home around your new hometown Being a font of knowledge on your home country Knowing how to cook differently 'Teach me to Always having a conversation starter 'And where are you from? Linkedin, Trailing Spouse Network group, The ping-pong effect My family and I experienced a peculiar situation and I have heard from many people who have gone through it too. I call it the ping pong effect. Here is how it happens: So, you pack your bags and head off to another international assignment. As of the writing of this, friends of ours are doing exactly this, after finding that getting good work in their field in Canada is really a challenge. I did the "ping pong" back out after 9 months in Canada and the U. Going back overseas felt like going home. If you are not completely at peace with moving home to Canada but are making the move anyway because of the end of a contract that didn't get renewed, for example, consider a staged move back. I often advise my clients in this situation to consider a first stage of "wintering over" in Canada - a temporary move until they either find their "place" in Canada or decide to head back out again. Once they are clear on where they need to be next, they take another step in the return process. Don't make expensive decisions and final pronouncements unless you are really certain about moving back to Canada. Many of my clients have thanked me for this guidance! It allowed them to step through their return in a way that honoured who they were and what they needed at that time in their lives. Common profiles of returning Canadians Here are 5 common profiles of Canadians moving back. I have seen these from long experience working with clients and from my own time living abroad. Please note that you may be an exception -many people are. If, however, you do find one that is close to your reality, it may help you have a more successful move back to Canada by clarifying your target state of mind, lifestyle, and goals. This person or couple knows exactly where they are moving to in Canada, they plan the whole move well, and they get what they want. Life tends to give you what you envision if you are laser-focused and very, very clear in your mind and heart. These returnees are generally happy when the move is over and their life is settled in Canada because they created their desired perfect lifestyle. Hope for a better future for their children motivates this move. I have many clients returning from the U. However, this also applies to families returning from all over the world, and particularly from places that are in turmoil. Families generally create a good life in Canada because they ground their move in family priorities and values, reflecting the life stage they are in. Life presents an opportunity and it happens to be the right time to move back to Canada. Following an opportunity back to Canada results in a staged experience: First comes excitement, then reverse culture shock, and finally, after a year or two, a new life balance in Canada. Individuals and families both experience symptoms of adjustment. What helps this group? A ton of careful consideration, planning, and personal support for themselves and each other after they arrive. This individual or couple makes life happen through a combination of planning well, listening to their intuition, trusting things will work out, and being open to new experiences in a cheerful manner. This is more a "non-linear" return path, but results in a life that delights them. Overall, this group is happiest in Canada the soonest, because their cheerful "take-life-as-it-comes" attitude allows them to figure things out, find great people to connect with, adapt and grow personally, and create an meaningful life here. I bet this group would create an amazing life wherever they went! Pushing away from something defines this group. Fear for their safety where they are, a divorce, a lost job, death of a spouse, etc. This group sees Canada as "safe haven" and a place to retreat, rest, heal, and re-build their lives. Happiness for this group takes time as their move is not really about Canada, but about ending one phase of their life and starting another. I honour the decision people make to return to Canada when faced with real challenges in life. Canada is a great country to pause, re-group, and prepare for the next steps in life. Please share your thoughts on these profiles and your reason for moving back to help make this resource better! Stories from your fellow Canadians: I am a Canadian living in Australia since with my Australian husband. I constantly want to move back "home" to be close to my four adult children, and my mother who is We are in our 60s now and seriously trying to work out how best to move there, especially worried about what to bring, what to leave, will we like it, how to sever ties here and get new ones there. I never realised I would need forms to return to Canada, and the forms to apply to sponser my husband are daunting! It requires my salary amount, and of course I would not have created a salary again in Canada until after I get there. Reading your site has been thought provoking and even though it has opened a whole can of worms, it is lucky that I have found your site, thank you for being there! I love Australia actually, and am totally nervous about moving back to the cold and rat race from our pristine forested land of 20 acres purchased for less than a city lot in Canada where we have just built a brand new house, with our own hands. We also have a very spoiled cat that we adore and who we are afraid won't survive physically or mentally being thrown in a cargo bay of a noisy airline. It won't help me now, but my biggest tip is never go out of your way to get romantically involved with someone who lives in another country! One of you must always ive up their way of life, you just can't be in two places at one time, sadly. If there is a way to do that, I would love to know how! Read More Thank you, Cathy, for sharing your experience and suggestion! Planning to move back to Canada to retire? Check out the "Retiring in Canada" resource page! Were moving too fast

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