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Validating CheckBox (and similar) controls.

Validating a checkboxlist in asp net

NET provides a variety of validation Web controls that can be used to validate a user's form field inputs. Many Web pages with Terms of Service include a CheckBox titled "I agree to the above terms" that must be checked before continuing. Perhaps the user is required to check at least one of these options before continuing. To provide such validation, we have three choices: Forgo any sort of validation Web control semantics and perform the validation check using code on postback. The downside of this is that it breaks from the standard validation control metaphor and requires extra effort to include client-side validation. Use the CustomValidator control and define our own server-side and client-side validation logic. The benefit of this approach is that it adheres to the validation control metaphor; however, the validation logic is tightly bound to the ASP. NET page, meaning that the server-side and client-side validation must be replicated on all pages that need to validate a CheckBox or CheckBoxList. See Using the CustomValidator Control for more information on this topic. Create a custom, compiled validation server control that provides the functionality needed. The benefit of this approach is that we have a reusable, easily deployable custom server control that adheres to the validation control metaphor. The download at the end of this article includes both the entire source code and a compiled assembly that you can drop into your ASP. Read on to learn more! The server controls provided in this article were designed using Visual Studio and the. If you are still using ASP. Alternatively, you may adapt the code presented here to work in ASP. NET Validation Workflow A validation control's primary responsibility is to determine whether or not its assigned control's value is valid. What constitutes validity depends on the validation control - a RequiredFieldValidator, for example, checks to ensure that its control's current value doesn't equal the specified InitialValue. Secondarily, validation controls can be grouped into validation groups, be validated through client script, and so on. Many of these requirements are provided by properties and methods in the BaseValidator class found in the System. Not surprisingly, all of the built-in ASP. NET validation controls extends the BaseValidator class, adding their own customizations. These custom classes will inherit the BaseValidator class, overriding the following methods: EvaluateIsValid - this is the only BaseValidator class that must be overridden. It returns a Boolean value that indicates the validation control's validity. ControlPropertiesValid - this method returns a Boolean indicating if the control being validated is one that can be. In the BaseValidator class, it checks to ensure that the ControlToValidate property is set and that the control referenced has a property that can be validated. In the CheckBoxValidator class, we'll add a MustBeChecked property that indicates whether the CheckBox needs to be checked or unchecked to be considered valid. Both controls provide client-side validation support. The remainder of this article examines the CheckBoxValidator control in detail the CheckBoxListValidator control is not discussed in this article, but is included in the code available at the end of this download. Therefore, the control value is accessed through the helper property. Validating a checkboxlist in asp net

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  1. The downside of this is that it breaks from the standard validation control metaphor and requires extra effort to include client-side validation. Any event handlers associated with this event may cancel the log in operation by setting the e.

  2. When a user is locked out, the ValidateUser method will always return false, even if valid credentials are supplied. Labels appear to the left of their corresponding TextBoxes the default , or above them.

  3. Validation Validate method of the validation control is called and if it runs successfully, the IsValid property of the page is set to true. Our task, then, is to write code here that determines whether the supplied credentials are valid or not, and to set the e. Describe login Controls in ASP?

  4. Postback event handling If the request is a postback old request , the related event handler is called.

  5. The Login control offers two properties for adjusting the layout of its user interface controls. Postback event handling If the request is a postback old request , the related event handler is called. These custom classes will inherit the BaseValidator class, overriding the following methods:

  6. If there is an event handler for the Authenticate event, then it is responsible for determining whether the supplied credentials are valid or not. It then checks to see if the username supplied maps to an existing user account.

  7. For the second check, we need to determine the user's email address so that we can compare it to the email address they entered into the TextBox control.

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