Things to do when you re babysitting. 10 Activities to Do with Kids While You’re Babysitting.

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10 Babysitting Activities! FUN DIY Project/Crafts Ideas + Life Hacks for Kids

Things to do when you re babysitting

Write your names on a piece of paper and draw what you like to do then present it to each other. Lastly re-think games, one time the kids and I made a snow man and different assesories and cut them out, then played a game like pin the tail on the donkey but with the different assesories. They just want to have fun! If you take them outside to play tag or sports then they can excercise that way. Jenna What do you do if babysitting a 3 year old and a 6 month year old? Sydney I had a similar situation and what we did was the older kid and I pretended to be waitresses and the baby was the customer, but instead of walking around you have to put socks on and slide over the floor. It was actually pretty fun and the baby liked watching us mess up: Tell them they have to sit there for the amount of time their age is: Ask for an apology and give them a hug. Most parents like to pick babysitters that have little siblings. Old and a 2 yr. Old what crafts and activities should I do?? Connor I am aswell, what I do is I play games and whatnot and than have a movie at bed time damanique maybe simon says how ever u spell it Kate Phillips For the younger one, maybe a rattle game or something with large balls. Emma Does anyone have any good ideas for keeping two quite badly behaved girls aged 10 and 8 busy? Kate Phillips If you were going to watch a movie, make cookies, or play a game in the future, tell them they are not allowed to until they behave, or threaten to call the parents. Timeout works if they get out of hand. She pretends that she is a movie star, and I take pictures of her in all her favorite outfits. I think that kids around that age can usually think of things to do themselves, but they sometimes want to be played with. Little kids are harder. You really have to keep them entertained. I plan a lot of hings to do because they have short attention spans. I play with kids and they are always excited to see me. Sycernd Poop on the ground and eat it. It will make the children laugh and be happy. Things to do when you re babysitting

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  1. For extra fun you can add a word game. I wish I would have started sooner. Buy your first house.

  2. Take it slow, and enjoy your time together. Make sure they are securely closed. I get along with kids really well.

  3. While the bad news is your conflict resolution style is far from healthy, the good news is you can work now to change it.

  4. This will be my first and only for now babysitting job. Become skilled with a musical instrument.

  5. You only need a small number of books, because your baby will love seeing the same pages over and over again. Like what you see?

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