Things to buy at a flea market. 10 Things Selling in a Flea Market Taught Me about Business – Part 1.

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Things to buy at a flea market

May 21, Flipping Ideas 2 comments Share A flea market at first glance looks a little intimidating. These are tried-and-true secrets for snagging the best flea market finds for flipping, every time! Just like with any kind of treasure hunting garage sales, thrift stores, dollar stores , the early bird catches the worm. Be one of the first ones to enter through the gates when they open. Get Dirty Flea markets are full of stuff everywhere, and most of it does not look pretty. Look for Quality There are a ton of quality household items and furniture at flea markets. These items might not look the greatest and can be in rough shape but overlook the small details and look at the bigger picture. For example, solid wood furniture. Pieces might be faded or have scratches and the doors might be off its hinges but with a little elbow grease, they can be turned into fabulous modern pieces. Another example is dirty or really dated upholstered furniture. Then use that to help you negotiate the price of the item. If you plan on buying large pieces of furniture, make sure you come with a pickup truck or a large van. Vendors at flea markets do not offer delivery service nor do they hold furniture for you beyond their normal hours. So if you arrive with a Camry or Accord and plan on buying a dresser, you better think twice. So if you are serious about flea market flipping, make sure you come ready. Be ready to dig for treasure, to talk to people you might not normally talk to and be capable of negotiating the right price. Second Guess When you find the right piece at a flea market, make sure you pick it up right away. Unlike some of the other places you might shop at, flea markets are full of people looking to snatch up bargains or treasure. The temptation at a flea market is high, so be disciplined and know your limits. Having an extra pair of hands is absolutely needed when picking up larger pieces of furniture or household items. In Conclusion Flea markets are in a league of their own and truly different than the other venues you might be scouting for items to flip. You never know who you will meet and you never know what treasure you might uncover. There are sometimes though items at the thrift store that leaves us wondering, WHY? How To Make Money Flipping Phones This was one of my very first blog posts I've written on FlippingIncome but unfortunately back then there were few who actually read it. You can usually find these hidden gems at garage and yard sa What about DIY projects? This post is all about combing life's two guilty pleasures! You can make great Things to buy at a flea market

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  4. All profits go to our 7 Graces Scholarship Fund. I'm always trying to get a good deal. My former father-in-law, who was also a flea marketer, saw the fad as an opportunity to make a lot of money.

  5. Part 1 of 3. Yes No Unsure Do you have to pay for wi-fi at this place or activity? The temptation at a flea market is high, so be disciplined and know your limits.

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  7. I bought these earrings at the last week. Yes No Unsure Does this place or activity require reservations? Then use that to help you negotiate the price of the item.

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