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Things you can make with yarn

With basic craft supplies and a little imagination you can make a variety of gifts. Adorable Baby Apron Get the step-by-step instructions via craftinessisnotoptional. Get the tutorial via pinjacolada. DIY Seatbelt Pillow For those moms who are getting enough of seeing their babies hurt thier little necks on car trips. This is a must make project! Get the tutorial via freshpaintabq. These DIY pillow beds look so comfy and the kids will love them. Get the tutorial via itsalwaysautumn. Simple Nap Mat Kindermat Cover Creat a cute mat for your little one , enjoy some time playing or napping for a while. Get the tutorial via dimplicity Toddler Busy Bag Toddler busy bag help babies learn while they play. And they are perfect gifts for preschool and toddlers. Get the tutorial via jocelynandjason. And it is a happy little crunchy jelly fish that makes a light crackling noise when your baby grasps or chews it. Get the tutorial via kidindependent DIY Sheep Blankie Create a cute sheep blankie and never bore your kid with grown-up decor. Get the tutorial via twosisterscrafting DIY Loch Ness Monster The loch ness monster is a toddlers dream stuffed animal, big and perfect for riding. Get the free pattern via welivedhappilyeverafter. Match your trendy toddler with style and grace with these easy to make scarves. Get the tutorial via burlapandbabies. DIY Beaded Mobile The colorful baby mobile is an aesthetically pleasing baby product that will not only add to your home decor but also stimulate and entertain your little one. Get the tutorial via designdazzle. Sew Cute Taggy Turtle Sew this cute one that makes a crinkly noise that they love with different coloured taggies. Get the tutorial via kersti Printed Arrow Onesie Look at this cute arrow onesie. This arrow design was printed using thick card stock as stencil. And your little baby is sure to look cute in this one. Get the tutorial via fortheloveof. Easy Dinosaur Baby Onesie Kids are always fascinated by dinosaurs. And the little dinosaur lovers need the gear they are going to roar about. Just like this easy dinosaur baby onesie! Follow the tutorial on how to make yours via andreasnotebook. It is both fun and educational that develops fine motor skills and logical thinking. Check out the free pattern for making a soft fabric version of the classic stacking ring baby toy via domesticesq. Easy Teddy Bear Hat Keep the little ones head warm this year with an adorable newborn teddy bear hat. This simple step-by-step photo tutorial will walk you through. See it via howjoyful. Fabric Beach Balls These soft fabric beach balls are fun for babies and kids to play with at the beach and at home! And they are the perfect handmade baby gift. Get the tutorial via purlsoho. Whale Softie from an Old Pair of Jeans This is an easy whale softie tutorial which is perfect for your little one, or a baby shower gift! Get the tutorial via valaanvillapaita. Carseat Canopy Tutorial Make a cute and stylish carseat canopy to keep the baby from sun and bad weather. It also makes a perfect gift for a new baby. Get the tutorial via beinggenevieve. Perfect gift for a baby! Get the tutorial via thepinningmama. Get the tutorial via hellobee. Felt Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Tic tac toe is an fun travel game that can keep children and adults alike occupied during the hours of a road trip. Make this felt travel tic-tac-toe for perfect gifts for the kids to take where ever they go. Get the tutorial via spoonful. Get the tutorial via thetipgarden. Car Roll-up Caddy Make a cute car roll-up caddy that can be fold right up and fit in the diaper bag with scrap fabric and an old pair of jeans! Get the tutorial via iheartnaptime. Get the tutorial via onelovelylife. Mini Lounger Tutorial Make a mini lounger for your kiddo to sit back and relax in after a long day of play! Get the tutorial via smallfriendly. Knit Colorblock Bias Baby Blanket Knit your baby gorgeous colorblock bias blanket using a very easy-to-follow pattern. See tutorial via smallfriendly. Head over to the full tutorial via allaboutami. Get the tutorial via catchmyparty. And it is a great project to use that one ball of yarn. The best part is that no sewing is required- all you need is a glue gun! Get the tutorial via damasklove. No-Sew Toddler Poncho Look at the cutie in that cute toddler poncho. This no-sew poncho is inexpensive and fast to make. Get the tutorial via gluesticksblog. Make it for your kid or for gift. Get the tutorial via wonderfuldiy. Get the tutorial via parents. Make this no-sew infant sling carrier to keeep your baby calm and happy. Get the tutorial via baby-go-on. No-Sew Fabric Book Storage Create simple no-sew book sling using your favorite decorative fabrics for the kids. Get the tutorial via yellowfence. No-Sew Baby Barefoot Sandals Follow this step by step tutorial on how to make adorable baby barefoot sandals. See it via craftaholicsanonymous. Just remember, use caution when carrying your baby in a wrap. Get the tutorial via aloadofcraft. Get the tutorial via makeit-loveit. Get the tutorial via madetobeamomma. Pulled it together in a couple hours, even with the babies awake! Get the tutorial via everythinggoldenblog. Get the tutorial via probablyactually. Baby Car Seat Blanket How cute the baby car seat blanket is! Get the tutorial via imperfecthomemaking. Check out this fun and easy tutorial to make one via thesaraproject. Sew Changing Pad Cover Make this custom made changing pad cover gift for a baby. Get the tutorial via viewfromthefridge. DIY Crib Sheet Sew a stylish crib sheet with the perfect fabric for the adorable babies in your life. Get the tutorial via cheriebobbins. Patchwork Baby Quilt Sew simple but a perfect patchwork baby quilt for the beginner quilter to complete. Get the tutorial via muffinsmarathons. DIY Fabric Stair Gate A fabric safety baby gate can be a great way to help keep small climbers from making their way back up from the bottom. Get the tutorial via sideofsneakers. Easy DIY Mermaid Plush Dolls with Downloadable Pattern Check out the simple tutorial for creating beautiful and cute mermaid plush dolls for gifts for little girls in your family! Get the tutoril via abeautifulmess. Things you can make with yarn

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  1. When storing the bags make sure to keep them safely out of reach of children, they really are that dangerous.

  2. Used a plastic needle makes this easier. Get the tutorial via catchmyparty. And they are the perfect handmade baby gift.

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