Top 10 places for young adults to live. Revealed: The top 50 most desirable places to live in Britain.

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10 Best Places to Live and Work in the World

Top 10 places for young adults to live

August 29, at 8: This town is horrible! Public utilities are overly expensive, and unreliable. Power fluctuations and winter outages are a familiar occurrence. Internet service often slows to a crawl. Medical care is appalling! Stated again for emphasis; medical care is appalling! One more time; medical care is appalling! Fearful, wise, and experienced residents routinely drive for hours to seek treatment elsewhere. Quality shopping and entertainment are a fantasy. Good luck finding a descent radio station that plays something other than Country music. Dining is a boring monotony of Mexican food. Housing is grossly overpriced, and poorly built; corners seem to be cut at every opportunity. Building codes are weak, and unconvincingly enforced. Businesses are unfairly opportunistic, and prey upon the population. Slums and slumlords abound. Public and private lands are laden with trash and debris. Animal control is a laughable. City roads seem to be willfully neglected, and filled with potholes. Many intersections are insufficiently marked, or completely uncontrolled. Local media seems biased and agenda driven. The community is horrible! Most of the townspeople are rude, thoughtless, self-consumed, and flippantly ignore the concepts of courteous coexistence and safe driving. The pretentious white collar workers are the committed puppets of the wealthy property and business owners. Blue collar workers are noticeably undereducated, and poorly trained. Skilled labor is virtually non-existent. Pride in workmanship is a completely foreign concept. Substance abuse is excessive. The public schools seem to breed a disproportionate number of thugs and dropouts. Teen pregnancy is commonplace. The crime and drug problem almost seem to be purposely undisclosed, and concealed from the public eye. Nevertheless, stories of violent home invasion, rape, armed robbery, burglary, auto theft, and vandalism abound amongst the townsfolk. Meth labs and gangbangers saturate the community, and sex offenders sadly seem to be everywhere. The environment is horrible! Any meaningful rainfall is normally accompanied by destructive winds or damaging hail. Extreme water hardness ruins appliances and plumbing fixtures. Prairie dogs infest both business and residential areas. Flies from the nearby dairies and cattle yards are a disgusting nuisance. Welcome to seasonal allergies! On the lighter side, many people who grew up in Clovis, NM love the place, and mindlessly think its paradise. Go figure… In conclusion, perhaps the preceding comments should be deemed nothing more than a point of view. However, consider that HomeFacts. If you are not part of the pack, you are the prey. You have been warned! Top 10 places for young adults to live

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  1. Local media seems biased and agenda driven. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: I could have done so much worse in living somewhere else.

  2. Sathorn Add to Trip! ALL , so they can try and have a better life , well , better than they would have if left where they were.

  3. The crime and drug problem almost seem to be purposely undisclosed, and concealed from the public eye. Children under 2 must either sit in laps or in seats. Internet service often slows to a crawl.

  4. New Zealand Belgium Despite popular myths, there is very little connection between economic performance and welfare expenditure.

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