Ugly girl syndrome. Nice Guy Syndrome.

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Ugly girl syndrome

Eduard Nice Guy Syndrome A long time ago or maybe not so long , it was beyond my understanding how being a nice guy can be a bad thing. I thought that the nicer you were the better results you got: Then I learned about the nice guy syndrome and I embarked in one of the most electrifying personal development journeys in my life. What Is the Nice Guy Syndrome? The nice guy syndrome refers to a behavioral pattern in some men of being very nice to others. His nice behavior is particularly obvious with women. The nice guy syndrome has been getting increasingly more attention in the past few years in psychology, as the less than satisfying effects it creates make it start to lose its positive image. Quite a lot is wrong with being a nice guy as matter of fact. As a confidence coach , I often work with men who I soon realize have the nice guy syndrome. As a result of this syndrome, they have mediocre careers compared with how skilled they are and how hard they work, they are in toxic relationships, or they sabotage almost every aspect of their lives. I have seen such effects so often that for me, they became highly predictable. Nice guy behavior may look good on paper, but in reality it has a pretty ugly face. In order to grasp this, consider that the nice guy syndrome fundamentally means people pleasing behavior. From there, all hell breaks loose. Robert Glover, a therapist who specializes in working with men with the nice guy syndrome, and author of the best-selling self-help book for men No More Mr. Glover, all nice guys operate consciously or not on the same basic paradigm: If I can hide my flaws and become what I think others want me to be then I will be loved, get my needs met, and have a problem-free life. Of course, this paradigm is unrealistic and ineffective, not to mention a pile of crap. The point is not to turn into an asshole. Being kind and polite to others has its place. However, nice guys tend to take this too far and they make being nice and getting approval the compass of their social behavior. Having been both a nice guy and mostly for research purposes a jerk, I can tell you that in my experience, none of these are healthy behaviors and there is a path in-between which creates much better results. Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome As an ex-nice guy and a coach who also works with nice guys and girls , I came to believe that there are three essential stages in overcoming the nice guy syndrome: Realizing and accepting the fact that being a nice guy may sound noble and some people may compliment you for it but overall, it is not a healthy or productive way of being. The concept is flawed. For many men, this step is the hardest. Creating a deep paradigm shift. Even after you realize being nice does not work, the nice guy paradigm will still exist in your cognitive schemas, from where it influences your automatic thinking and disempowers you. This step involves changing your behavior, developing key people skills and turning it into a less nice one. Specific actions may include: The earlier you start, the faster your will enjoy the benefits of being a less nice guy. So take that nice guy smile off your face and go kick some ass! Image courtesy of micsalac. Ugly girl syndrome

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  1. Hogg is homely and grossly overweight, yet the Duke boys show no hesitation to come to her rescue. Their behaviors have the opposite contrast:

  2. It was based on a Real Life case which resulted in the same. Inverted fully in the Season 6 opener, "Lulu's Gone Away. It turns out that the kidnapper has taken a lot of children without being caught because he's really fixated on eight year old black girls, and the only way they get both girls back safely is by bucking the media and local cops, and working the black girl's case.

  3. The mother of the black girl excoriates a Nancy Grace knock-off for coming to her only when her daughter's disappearance was tied up with the white girl's — the mother is willing to use the "journalist" for much-needed publicity, but she doesn't for one second think the woman cares about her or her missing daughter. If Janie's kidnapping had happened now, no doubt there would have been a huge media sensation about the disappearance of a pretty white girl from the suburbs. She gets so much more attention that people actually hold a protest about it.

  4. The best-selling, loosely fictional account provided contrasting characters with different approaches to opposing Communist influence in Southeast Asia , and the use of foreign aid in particular.

  5. One of the segments was about a missing white infant, and the new anchor getting mad because they found the baby before they could talk about it. Someone on a Cracked photoplasty made the above image to show what the headline would look like if the news media were more honest. In another episode, a young man decides that the only way to get the police to actually work on solving his little brother's kidnapping is to have a pretty blonde girl kidnapped.

  6. They're actually forbidden from investigating this year's disappearance and told to focus on the traditionally ignored victims, with no lampshade to be seen.

  7. She also calls out the cops for blowing off her daughter's disappearance, but sending in the Major Case Squad to investigate the white girl's and points out the bitter irony that had the cops and media paid more attention to her daughter's case, the white girl might still be alive because the young man who it was assumed at the time killed both of them would have been arrested for the first crime. When they say "Girl goes missing", what they're really saying is "white girl goes missing". He now she has a height of 6 feet and possesses other feminine features that are typical of those with klinefelter syndrome.

  8. A few days later, cops investigate the murder of an African-American woman in the slums and sarcastically wonder where all the news trucks are at. Early on the case bring the police to a Seattle mosque where the imam explains that no one in the community is interested in helping the police because the police haven't even bothered to investigating missing children from their neighborhood.

  9. White female jogger gets attacked in Central Park. He is "ugly" only in his physical appearance.

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