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How to see tyre manufacturing date

Tire mfg dating

Article by Bob Witte of Hudson, Florida. After all is said and done, it really is just common sense stuff and some good thoughts from all over. As the Bible says in Proverbs In the multitude of counselors, there is safety. Accordingly, what I have in here is advice, opinions and experie nces, not absolutes. Anyhow, here we go Here are some pointers to either get you going as a triker o r hopefully to help you be a better triker even if you've been triking awhile already! The typical trike handlebars and control arrangemen t is of course, exactly the same as on a motorcycle well, Doh! However, the steering with those handlebars is different and you need to get used to it. You steer a trike very much like a car. That is, when you want to turn right, pull the right grip toward you while pushing the left grip away from you. Simi larly, for a left turn, pull the left grip toward you while pushing the right grip away f rom you. This technique is especially useful making turns in the famous twisti es we all love. You really need to spend some significant time gett ing familiar with the differences in steering and how evasive maneuvers are executed. A couple of hours rather than a few minutes is preferred. Your mind will keep tell ing you that you are on a bike, which for steering is no longer true. You must trai n yourself to steer the vehicle, not countersteer. Throwing your weight around will only wear out th e seat of your pants, it will do little or nothing to steer the trike pro perly. In other words when on a trike, your knee dragging days are over! Watch where you are going not where you want to go! What is true for two wheeling in that rega rd is no longer true for triking. Where you are steering is where you are going regardless of where you are looking! Riding through long sweeper curves will be easy. Do ing the twisties will take new techniques and a bit more muscle but still can be loads of fun! If you think you will be able to reach out and touc h something to one side or the other, you're too close to whatever it is! Your wi dth is greater than before so watch out for curbs, toll booths, gas pump barrier poles, etc. Hint — add a pair of those one inch convex mirrors so you can see the outer edge o f the fenders. Oh yeah, you are not going to fall over, so don't put your feet down when you stop! Don't worry, this is completely normal so anticipate it. New tires are great even on a two wheeler, and work wonders for the newly triked. Don't worry about the normally modest decrease in g as mileage. You now carry more weight, have bigger wheels not to mention having a n extra one and need more energy to overcome the inertia of the extra mass. Remember, trikes are somewhat sensitive to air pres sure in the rear tires. Because those auto tires you pu t on are only carrying a fraction of what they were designed for, a few pounds of under inflation won't affect the tire wear much, if at all. Also note that the trike wil l pull toward the tire with a lower PSI. This is another good reason to check your tir e pressure frequently. Try taking a couple of po unds out of your left rear tire to compensate, but keep in mind you will now pull to t he left a bit on the good flat roads! The best solution is to move to Florida where most all our roads tend to be nice and flat, and vi rtually pot hole free!! My experience is that the PSI for automotive tires in the back should be in the low 20's and the motorcycle wheel in front in the low t o mid 30's for the small to mid size bikes upwards to PSI for the Wings and big tw in super cruisers. Suspensions, passenger loads, etc. Trial and error will modify them to your needs, but these are all good starting points. And as is well known, the b ike tires wear out in a small fraction of the time compared to any plain Jane car tire! I understand also that at least one major bike tire m aker is considering manufacturing a flatter profile tire for the front of trikes. As we all know, tires and suspensions combinations are quite variable, so experimentation will almost always be needed. One handy test is to put a line of chalk across the tire tread and drive down the driv eway. If the chalk is worn evenly all the way across, you at least have the right pre ssure for full contact of the tread on the pavement. Tight turns or decreasing radius turns on entrance and exit ramps and in parking lots are more noticeable on trikes. Again, this slight additional effort is c aused by the nature of the "resistance" between the center front wheel and the two wheels i n the back that is more or less common to all trikes. Since then, it has been carried on for "no reason, just policy! Once again, do not assume that since you've been riding motorcycles for decades, that you already know how to ride a trike. Caution and moderation will greatly assist you in being a safe triker. That crown is built into many roadway s so water will run off to the side. On your two wheeler, it is barely noticeable, but on a trike, the vehicle will want to pull down towards the shoulder. Some roads crown more than others rural two lanes for example and this can be disconcerting to newbies. You'll get used to steering to compensate and after a while it will be second nature. Riding a trike will draw people of all kinds over to you like a magnet. If you are single and interested in dating, then you can be well on your way to making new friends! If you're interested in learning more about Bob's trike pictured at the top, check out the featured build article. Follow us on Instagram! Through website donations covered a mere 3. 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