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Tripple m brisbane

Celebrating racing history and the thoroughbred industry, The William Inglis is a boutique equine themed, M Gallery by Sofitel 5-star hotel. The William Inglis Hotel is an iconic destination in Sydney with rural soul, celebrating a passion for equine culture and heartfelt hospitality for generations in the making. Working closely with Interior Designers Chada, the POV team illuminated the public spaces to this individual hotel More project images Kent Street Working with project managers EVC we transformed this previously drab commercial lobby space in to something spectacular. More project images Residences Following from our involvement with the Opera Residences at Circular Quay Sydney, which reached record high prices for residence in Sydney, we have worked on the next super luxury residences being delivered in Double Bay. Below is the stable area for some world class race horses. Qantas Lounge at London Heathrow We are proud to announce the completion of our first European project. Five continents and counting, only South America and Antarctica to go! We were engaged as lighting designers to enhance the public areas. Designing custom elements in the space including this chandelier. The synergy we share between POV and TDLD in design direction, client relations and project portfolios, creates an unrivalled team in this region. It will drive advancement in both local and international projects. In a global client based community it enables our clients to be serviced from local offices with the weight and experience of the overall team. The lighting approach was driven by the nature of the building; the lighting was all exposed and carefully positioned to enhance the raw materials of the space, brick work and original timbers. Dedicated task lighting as opposed to a general illumination ensured for a dramatic environment with varying light conditions to suit the task at hand. The lighting is a direct indirect approach, using warm white in the downlighting elements to create an inviting human scale environment with cool white uplighting to create a sense of openness. We are currently working on Townhall station, to be revealed soon. More project images Little Saigon Gateway A simple but well executed lighting approach to this sculptural gateway in Melbourne. More project images Brisbane Riverside The Iconic Brisbane riverside development by Harry Seidler has been brought up to date through the implementation of LED units, to provide perfect wall washing to the travertine walls. Obvious energy and maintenance efficiencies are brought to the project, but the wall washing effect using the optical control available through the Erco LED equipment, has provided an effect far enhanced from the original PAR lamp solution. Interiors by KPDO and landscape design by degrees. This project for us was an exercise in upgrading technology, reducing energy consumption, improving visual comfort and enhancing the contrast of light on the merchandise over the ambient lighting. We worked with Sean on his restaurant at The Star in Sydney years ago so it was great to reignite the partnership. Achieved through the use of joinery mounted floor lamps custom designed with accent spots to highlight the dining tables. More project images Parliament of Victoria Briefed by Parliament of Victoria as lead consultant to bring life back to the year old undercroft passageways PointOfVew created dramatic concourse to this public building enhancing the chiselled blue stone pillars and brick barrel vaulted ceilings with accented spots lights and indirect illumination. Arguably, with one of the best view in the world from a hotel the Horizons Lounge is the private members Lounge for Shangri-La preferred Guests. It has a 5 storey window looking out onto Sydney's world famous Harbour with views to the harbour bridge and the Opera House. In usual fashion and taking advantage of the volume of the space we custom designed some 'Lighting Elements' that not only created a massive impact to the centre point of the space but is also visible through the window from across the harbour, advertising the Shangri-La's premium offering. The recently completed section of the Retail area shows a custom chandelier with varying shades of champagne anodised petals sitting within a carved panelled coffered ceiling. The architecture was typical to the region and very impressive with 20m soaring timber structure and grass covered roof structure and open walls to truly experience the resort lifestyle. This gave a textural and sculptural canvas for us to enhance with light. Working with Interior Designer Chada we created a more intimate ambience for night time dining and drinking at the bar. Custom made pendants equally sizeable to suit the space were created and fondly labelled the lobster pots. These provided the general glow and accent downlighting to tables and passageways. The majestic and highly details architecture and stonework has now been brought back to life. Using high colour rendering LED products the detail and texture of the sculpture are revealed. We love Working with DBI, they create amazing spaces, we're looking forward to our new project in Abu Dhabi being completed but have a few years to wait yet. The main focus of the lighting design was a two way mirror wall in day time reflected the amazing view of the bridge and opera house by night a digital display comes to life with artwork created by Bruce ramus. More project images Perth Airport The first phase of our lighting design works at Perth Airport have been unveiling a modest yet architecturally beautifully design canopy which is internally illuminated with Lear LED with optical control to enhance the faceted form. More project images PointOfView New Office We recently moved from our founding home in Rozelle to be closer to the action in the heart of the city. With an opportunity to design our new space we have practiced what we preach in our workspace by creating Custom Lighting Elements focussing on indirect illumination with additional individually controlled task lighting. Simon joins us with great experience in lighting with a background in theatre lighting his understanding of light and shade, to create drama is an essential skill for the way we work. Also joining our team is Linsey Walker who joins us as Senior Lighting Designer, Linsey has come to us from the UK with experience in high end residential and civic projects. With the addition of Linsey and Simon, we have a strong team of 14 across our two offices in Sydney and Melbourne, along with our partnership in the UAE, we have a solid platform to continue to champion lighting design for UTS Rowing Club The existing club demolished and newly design building by Hassell stands commandingly over the water. The design inside very open to the elements and the lighting helps to enhance daylight by uplighting the ceiling by day and using track mounted spots in between the ceiling panelling by night. Chifley This iconic KPF art deco inspired building needed a face lift the architecture stood the test of time with the finishes still offering a commanding appearance for the high powered business men and women working within the building, but the lighting was not up to the same standard. We approached this building with sensitivity and tailored a lighting solution to sit within the existing space appearing as though it had always been there. Custom design rings offer a sculptural visual whilst the rear stone wall is washed with light. More project images Hotel Hotel HotelHotel is a departure from the typical city hotel an urban luxury shack designed by March studio sitting with a building by Fender Katselidis. This is a sustainable project design with drama and texture in mind. By day daylight streams into the space through the skylights and the fabric roof but night, light is cast up onto the roof, and lighting is integrated into the joinery. More project images Hassell Studio Sydney Always a pleasure working with Hassell and a great challenge designing the lighting for their new studio in Sydney. Testament to what can be achieve with a solid budget from the client and open dialogue between contractors and consultants. The QT Hotel, Sydney is a very special kind of establishment and needed a deft touch a challenge which to our design team which has been well recognised with this award We have previously partnered with QT Hotels on their Gold Coast Resort and are presently working with them on their new Melbourne project. At last Sydney has a boutique hotel where guests from any of the world's great cities will find things very much to their liking. It also had to appeal to a travel savvy business clientele and locals wanting a world class experience. POV has always enjoyed a challenge. We custom designed a unique central ceiling feature to provide a stunning visual centerpiece above the bar. LED strips on the top of each of its blades light the coffer for high ambient lighting during the day. The fully glazed facade was particularly tricky. By day, daylight ingress had to be embraced to provide high ambient light levels whilst by night the clientele had to feel enclosed by the space and not be drawn to the busy road and street lighting outside. White and amber LED's were used within down lights to match to the color temperature shifting of halogens when dimmed, critical in an hospitality environment. The overall effect is one of style, sophistication and originality. So should Daniel Craig's adventures ever take him to Adelaide we are quite sure he'll feel very much at home. Mark Elliott, Principal at POV was a very active member of the live panel involved with discussions and interacting with the attendees, predominantly architects and interior designers. The incredible advancement in lighting technology in recent years and the influences it is having on our office towers, shopping malls, restaurants and public buildings not to mention our lives has helped position the lighting design industry very much top of mind in both commercial and public arenas. Mark's vast experience lighting projects around the globe saw him dispel a few fallacies and provide hard facts as to just what lighting can and can't do. Get light right and it can improve productivity, health and enjoyment. Get it wrong and the opposite will happen", he said, amongst other things. We were responsible for lighting the entire project. They represent the first project undertaken by their company Melco Crown outside Macau. This is a fabulous win for us as it comes following the work we have already completed for Melco at their 'City Of Dreams' Casino in Macau. The Entertainment City complex is scheduled to open in mid As well as honoring the best architecture in the state for , the ceremony includes the presentation of the prestigious Mondoluce Lighting Award. So while we didn't win this year, to be shortlisted is an achievement in itself". This is a terrific win for us. This is an important store for the brand, which combines the full Burberry product offer with the very latest in digital technology, giving shoppers a megawatt brand and luxury experience. Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry said "the innovative store environment inside a beautiful heritage building is the perfect reflection of the history and modern attitude of the Burberry brand". We are proud to be 'presenting the face' of the Burberry exterior to take it's place among the sights of night-time Sydney. We aim to perfectly express the brand, in light. The owners recognised the need to re-position the building within the Sydney market place to attract new tenants. The scope of work included remodelling of the loby and its lighting. Our lighting shifts away from typical down-lighting, and makes a feature of sculpture, coves and artwork. At night, the wash is turned off and drama unfolds as in-ground uplights kick in. We sought to bring extra value to rich materials and a sense of quality to this prestigious building. Sara McClintock led the lighting team and took her cue from interiors by Mim Design, where natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramic tile and copper bring character and depth to a relaxed ambiance. He spoke about the value of creativity and how lighting designers are inspired by creative processes. Yet he feels the value of their creativity has been degraded in recent years. Perhaps new technology forces designers into a rigid world of 3D modelling. Reverting to paper and pencil and visual dialogue might provoke discussion and imagination, liberating a more creative approach. He called for Lighting Designers to break the cycle, get back to what they love and drive creativity back into the industry. Why should artists and sculptors take all the creative laurels? Behind the traditional surface of table lamps and chandeliers lie new technologies such as LEDs and fibre optics. The lighting like the decor by BKH, is slightly enhanced to give a contemporary spin. Marble, leather, velvet banquettes and plush carpets - materials are assembled in a subtly pop version of true Italian luxury. It's a beautiful space in traditional Chinese teahouse style, but with a contemporary spin, and a very rich combination of materials and colour. The intention of the lighting is to accentuate this richness, bringing to life the key finishes, artworks, furniture and decorative elements. The base lighting in the main dining areas is quite dark, while private dining areas are brighter. We made bespoke pendant lanterns reflecting the reds and gold in the decor. At this level, lighting is a highly technical as well as an aesthetic practice, demanding specialist knowledge and skill. Tripple m brisbane

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  1. Lighting Design within Hospitality environments is a crucial component, no more so than in our late night entertainment venues. If you wish to place an order or have any enquiries please contact us on 08 and leave a message or shoot us an email through our contact page here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Why should artists and sculptors take all the creative laurels?

  2. Decided to take our newest Davo's team member Sky Ross above for a test out in the choppy conditions on Wednesday. The fishing has been awesome. This opens up the back wheel visually.

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