Validating user input visual basic. How to use Regular expression for validating Phone Numbers in .net.

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Validating user input visual basic

DLL that comes with Internet Explorer 5. From there we then go on to explain how to manipulate an XML document by adding and deleting data items. This is an extract from Chapter 4, Section 9. These interfaces have a childNodes property, which is how we iterate through each of the "child" elements, comments, etc. The following diagram shows the hierarchy of these interfaces. Note that only the most common interfaces are shown below: As you click on each person in the TreeView, the text box contents on the right-hand side will show details relating to the element you click, using the DOM object to get the details. We've included a web-browser control to the form, so that you can see the changes happening to the XML file as you add and delete elements. To add a new person, click on the "Clear Items for new Person" button. Add your details to the text boxes. Then click on the "Save New Person" button. To delete a person, click on a person in the TreeView. To run this project, download the source code , then copy the contents of the downloaded zip into a directory, make sure that you have the "Microsoft XML 2. One word of caution before we examine the code: Right, let's dig into the code! Set this to true if you want the parser to find the external files. We need to load the file synchronously to instruct that the XML file will be completed loaded into the DOM, when loading; therefore we set the async property to false. Then we need to start adding child nodes. Set the TreeView control properties. Add 1, tvwChild tvwElement. The element node holds the ID attribute that we want to store in the tag, as an identity reference. We therefore need to get hold of this node to get its value. But firstly, we need to check if there are attributes: Add intIndex, tvwChild tvwChildElement. When the user clicks on the TreeView, we need to fetch data from the DOMDocument to populate the text boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. SelectedItem Call the procedure that handles populating the text boxes. The parameter objSelNode is the current TreeView node, which the user has clicked on. Then populate the text box with the text from the DOM node. This is done in two parts: We know this is not "cool" coding but it's just for ease of coding to show the basics of working with the DOMDocument. We need to do this as the attribute has been set up as "required" in the DTD. We use the setAttribute method to set this attribute value and add the attribute to the element node. We have chosen to use the createElement method to add the childNodes. However, you can choose to use the createNode method; which you use is just a matter of preference. The parameter objSelNode is the TreeView node that has been clicked on. The TreeView also needs to be kept in sync with this deletion. The fundamentals of loading an XML document into your program What to watch out for when you're using a DTD or Schema to validate your document Populating a TreeView control with the same hierarchy found in the DOMDocument When clicking on the TreeView control, how to find an item in the DOMDocument, based on a value stored in the tag of the selected TreeView item How to add a new item to an XML file, using the createElement and appendChild methods How to delete an item from the XML file, using the removeChild method How to save the document using the save method after making changes in the DOMDocument Here are a few suggestions for expanding the application, and hints on doing a bit of experimentation to broaden your knowledge of working with the DOM: Update the document when the user has changed an item. You can change this procedure to use the getAttributeNode or getAttribute methods. In the section, "Adding a New Person to the DOMDocument," instead of using setAttribute for adding an attribute to the element, have a look at using the createAttribute method on the DOMDocument object and then using the setNamedItem method to add it to its element's attribute property. Copyright Manning Publications Company. Validating user input visual basic

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  1. These interfaces have a childNodes property, which is how we iterate through each of the "child" elements, comments, etc. These questions indicate that you should state a clear request to the user.

  2. You can force them to display symbols for another culture by using the FormatProvider property.

  3. Regular expressions are a good way to validate text fields such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and other user information.

  4. When posting an issue,please include as much of the following info as possible: We therefore need to get hold of this node to get its value.

  5. Is it a string such as the name of a country or a customer's name? Please use the "Mark Thread Resolved" feature in thread tools to let us know if your problem has been resolved.

  6. Is it the location of a file such as C: Is it a date if it is a date, what format is the user supposed to enter? To support this, the InputBox function is equipped with the third argument as a string.

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