The love of a good woman poem. Phenomenal Woman.

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The love of a good woman poem

Has this poem touched you? He's doing a 2 year bid in prison. It's not a lot, but to me it's hard. It will be our 1 year anniversary April We are young, but our love for each other is amazing. There's never a dull moment. My kids are his kids now. Hopefully my superman will be home in to save me. He had done some stuff he shouldn't have done, and now he is in a state prison until yeah that's a long time for what he did, and it's only It is hard to go day to day without him at my side and not have him there to come home to, but I am making it somehow. I found this poem and read it, and I thought of my boyfriend first thing. We stay in contact through letters and phone calls when he can call and I can put money on his account. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and now I have to live without him. I am very mad and hurt by him not being here. I hope I can make it until he gets out. In my heart I can, but in reality I don't know because it is a long time before he is going to come home. The earliest he can be released is , which is 3 years, and he has already been gone for a year. I hope he gets out soon. I love you, Jeffrey Glenn Latham. He did something bad before we got together, so he's serving 3 years. It has been almost 17 months. I just want to say I love him so much and I'm not going anywhere. We have been engaged since February 14, We are getting married when he gets home. We got into a relationship in Life was great; we were so in love. He is now doing a 16 year bid. He has been in since the beginning of I love this man with everything that I am. We married in April He is my life, my soulmate, and my best friend. Even though people think I am crazy, I know in my heart I did the right thing. There is nobody else in this life I want to be with, just my husband. I took my vows seriously and will stay faithful to him and love him until the day he comes home in and will continue to love and cherish him every day after! Coleman 6 months ago Hello everyone! I am a wife of someone wrongfully convicted. He's been incarcerated for 7 years. I spend all of my time on the Internet just surfing and reading, praying. I never thought that I would know a person who has been railroaded, let alone be married to one. I married my husband on October 5, Yes, 5 years after they railroaded him. I married him because I love him he loves me, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he's innocent! It breaks my heart for such similar cases because I can feel the pain. I wanna go back on here and read all the posts. Maybe I can help someone or they us. I loved the poem. It felt and sounded like my own words. I'm crying as I type because I'm in disbelief that I live in the U. Wishing everyone peace and happiness! My husband has been gone a month now. The system is corrupted, and he also was falsely accused. I wish you the best. I've experienced similar circumstances. Three years in federal prison, and believe me, I was very insecure about the relationship with my girlfriend. Things are very good now. Stay strong in character against the corrupt system around you. My husband of 19 years was sentenced back in September for a crime he did not do. We have 5 kids together and a grandbaby on the way. This lifestyle is a hard one to live, but I am living it and I am being so faithful to my husband. On nights I cannot sleep I enjoy reading the poems on this site; it helps me. I am still full of a lot of anger, disbelief, and a whole lot of WHYs. I make sure that our children never miss a phone call or a visit. I do everything to make sure he is taken care of and our children are safe. I pray for all of you that must go through this. We've been together 2 years in April but been in each other's hearts for 10 years. He's the love of my life, and I feel so numb without him with me. It's so hard to deal with this, and I wish this upon nobody. I was just looking for a friend in that area, and he was coming home 4 months after we started writing. Fast forward to four months, his release. His mom died two weeks after him being home. He shut me out we were in a long distance relationship. He went back to jail because that messed him up. He got out and then 6 months later he dad died. He fell into a deep depression, shut me out, relapsed and started doing drugs again. Fast forward to now he's been in for 5 years for getting the drugs. At that time I got married and had a baby, but I still loved him. It took me 2 months to write because I was a grieving widow, but I was in love too. We've been back together since last January on my birthday the best present ever. We have another 10 years to go, and I'm not leaving. I know if I told people they'd put me in the loony bin, especially because we haven't met face to face, but we've also been honest, which I never had before. We're bed friends, lovers, and partners for life. Then your husband passes away. I feel that you should find out his inmate information, where he is incarcerated, then call the facility for visitation hours and make the trip to see him face to face; he won't have any way to escape your visit! If he is a true person and not just "catfishing" you, then you'll have the perfect place to find this all out. If he doesn't give you the information then you will at least know your love is going nowhere with this person. Good luck and condolences on the loss of you husband. Always believe and pray, and God will see you through this. You had a lot of trauma that you went through, but stay focused on the prize. We write all the time, and he calls me when he can. We've been together and are so in love. I can't wait for him to come home. I miss him so much. I love him so much, and he loves me the same. I never met anyone like him. I love the poem you wrote. Thank you for sharing. There is a great page on Facebook that I have been following. Helps me through the days. Confessions of a Prison Wife is what it is called. The love of a good woman poem

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  1. He has 2 years left of a 5 year sentence. Out ten year anniversary was Christmas Eve. I used to work in a prison and the crap I heard most of the men would write to each women to get money.

  2. I love him so much. Please don't let people put thoughts in your head about what's best for you.

  3. However, I still see how certain men will not give someone like me the time of day since I don't look like "Barbie," but I find them to be lost, shallow people. I work two jobs to pass my days, but I miss him so much.

  4. The earliest he can be released is , which is 3 years, and he has already been gone for a year. I just can't wait until this nightmare is over so I can start a family with her. But I still can't express how much my heart aches for him, to be in his arms.

  5. Family and friends told me to hire a lawyer and reopen the case while he is in jail until we can prove the lies from the other side.

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