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Zoosk Review - Online Dating Site

Using zoosk for free

July 17, If youre looking for a new mate youll never find her or him on this phony website. Theres no way to screen for body type. Theres no way to screen for race. And youre not going to hear from anyone because the site is as phony as a 3 dollar bill!!! Yep, it's just another bogus dating site, meant to steal your money and give you one bogus picture after the other to look at. Save your money guys. Find a good bar with live music and stay away from this farce of a dating site. July 15, Zoosk is a scam dating site Ladies and Gents. Guys stay away from this site. In the system there are no real people. No one is responding to your message because there is only fake pictures. July 14, I signed up for Zoosk because it is rated as the top dating site. TOP apparently means most suckers. This is some of the worst software I have seen that is being sold as a working product. It does not work well. So far the worst is the Chat feature. Messaging would be better with a tin can and string. I want my money back! Messages get hacked up and strung out. No excuse for this. There is working, tested chat software available. Instead they pay monkeys to create junk that has their name on it! July 11, I signed up for Zoosk and had been communicating with a gentleman who I was very interested in. Went into my account this afternoon and there were pictures of a woman other than myself on my profile. My email and phone number had also been changed. This person was communicating with gentlemen using my account and it was obviously intended to scam money from men. I emailed Zoosk to let them know. I called Zoosk and they said I would have to create a new account under a different email but any communication I had was lost. A male friend was contacted by a different scammer on Zoosk a few months ago so this is not an isolated incident. I asked what security measures they were taking to protect their customers and they were very vague. Zoosk is quick to take subscription money but seems not at all concerned about protecting customers. July 9, Aside from the hours I'd spent trying to get through to customer service in connection to a sex offender who is on their site I finally had to call new subscriptions to get through to someone , I gave them all the info they could have needed to get this person off their site, and had many different reasons as to why they couldn't find him. I'm sure they'd have found him if he owed them money. Had to insist on escalating this. He was finally taken off the site, but Why can't a multi-million dollar business not only not be able to find someone who could be a danger to its customers, but find it too much to spend pennies to do what's right? Almost all of the sites are like this, so - women AND men - do your due diligence unless with one of the few sites that actually take that one important step to have an ethical business. July 5, Many profiles contained the same generic verbiage and it immediately became clear they were scripted and computer generated. Makes me wonder if most of the people on the site are real. The computer generated responses were based on my activity being monitored to see who I've attempted to contact. The amount of views again and again by the same people is unreal. Took part in 'carousel' to help determine my 'type' a few times, kept getting basically same types to reject. Zoosk seemed to match me with profiles of females I would NOT date. As as a full account member you shouldn't have to pay extra 'coins' for additional privileges to see if response were even received. A waste of time and money. I chose this based on Google's rating of 1. Where did this rating come from? Definitely would not recommend it to anyone. Four days of fruitless and worthless results. Using zoosk for free

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  1. July 15, Zoosk is a scam dating site Ladies and Gents. Anyone can set up a profile with almost no information. Select your birth details.

  2. You can create Zoosk account using; Facebook Account Google Account Email Address While they all involve a very simple steps, we are going to use email address method for a case study. Instead they pay monkeys to create junk that has their name on it!

  3. In general, the more well known dating sites attract more women, which is good news for you.

  4. Those are some pretty tight business hours for a company that stores and automatically charges bank accounts. Four days of fruitless and worthless results.

  5. The site is like a combination of Match. Since November , contact and interaction beyond the first message per person requires a premium i. I saw one profile same photo come up with three different names and locations!

  6. Your account is ready. About ViDA Virtual Dating Assistants is your very own team of experts who set up high-quality dates for you so you can finally meet your ideal woman. I'm sure they'd have found him if he owed them money.

  7. Every skipped section is a missed opportunity to connect with her over a shared hobby, or share a tidbit of info that will catch her attention and increase your likeability. Well, Zoosk used to be a pretty good and reputable dating site years ago, now it is just a rip-off charging off every services.

  8. Messages get hacked up and strung out. The computer generated responses were based on my activity being monitored to see who I've attempted to contact. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of complaints regarding automotive renewals and improper charges.

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