Weight gain in girls. Average Weight Gain for Breastfed Babies.

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Weight gain in girls

Strength training can help slender women build muscle. If you're really struggling to gain weight, consider consulting your doctor to rule out any underlying medical issues. Video of the Day Is "Skinny" Unhealthy? Your desire to gain weight is a wise one, but not only for fashion reasons. Your hormones may be affected as well, leading to absence of your menstrual period. Putting on weight -- some fat and some muscle -- can help you look and feel better and be healthier. To calculate your BMI, all you need is your height and weight, which you can plug into an online BMI calculator, or use this equation: A BMI value under You can take a scientific approach by counting the calories in the extra foods you eat. There are online sites where you can look up the calorie content of foods, such as HealthAliciousNess. Or you can learn which healthy foods tend to be high in calories -- like peanut butter or avocado -- and plan your meals and snacks around those types of foods, without worrying too much about your calorie count. Ditch the Junk Food Speaking of calories, junk foods are usually loaded with them. Fries, soda and prepackaged treats may amp up your calories, but those calories come mostly from sugar and questionable sources of fat, with chemical additives and sodium thrown in -- but few healthful nutrients. Popular candy bars have plus calories, mostly from sugar and fat — including hydrogenated oils, which means they contain some harmful trans fat. What makes up the calories in a ounce cola? The fizzy water also has some additives, like caramel color and sodium benzoate. Even for a thin gal with a fast metabolism, eating processed foods is unhealthy. An occasional splurge is fine, but over time, a habit of noshing on sweets and greasy fast food in hopes of upping your weight may lead to health problems such as heart disease and cancer. Fortunately, lots of minimally processed foods are high in calories and full of nutrients your body needs for weight gain and good health. Protein foods include meat, poultry, fish, eggs and soy. For balanced nutrition -- and to make sure you gain some muscle, not just fat -- eat some protein at every meal. Higher-calorie protein choices include ground beef, dark meat poultry and fatty fish, such as salmon. For vegetarian-friendly options, reach for beans, lentils, soy, nuts and seeds. For instance, a tablespoon of olive oil has calories and half an avocado has calories. While fats pack in the most calories, other food groups have higher- and lower-calorie options. Dried fruits are a concentrated source of calories, while bananas, pineapples and mangoes pack a heftier calorie punch than other fresh fruits. For vegetables, leafy greens are on the low end calorie-wise, while starchy veggies top the list -- include potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, dried beans and legumes in your diet for weight gain. Higher-calorie healthy grain choices include quinoa, brown rice and barley, as well as pasta and whole-wheat bread. Full-fat dairy products such as cheese, whole milk and yogurt are calorie-laden choices too. Good calorie-dense snacks include cheese and crackers, fruit with peanut butter or a trail mix made of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and dark chocolate chips. Choosing caloric drinks, such as milk or percent fruit juice, helps boost your calories. If your appetite is small, try not to fill up on beverages at mealtime; instead, drink some calories with your snacks. Smoothies make great weight-gain snacks because you can sneak high-calorie ingredients and protein into them. For instance, you might blend whole milk, dry milk powder, avocado, mango and honey for a nourishing bedtime beverage. The trick is to use your arsenal of calorie-dense add-ins to dress up the dishes. At breakfast, power up your plain cereal flakes with raisins or a sliced banana, or replace it with granola doused in whole milk. If you prefer a bowl of hot oatmeal, cook it in whole milk instead of water and add a pat of butter, a spoonful of chopped pecans and a drizzle of honey. The milk and mix-ins give you an extra calories. In place of over-easy eggs, whip up a calorie-and-protein-rich frittata with 2 or 3 eggs, whole milk, shredded potatoes and chopped bell pepper cooked in coconut oil and topped with shredded cheddar. For lunch and dinner, choose entrees with protein and carbs, and add calories with add-ins. For example, drizzle extra olive oil over your shrimp stir-fry or into your sauce for spaghetti and meatballs. Blend powdered milk into chicken casseroles, beef stew, meatloaf and creamed soups or sprinkle grated cheese over chili or fajitas. Change up your side dishes to pack in more calories. Instead of a raw spinach salad, saute several cups of fresh spinach in olive oil, and toss in slivered almonds and dried cranberries. If you normally mix cucumber chunks and grape tomatoes into your pasta salad, add in black olives and cheese cubes, then sprinkle with sunflower seeds. Make your own dressing with olive oil, vinegar and herbs; if you prefer it creamy, blend in a dollop of sour cream. Lift Weights and Do Light Cardio It may seem counterintuitive, but exercise can help you achieve your weight-gain goals. Even though it burns calories, light cardio -- like walking on a treadmill or taking a dance class -- can help stimulate your appetite. Just keep it short at first, maybe 20 minutes a few days a week, and increase it as you gain endurance. Strength-training is an essential part of gaining weight, because it helps ensure you gain lean muscle mass along with body fat. Start out by lifting hand weights or using exercise bands to help you build muscle strength. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests starting with two or three sessions a week, with a day off in between to rest. Begin with two sets of eight to 12 repetitions for each exercise. As you feel stronger, add exercises for all your major muscles, including your arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs. You many want to consult a fitness professional who can design an exercise plan tailored to your weight-gain goals. Weight gain in girls

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  1. While fats pack in the most calories, other food groups have higher- and lower-calorie options. If I'm not happy with my gains or if I'm unsatisfied for any reason at all I can simply email you directly at support muscletactics.

  2. It can be very difficult for some people to gain weight. If you're trying to gain weight, aim for 0.

  3. If you're really struggling to gain weight, consider consulting your doctor to rule out any underlying medical issues.

  4. Most people with celiac disease don't know that they have it Exploit the 3 hidden "windows of opportunity" to spur on rapid muscle growth We may find it hard to admit, but as we grow older we become more sedentary and our metabolism slows down.

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