This is us season 1 recap. Containment Season 1 Recap: 1.9: A Kingdom Divided Against Itself.

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This is us season 1 recap

Home Featured Containment Season 1 Recap: June 22, A mob of protestors take to the streets to break free from the cordon on Containment season 1 episode 9. For a refresher on what happened last time, read my recap of episode 8. The crowd starts to walk away. She assures him that he still gives the others hope, even while he has to stay in isolation. Sabine says that she needs a line to the outside and warns that if the virus gets out, it will start spreading like wildfire. Teresea Keaton and Xander walk towards the wall of the cordon. Leo Greene sits on a park bench. A contact who works at the NSA meets up with him. He tells her that he has proof someone at the CDC created this virus. He asks for her to look into a phone call made by the real patient zero. As the military rushes in, Jake searchers for Katie in the crowd. Meanwhile, Teresa is knocked to the ground. She screams for help. Jake tells her that Mary was sick. Katie rushes back to the hospital and showers, rinsing all of the blood off of her body. Jake sits outside the shower and sobs. At the end of the episode, Katie goes into isolation. He goes to get Quentin so that he can talk to Katie. Once Jake is gone, Katie screams. Want to see more from Lenny Burnham? Follow him on Twitter. This is us season 1 recap

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  1. Facebook Comments Want more stuff like this? Hannah would catch a break, though, when Chuck alerted her to the many unread emails in her mailbox, including one from Jason Atwood.

  2. Even when he was in the Speed Force, they continued to protect the city in honor of Barry and seemed to take their failures as dishonoring him.

  3. As the military rushes in, Jake searchers for Katie in the crowd. This prompted Shiv to contact her ex-boyfriend for a spying job.

  4. Cisco and Wally complement each other with their powers, while Iris proved herself invaluable as the person behind the computer.

  5. With Greg now in the company, Tom continues with his odd innuendos towards the boy. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox!

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