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Fragrance Review :: Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom ford unisex perfume

Velvet Orchid is really velvety, thanks to a very well crafted suede note the best suede I've ever smelled in perfumes. It is also a bit powdery, a bit fresh and a bit flowery. This contrast beautifully with the richness of the rum. It is much more wearable than Black Orchid, and in my opinion, sexier. It is unlikely to offend anyone, but it has enough character to be remembered. I recommend it to dark and sweet women of all ages. I think scorpio women will specially like it. Suits the winter and just the winter!! Wonderful in the cold weather, i feel like being hugged whenever I wear it,, mmm wonderful! There are days for this kind of scent. It reminds me of wet, somber days when everything turns out wrong kind of day, and a whiff of this will tell you everything will turns out just fine. Once this dries down to that scent, it is actually to me a similar scent and nothing really remarkable. On my skin and to my nose Velvet Orchid, while pleasant enough once it dries down, is nothing unique nor special. Not dupes, but definitely very similar scents. But to me, this is a subdued sweet scent. Not overly sweet nor sickeningly sweet nor cloying, but sweet. I do not pick up much else, no floral or anything else. Black Orchid is very earthy compared to this. This Velvet Orchid to me is just a soft sweetness, a little fruity and nothing original. I realize there are no fruity notes listed, but that is what my nose picks up. I would actually classify this as gourmand, if pressed to classify this. This also has not near the longevity of Black Orchid. BO lasts all day on my skin and sometimes even through a shower. Velvet Orchid fades to a soft skin scent on my skin after about 3 hours. Those who say Velvet Orchid is more wearable compared to Black Orchid are correct, imo. I feel Velvet Orchid to me would be office-safe and crowd-friendly, Black Orchid to me is a little too powerful and a little too "unique" to be office-safe or crowd-friendly. So sorry for the heavy comparisons, but being so many have said this is similar to Black Orchid, I wanted to share my experience. Everyone's experiences can be helpful! I was a teen and must have spent a fortune there on gifts and books and cards I would try on all of their fragrance oils that I could. They had a million different blends. I loved them so much. The bottles were your typical tubes glued into a wooden base, and you would unscrew the cap and you would dot your skin with thick oils on a little glass wand. This stuff smells like that old store I used to visit! Of course it was sold and probably turned into a parking lot. Jasmine, Sandalwood, Rose, plus many others I can't name here, all are wrapped up into this delicate but powerful little number. I get the honey and maybe rum, but the flowers pop in right away and if there are citruses, I can't really make them out but they probably kick the flower scents in. The notes are not a big surprise--I tend to gravitate towards jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood and bergamot--but I have never had a fragrance come my way with suede and Peru balsam. Another Tom Ford pleaser. He really gets the most out of his scents. Even though I love so many of his, the vintage bookstore quality is probably going to be the next on my list. Dec Thekatiepony Here's the thing, I really do like this scent but I've discovered it gives me sinus headaches about hours of wearing it. My husband is a fan and it feels like a lovely musky floral but I also get quite a bit of vanilla. Projection and sillage are nice or rather just right for the scent. Dec hellok It's a softer, less melon-filled Black Orchid. If you find Black Orchid lovely, but a tadddd too weird, try Velvet Orchid out. It's not as strong and dries down to a lovely almost powdery scent. Dec mirenaf I am divided. I would say that this perfume is more like balsamic on me. I have softness in it, just like its name. I think the ingredients are strangely combined I'm not a fan, but I would not say it's a bad perfume. The bottle is lovely. I adore dark purple. Luxurious and dear, but the perfume does not impress me so much, especially for the price class. I found the BO too masculine. My husband agreed, briefly considering it for himself before ultimately deciding it veered too feminine for his tastes. The DNA connection between the two fragrances, however, is undeniable. Sillage is great and it lasts forever. Dec ladynaqua This to me is an easier to wear more feminine version of black orchid.. Very sexy , very elegant and very personified. If you don't know black orchid then I dont think you will get what I am saying but i believe most people smelled it at some point. I bought the ml, I was hesitant to though - because of all the reviews complaining about how sweet it is.. Nov Andie68 Tried a sample today and yes this is lovely but at my age 50 in April it's not a unique fragrance, I have definitely had a perfume that smells the same somewhere way in the past, can't remember what it was but it was just as beautiful as this. I love trying these modern perfumes that get rave reviews then discovering the similarities to vintage fragrances I guess that's the advantage we 'older' fragranticans have over the younger generation: Definitely a Winter Fragrance for me. BUT, it makes me sneeze: SO weird as Black Orchid doesn't?!?!?! I am so bummed as I bought a huge bottle. Does anyone want to swap a Black Orchid for my Velvet Orchid? I bought it at Nordstrom's but don't have any of the packaging. Message me if interested: Nov Lazarelle I've tried samples of this a couple of times. I really wanted to like it, because it has a gorgeous name and looks and sounds luxurious. But I find it too over-the-top, too boozy, too flowery, too sickly sweet. It's like this fragrance is trying too hard to be "feminine" whatever that means - I regard the gendering of perfumes with suspicion. I can detect its relation to Black Orchid and I like the orchid note on the dry-down, but the over-the-top alcoholic sweetness doesn't go away on my skin. That's what this fragrance feels like to me - when you've had too much of some rich, sugary, syrupy liqueur and feel slightly nauseous afterward. Black Orchid, on the other hand Nov UnearthlyApothecary I am not the hugest fan of the original Black Orchid even though I have struggled to overcome it. But something in it I suspect the truffle gives me an instant nauseated headache. Velvet Orchid is very recognizable to me as a flanker. Less unisex more femme. I love the boozy sticky honey florals over the base of oriental resins and suede. Amazing silage and longevity. It is missing the note that makes me feel nauseous every time I smell it. This is softer and gentler. Very nice and sweet. Very friendly I think. Although I have had compliments on BO, I think this one is a bigger winner. Now I want to try Violet Blonde I loved it so much that I just had to have it and it is worth every penny. It starts out with a boozy honeyed sweetness, then of course the most prominent note is the beautiful orchid. It smells simply divine. As it settles on the skin myrrh mixes with the orchid, creating the most exotic, rich and deeply beautiful scent. It smells like something a princess living in some faraway exotic land would wear. I am utterly addicted to this! There is a long list of individual notes in Velvet Orchid, but other than the honey, orchid and myrrh I cannot identify any other individual notes. They are masterfully blended and create a deep, rich very classy perfume. Tom ford unisex perfume

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  1. It is such a luxurious fragrance, it makes me feel dressed up and adds a little sweet luxury even to the most mundane days. If you don't know black orchid then I dont think you will get what I am saying but i believe most people smelled it at some point. It is unlikely to offend anyone, but it has enough character to be remembered.

  2. It is such a luxurious fragrance, it makes me feel dressed up and adds a little sweet luxury even to the most mundane days.

  3. I wear a bit to work on a particularly cold day, I wear this while running errands in winter, I wear this out on dates often. Air conditioning may be the cornerstone of modern civilization, but I still want to be set free of heavy aromas when the sun is closer to my side of the Equator. For eight years, Tom Ford has been teasing the fashion industry with his own creations.

  4. Nov UnearthlyApothecary I am not the hugest fan of the original Black Orchid even though I have struggled to overcome it.

  5. The exceptional aroma of bleached-white floral patchouli on salty, toasted skin, for example, bears out this seasonal nuance to perfection. Jun KimberMoon At first spritz, I was scared.

  6. For about ten minutes, I would sniff my wrist and wonder who on earth could possibly enjoy this perfume? If you find Black Orchid lovely, but a tadddd too weird, try Velvet Orchid out.

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