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They don t want you to succeed

Ian Seems a rational summary and also consistent with my enquiries to buy a Leaf a while ago, complete disinterest in selling one. Peter Campbell A few years ago when Leafs were new, a friend went to the local Nissan dealer to buy one. He had cash and was ready to pay. They tried to talk him out of it. He went to another Nissan dealer who took the time to make sure he fully understood the vehicle and gave a generous time to test drive etc. The second dealer got the sale and years later my friend tells anyone who will listen to avoid the first dealer. Forget -more like for EV sales to dominate the new car market. Big changes and very rapid. Just like the S curve for solar. Not a Kodak moment, more a sensible transition when economics stack up. Tony Pfitzner They have not had time to develop the software. Just like we have only two operating systems in tthe smartphone market — IOS and Android. Tesla have millions of road miles to train their AI systems. This is their key advantage. Munro and associates Tesla3 Dissassembly and analysis. A unique low-heat ultrasonic aluminum wire-bonding process connects each cell to the cell-voltage balancing circuitry, which is also exceptionally precise—Munro measured a mere 0. Its electronic computing circuitry ranks somewhere between that of a cellphone and a Mars mission in terms of sophistication. Only one of these has to succeed, for him to be wealthy, if 2 or more succeed, he could become the worlds first trillionaire, taking his investors with him. Software is going to be a major differentiator in the EV market. Comparing a Tesla to, say, a Nissan Leaf is like comparing a smartphone with a Nokia. Once people get introduced to intelligent vehicles, they will consider anything else inferior. Greg Hudson Sorry, I have to disagree, especially about crash avoidance. The ute was a dark color, on a dark background, and was difficult to see, but I managed to avoid it without any problems… only because I was paying attention, and had both hands on the wheel. I very much doubt if any AI system would have recognized this problem, and reacted in sufficient time to avoid a crash. Alastair Leith Economics always stacked up when their hand was forced by outside players. Learning curve was always there waiting to be exploited. Just need Tesla and a couple of others to do it. James Caldwell Unless conventional car-dealers create a new business-model that incorporates EVs, they will leave the door open for a disrupted market-place in which new niche-manufacturers and dealers will enter and lead to their eventual demise. Grpfast The Australian LNP will want to spend our substantially reduced tax dollars given away to big business on creating an Aussie built petrol driven car. Even though we already have a shortage of fuel in reserve and no environmentally acceptable oil exploration. And they encouraged the closure of our well established auto industry. Five minutes ago they were the ones who out of economic purity were happy to see the last car manufacturing leave Australia? You have the option of fueling your EV at home using a solar PV system, and not paying for fuel as you must for petrol or diesel. No more throwing out the entire contents of your fridge after each storm that causes a prolonged power outage. A lot of service station sites would be available for redevelopment. Peter Campbell Our Mitsubishi iMiEV was sold with several years of fixed price servicing that was the same as on any small petrol Mitsubishi. Since there is not much to do by way of servicing, the dealers should have liked them as a way to get the same servicing money for less effort. Not only did we miss out on the original, but the upgraded performance hybrid also seems to be delayed. Coley Have mentioned this on CT, I visited a Nissan dealership 3 years ago that is 10 miles or less from where the leaf is built and received zero interest in helping me buy one of their Leafs, out of sheer frustration I contacted the head of Nissan electric UK, he said he would deal with it, never heard nowt more. Last year tried again, this time I was after a Leaf combi, got offered everything ICE-ways, but zero interest in the leaf Combi but got offered loads of good deals on the ICE combi, and this from a company based on my doorstep that after Tesla is the world leader in producing BEVs. I was wanting to be an. But bugger the hassle-; Richard Houlton People will adopt EVs as soon as there are compelling reasons to do so. As soon as the market starts to tip towards EVs, the increased volumes combined with cars that will be easier and cheaper to design and build will cause a disruptive land slide and ICE vehicles will rapidly disappear from showrooms. I think the tipping point will be fast charging. Managing the charging of an EV would be a hassle for me. Fast charging with similar convenience to pulling into a petrol station and filling a tank in less than 5 mins is currently a requirement for me to adopt. So I think fast charging is the game changer. Ferris B Although you may not be able to charge at work or home keep in mind that charging facilities are being installed at shopping centres and other locations that cars spend a lot of down time at. I like petrol fumes, I like the noise. I like getting up early an going to a drive on tight winding roads in a lightweight sports car. So, EV adoption by me will be closure for me as a car enthusiast. Buying an EV will be akin to buying a washing machine…. Evidently it has this new fangled thing call a steering wheel as opposed to a tiller for those inconvenient things we call corners. No Tesla humm is ever going to replace the wail of a Ferrari. The fact that the Tesla may accelerate faster is utterly irrelevant. So the inevitable demise of the ICE is a sad thing for me. However, attitudes change over time, and I am no longer interested in polluting the atmosphere with tons of CO2 from burning fossil fuels. I also doubt you have driven a Ferrari I have, multiple times, including on Sandown Raceway. In summary, I guess we will have to agree to disagree, and leave you to power on polluting while I ride my e-bike until my Tesla Model 3 arrives — if ever. Tesla Model 3 reservation holder, and Tesla shareholder. So maybe try again. Have come very close to ownership on a few occasions most recently with the M2 Pure but never quite pulled the pin. The one I enjoyed the most was a BB. A cantankerous old thing and a bit of a bitch to drive, but that was more about time and place. My favorite was a BMW Z3. However, it can be done badly … See: My Z3 was the early 1. It was great fun. Fav track is Winton BTW. Greg Hudson Based on the existing 1. I specifically did NOT buy an apartment recently because I could not wire up are charger in the underground car park even though the power was available. Thank the owners corporation for that. Without fast-charging convenience, they are quite probably locking out the very people most likely to adopt. And EVs need volume to reach their economic tipping point. They don t want you to succeed

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  1. Just like we have only two operating systems in tthe smartphone market — IOS and Android. School has to be boring. Santiago cautioned that Natural Cures contained no actual cures, only "speculation".

  2. Thinking about all the years from age four to high school graduation is enough to make any mom swoon. The larceny he explains as a series of math errors compounded by the "mistake" of a bank official. He had cash and was ready to pay.

  3. However, Trudeau lost a motion to have the Board send a "corrective letter" to the television stations and subsequently dropped all claims for monetary damages.

  4. In these cases Trudeau signed a consent decree in which he did not plead guilty but did agree to stop making the claims and to pay a fine. I think the tipping point will be fast charging. Second, the court held, "in the alternative, that Trudeau's claims failed to state a viable cause of action as a matter of law.

  5. The diet was criticized in by the Journal of the American Medical Association as hazardous to human health and a waste of money.

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