Warning signs for anorexia. 21 Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship.

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Signs You Might Have an Eating Disorder

Warning signs for anorexia

Have you ever felt disconnected from your body or numb to feeling anything? If so, you may have depersonalization disorder. The National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates that nearly 50 percent of all of the adults in the United States experience depersonalization at least once in their lives as either an isolated episode or a full blown disorder. Depersonalization disorder and feelings of unreality DPAFU is a misunderstood and often misdiagnosed mental illness and condition. In order to understand depersonalization, you need to understand dissociation first. Feeling emotionally numb and detached can be alarming and scary. Sometimes, depersonalization is a symptom of another disorder such as anxiety, depression , post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, or it can be a symptom of an illness like epilepsy or migraines. Depersonalization can just occur or be a side-effect of certain drugs. Here are six signs that you may have depersonalization disorder. Your body feels like a stranger to you. Some people lose their sense of touch, taste and smell, and may feel the need to pinch, poke or hit themselves just to try to feel normal again. You feel a sense of profound detachment when you see your reflection, so you try to avoid it. In fact, you avoid other things in addition to mirrors, like leaving the house or being with people. Derealization often involves subjective visual distortions such as fuzziness, heightened sensitivity, a larger or smaller visual field, two-dimensionality or flatness, and exaggerated 3D visions or altered size of objects. You Feel Like a Robot. When experiencing depersonalization, people sometimes feel like they are an observer of their own body and mental process. Their voice may sound unfamiliar and their thoughts, the way they speak, and the things they do no longer feel spontaneous. Another major factor sufferers describe is the inability to feel emotion , even to those closest to them. You may struggle with attention and memory, and have trouble remembering everyday things, have trouble taking in new information, and experience thoughts that are accelerated or confused. The best treatment for depersonalization is talk therapy, since there are no medications specifically designed for this disorder. Though, certain medications designed to treat depression and anxiety such as Prozac, Klonopin and Anafranil may help. Warning signs for anorexia

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  1. In addition, many girls and sometimes boys go on diets to lose weight, but stop dieting after a short time. One example of such interest includes a movement called "thinspiration," which promotes extreme thinness as a lifestyle choice rather than as a symptom of illness.

  2. Things that no amount of dieting or weight loss can cure. Anorexia is an attempt to control your life and emotions.

  3. Changes in specific genes may put certain people at higher risk of anorexia. If you have any concerns about yourself or a loved one, please seek additional medical help. The advice and support of trained eating disorder professionals can help you regain your health, learn to eat normally again, and develop healthier attitudes about food and your body.

  4. You feel a sense of profound detachment when you see your reflection, so you try to avoid it. Health professionals will sometimes administer symptom questionnaires as part of screening for the disorder.

  5. Starvation and weight loss may change the way the brain works in vulnerable individuals, which may perpetuate restrictive eating behaviors and make it difficult to return to normal eating habits. Teens may be more at risk because of all the changes their bodies go through during puberty. Anorexia may also be a way of distracting yourself from difficult emotions.

  6. Sometimes, depersonalization is a symptom of another disorder such as anxiety, depression , post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, or it can be a symptom of an illness like epilepsy or migraines.

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