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After nearly seven years of 'meditative' retirement, I've come out of my cave to teach the advanced secrets of health, longevity and fitness It's so important that after nearly seven years of 'meditative' retirement, I've come out of my "cave" and am now ready to teach the advanced concepts and secrets that you really must know if you want to live a life filled with gusto, as well as great health and longevity. Honestly, I don't care whether your goal is to fry fat off your body like a burger in a George Foreman grill, build functional muscle at lightning speed, or have the power, flexibility, endurance and vitality of a young child What's more, if you have the desire to live a long, long life - and be totally fit and healthy throughout the duration, then I really, really want to 'bend your ear. My name is Matt Furey and 15 years ago I came out with Combat Conditioning - an international best-selling book and set of videos that delivered BIG on its promises. Three seemingly "basic" bodyweight calisthenics - Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and bridging - literally kicked the butts of people all over the world and transformed peoples' bodies in record time. My students got stronger, fitter, more flexible, more functional and more athletic - straight across the board - FAST! Athletes of virtually every shape, size and sport, benefitted enormously - all the way from middle school to the pros. Same goes for martial artists, boxers, wrestlers and MMA fighters. So did best-selling motivational authors and speakers, best-selling novelists, dancers, police officers, schoolteachers, IT executives, lawyers, and physicians of every kind. People were tired of going to gyms, tired of using machines, tired of the injuries they got in spite of or because of the weights, tired of the tight muscles and the idea that you had to do strength training, endurance training and flexibility work at separate times. My students got it. They understood what I meant when I wrote that "animals in the wild" were stronger and fitter than humans - yet, they trained with their own bodyweight not with weights. Everything became crystal clear when excess flab flew off my students' bodies at "breakneck speed" and they could do things they once thought impossible. And yes, that includes strongman feats. So it may not surprise you that my fans include athletes and martial artists at every level - including the professional ranks - as well as former department store Blobs, Buffet Molesters, Land Whales and "Lardassians. Bodyweight training has been around for many, many years but until Matt started marketing his book Combat Conditioning - bodyweight training was used mostly as a warm-up or cool down tool. Over the years my body has healed and my life is better having been exposed to Matt Furey and all the people he shared with me. I personally will always be loyal to Matt whether we ever talk or meet, he changed my life by exposing me to a "No Limit" type of thinking. So remember almost any books, or bodyweight training programs you see, as well as the guys you see doing pull-ups in the park - whether they know it or not, Matt Furey brought this mainstream. Even so, most people on this planet have yet to be introduced to the power of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. Perhaps you're one of these people. Or maybe you just want to "go to the next level" Either way, here's something you need to know before you begin your journey with me. Years ago, when the rest of the fitness world was focused on weight training and eating six small meals a day In fact, I believe the weight training is an unsung yet major contributor to many sports-related injuries. And people in more than countries responded. And they didn't buy because I was a national collegiate wrestling champion , as well as the first American to ever win a world kung fu tournament in China , beating the Chinese at their own game. Beyond Combat Conditioning Matt Furey going beyond Combat Conditioning They bought because the program flat out worked - and still does. Wait until you see, hear and experience the advanced secrets and concepts I'm teaching NOW! Ironically, while some of these same people were talking smack, they did something remarkable. They created their own books and courses "on the same subjects" that contained MANY of the same exercises I brought to the public's awareness for the first time. The authors who are "Friends of Furey" gave me credit for the influence I had in their lives. Either way, they're helping spread the word and that's a good thing. Now, here's a public secret: Some people flat-out "hate Matt Furey" - and that's also a good thing. You cannot please everyone - and my mission in life has always been to help people get fit with the TRUTH. My mission has never been winning a popularity contest - and it never will be. So let the haters hate and the naysayers quibble. I've got work to do. And now, after several years of being nearly invisible and unavailable for comment, after years of "not caring" what's going on as I meditated, trained, researched and spent time with my children, helping them develop athletically, after years of working on the internal component of martial arts, I've taken a gander at what's going on in the fitness industry these days, and I must say I'm liking a lot of what I'm seeing. There's so much good going on in the fitness industry - and yet, I see improvements to make that everyone else is missing. They can hate me if they want - but if they're doing a good job helping people, that's all that really matters and I applaud them. I applaud these people, too. At the same time It's time for me to "come out of my cave. Before I tell you what I have planned, let's face some facts: Most of the people in this country - as well as the rest of the so-called civilized whirld - are in horrendous physical condition. They're obese, sick and tired. Most people who are exercising are making almost no progress. They're on a "treadmill to nowhere" following the propaganda, lies and stupid advice that practically surrounds them. Most of the people who are working out are hurting themselves in the process, doing EXTREME exercises that they are NOT ready for or should probably not be attempting in the first place. Beyond Deep Breathing - how to increase your life force, strength and power from deep breathing alone - and how to apply it to every exercise and athletic endeavor you do so you can be the relaxed "Joe Cool" of your profession or industry. Easily - I'm going to take you back in time and teach you the very first Chi Kung exercise I learned - way back in - and then I'm going to give you details on this technique that will increase your speed, power and athleticism in a HUGE way. Neck Chi Kung - the Untold Story - how to train your neck while standing, while seated or while lying - how to increase flexibility in the spine without fear of injury - this is the fastest and easiest method to get results ever discovered. Hindu Pushups , and - why Hindu pushups are still the very best overall pushup you can do and why you need not be fooled by all the extreme, strongman variations. Chi Kung Squats - if you love Hindu squats you're going to love the "Chi Squats" I've got for you - learn the secrets behind squats done from super slow, to moderate and super-fast speeds. Learn monkey squats, tai chi squats and much more as well. Furecats - This exercise combines the strength and flexibility of a jungle cat with the leaping ability and agility of a deer. The details of this exercise will take you to a whole new level of stretch-and-strengthen fitness. Pulling Power - exercises to get you going even if you can't get off the ground - from super simple to the much more advanced - pulling up, down and in-between. Abs of Reel - yes, you read that right. If you're a combat athlete, you don't want abs of steel - you want abs of reel - meaning that your abs can do something far more important than look pretty. These are secrets of core power you won't get anywhere else. Performance Enhancing Daoist Testosterone Secrets - How to Become a Man Again without Drugs - lose your Estrogen - learn the sexual kung fu exercise that turn men and women into "animals" in the bedroom. The Power of Energetic Postures - learn the secrets of stillness from the earth up. Exercises from lying, seated and standing positions. The Fixes - discover the secrets on how to eliminate pain and weakness from almost any area of your body - from carpal tunnel syndrome to back pain to plantar fasciitis to knee, neck, wrist, elbow and shoulder pain - I got you covered - and then some. Oh, and how about "ringing in the ears," headaches and sluggish bowels? Got that covered, too. Lucky 13 - Special Bonus - footage from seminars and live events that has never been released. Can't tell you how much this alone is worth. Secrets of Mace Swinging - one of the ways the Indian wrestlers trained, how the Great Gama trained, how Karl Gotch taught me to swing the Mace - and the way I do it today. This is guaranteed to turn heads. Thing is he was being told all the wrong things. So I took the bull by the horns and began teaching him the REAL way to use weights - and it's not while sitting on your rumpus or lying on your back. Unrevealed Secrets of Strongman Stunts - funny how the strongman always tells you the key to his strength is "just hard work. If that's all it is, why won't you tell me how you're really bending that bar? I got news for you. They have secrets and they don't want YOU to know what they are. In addition to the above As soon as you're on board the Matt Furey Inner Circle, you'll quickly access a treasure-trove of books, special reports, video and audio that are easily worth thousands of dollars. This vault currently includes 12 best-selling books, including Combat Conditioning and Combat Abs, 72 special reports covering almost every aspect of health and fitness and over 70 videos that teach you everything you need to know to get fit and stay fit - for the rest of your life. And as you can see from the list of what is going to go up over the next 12 months, you realize that we'll be adding some incredible info month after month. Perhaps the best part of the whole program is the special marketing test we're conducting right now. You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time after you enroll. Just keep in mind that if you do you'll lose out on all the benefits of being a member, which include instant access to the latest training information, discounts on products and seminars, and much more. So jump in NOW and lock in your investment. This alone is worth the price of admission several times over - plus it represents an opportunity to come train with me in person. Naturally, I'll probably have to do several of these seminars in order to accommodate the numbers of people enrolling - and that's alright with me as I look forward to meeting each and every one of you personally, shaking your hand and guiding you through all the NEW concepts and techniques I've been keeping in my "cave" over the last seven years. And if the above doesn't make you salivate, how's this? In addition to the above and the "above," take a look at the following bonuses: Bonus 2 - Personal email access to "yours truly" wherein you can get expert advice on your training regimen. Bonus 3 - Special "members only" discounts on new Furey products and releases. You will be given notification before anyone else as well as special links where you can order at a discount. Additionally, there will be some products that are strictly for "members only. And that's a good thing. It's now time for you to make a decision about your future. It's time for you to decide whether you want to keep getting what you've always gotten - and think that's all you deserve - or a wiser choice to "resurrect yourself" - to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Being on board will change your life - and quite possible add a LOT of highly productive and glorious years to your life. Videos on how to make love

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  1. Combat Conditioning allows me to train hard anywhere, with no equipment. Thanks for everything, Matt! Over the years my body has healed and my life is better having been exposed to Matt Furey and all the people he shared with me.

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  3. I had also spoken with quite a few fellow martial artists who already had their hips replaced. Even so, most people on this planet have yet to be introduced to the power of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. It's now time for you to make a decision about your future.

  4. How can this be? Except for public domain material and electronic messages, all materials on mattfurey. Exercises from lying, seated and standing positions.

  5. Hindu Pushups , and - why Hindu pushups are still the very best overall pushup you can do and why you need not be fooled by all the extreme, strongman variations. Easygoing alley cats are begging for big cocks in their butts.

  6. What's more, if you have the desire to live a long, long life - and be totally fit and healthy throughout the duration, then I really, really want to 'bend your ear.

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