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Walmart money card validating address information

I recently purchased a two piece spray cleaner for my vehicle I later find out that I purchased the wrong spray. I went rite back in there and they refused to return it for me No reason or nothing. So who do I talk to? They gave me a refund verification request receipt and said I would have to wait six weeks to get my money back. My question is, can I have someone else take that receipt they have given me and have them take that receipt and get the money back on a gift card since that person has not had more than three returns without a receipt???????? I have no idea why they are still selling them because they do not honor their return policy. I showed an employee in Michigan the online policy of returning air beds and she showed me a contrary policy in the store. It's a shame that you lose a loyal customer because of some red tape garbage. They may be a million-dollar company but if they keep treating their customers like that they won't be. They also couldn't look up my purchase. This is a pretty bad return policy. How can a billion dollar company not look up a transaction? I knew I made a mistake shopping at Walmart and this experience has pretty much confirmed it. Where was the return policy by register? It's and we live in a digital world I'm so angry and will never shop Walmart again. I would gladly pay more not to ever have to deal with this company. Nobody cares here and the attitude is that everyone trying to "fleece" the company. The boots were a gift from my parents, but a size to small. Even with a giant sign saying the return policy behind the counter. They told me I couldn't exchange or return them without a receipt, because they were over 25 dollars. My parents are looking for the receipt now. Part of why they purchased from Walmart, was because of your supposed return policy. If anything at all. We received a dual screen portable DVD player as a Christmas gift with a gift receipt included. Attempted to return it within 30 days of date of purchae, only to learn it had to be returned within 15 days!!!! Why isn't this printed on the receipt or gift receipt. Only certain items fall into this category. How are customers supposed to know which items are included in this?! Will never again buy ANY electronics at Walmart! At the time I was not informed that they would not deliver it to the building but the sofa would be placed on the curbside and I would have to find a way to get it to my apartment. I'm a 71 yr old woman and I live alone. So I had to cancel the order and they rerouted it back to their warehouse. I read in your return policy that Walmart marketplace sellers may not impose restocking fee if a customer refuses delivery of their order. So why am I being charged? Thank you in advance for your cooperation concerning this matter. I see nothing in the policy. I asked when was the last day to return these items and they said I would not have been able to return them anytime after the holiday. No where does it say this. They said it was up to their store manager. I know where I will no longer shop. I purchased a Samsung tablet two days before Christmas for my son. Before we gave it to him, we reconsidered our tablet choice and bought an Ipad for him instead. When asked how I might know of this crazy 15 day return policy, I was directed to a two page document with fine print that was taped to a counter no where near where I checked out. If Walmart has a 15 day return policy on certain items, they need to make this clear at time of purchase - maybe print it on the receipt at least??? AND is it really hurting Walmart to take back an unopened item that they will likely resell in days? This was my son's big gift that I could barely afford and now I'm out times two!!! I'm sure Walmart needs the money though. This day in age, this is a terrible return policy. I will never set foot in any Walmart store again. As they were gifts I had no receipts. Was told all they would do is exchange them. They don't give out gift cards anymore. Wound up bringing everything home as I didn't have time to spend hours trying to find replacement clothing. Will have to go back when I have time. Was also told you are only allowed to do returns 3 times in a year. What a bunch of bs. Very disappointed in Walmart. I will be doing my shopping elsewhere from now on. I will tell my family and friends to never buy me anything from Walmart. I know one person doesn't make a difference, but thousands would make a difference. When back with the receipt, they refuse to return it in the box and with receipt. Saying I have to call the manufacture. Now I'm out dollars with no TV, I will never shop there again. They make millions over millions and this is the mess your stuck with Not pleased and concerned I will not be able to get a Wheel Trans bus back to return phone. Was told they don't accept any Christmas items returns after Christmas. I have never seen or heard this. I ended up going through 3 different managers challenging them to "show me" this policy because NOTHING was posted anywhere in store or on the receipt. The last manager just gave up at my challenge and let me return, but the fact I wasted 45 minutes to return 3 sets of lights and had to get mad in the process just infuriates me. If this is really a Walmart policy then it needs to be posted somewhere and not just "understood" as they tried to claim. It's a POS that doesn't work well. Tried returning it today and the girl was being very rude when I asked her to go through the return policy because she said lap tops cannot be returned for store credit or exchanged without a receipt. Now I'm stuck with a lap top that doesn't work that well. The baby hasn't been born yet and it's still in the box, never been opened. Walmart just isn't the place it used to be. We bought a router. This doesn't work any better than the old one. It took longer for the cable company to get to our house. This stinks we're stuck with a router we don't need. I'll be more careful when buying at Walmart with their return policy. I picked up the wrong size went to exchange for the correct size and was told I have to pay the difference an extra 7. Sounds like BS one of the lazy managers was saying that's how it is. I don't think so had my receipt just needed the right size. I'm not through with this deal I'm going to get the Is it still returnable? I really like your stuff. I bought your new book, but someone had already bought me one. Have spent far too many hours trying g to return it on line. Not worth my time. Will pass the book along to a friend. The return site demanded a password, believe I signed in as a quest. ThAt big of a store should make returns easy and friendly. I knew I was and she said I want I read it to her and I was actually right! I bought it the Sunday before last and returned one of the Monday. I paid with cash and card, however they would only allow it to be back on my card. They say business days. The game didn't work when I put it in to play. Walmart money card validating address information

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  1. The salespitch went through appliances and asked about warranties and how they are 1, 3, or 5 years if you buy an extended warranty.

  2. Julie Shame on you for advocating deceit and misrepresentation. They withdraw the funds from your US checking and deposit into your Canadian checking, and can be as fast as business days door-to-door.

  3. This will be off by 1 or 2 degrees, but works well for situations like figuring out what to wear in the morning. Bring water and good shoes and be prepared to be tired.

  4. The tidal water permit is issued by the feds, and works the same way as the freshwater permit. Bring blankets and a frisbee! Insurance is usually peddled with the car rental at the counter eg.

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