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Tight hug image

What to say In India, greetings are indicators of the relative position of individuals in the social hierarchy. Put in simple English, it means that I will greet someone older differently from someone in my age group or someone younger. This also changes with the gender of the person I am addressing. Here are examples from Hindi: Very fine, and you? All these are greetings directed towards men. When I greet women or girls, Kaisa changes to Kaisi. Kiss, hug or shake hands? Man hugs man, woman hugs woman. Older uncles and aunties hug younger children. Grandparents are not to be hugged, you are supposed to touch their feet and receive blessings for a long life, a speedy marriage, numerous children, etc. Kissing is a big no-no. Only infants are to be publicly kissed. The touching feet business, especially in large family gatherings leads to funny situations. Within the space of a few seconds, I have to decide whether the beaming relative headed my way is my senior or junior in family hierarchy. Age has got nothing to do with it. So, I watch his body language, is he bending forward to touch my feet or is he preparing to raise his right arm in benediction. Most of the times this works. When it fails, I just move on to another pair of feet I am sure of! By Sanjay , Regional Contributor in India. Our main greeting used at all times of the day is: However, these greetings are not used that often in China. We Chinese tend to be more conservative. On meeting someone for the first time, we would usually nod our heads and smile or shake hands in formal situations. Kissing on the cheeks might make those who are not used to Western practices rather uncomfortable. Thanks to Nellie for joining us as a guest contributor on this post. Find Nellie on her blog WildJunket. The Philippines What to say The first thing you should know is that in the Philippines we have loads of languages and dialects more on this in a future post. English is widely spoken here and we also have the vernacular Filipino with Tagalog as its base. We often greet each other with: Sadly, something gets lost in translation. This may have something to do with the time of the day in taking meals breakfast in the morning; lunch at noon; snacks in the afternoon; dinner in the evening. We just love to eat. These rules on physical contact are conservative, but guaranteed not to get you into any trouble! Kissing on the cheek is only for family and close friends. Between men and women, this has been adopted over time but beso-beso between men in the Philippines is a no-no. A firm handshake would do just fine. The explanation behind this is quite simple: By Bryan , Regional Contributor in the Philippines. Tight hug image

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  1. At a light on Dien Bien Phu Street, close to her house, a guy on another bike pulled up on their left. The alley was desolate and dark, lit inadequately by a solitary street lamp.

  2. Xe oms were just one step up from the cheaper and slower cyclo—the three-wheeled bicycle taxis that ferried people and goods around the city—and the drivers held corresponding social positions.

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