The biggest holiday book ever. Giant huntsman​ spider pictured in Queensland could be biggest ever.

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The biggest holiday book ever

The spot is just gorgeous and so close to everything. The whole place is clean! We've stayed in most of the different sized cabins and can't fault them for price or what they offer. Belt Road is always our first choice and we stay there about 3 or 4 times a year for the past 3 years now. Great for families, single or groups! Spot on Belt Road!! Bonnie Milne friendly staff and helpful. Room was clean and tidy and very spacious, great for families. The views are amazing very handy to shops the local walk way and a short stroll to the pools. The cabins have every thing you need except you have to bring your own bedding for the children. Jasondeanne H Very friendly helpful staff and welcome us back every time. The views are awesome and the sound of the sea at night just soothes you off to sleep after a big day of walking along the wonderful Coastal Walkway. Amenities are very clean. Chads We stayed for 3 nights in our Motorhome on a cliff top site over looking the harbour and out to sea. Close to the city center, great facilities, close to the famous coastal walkway. A short drive to the museums and gardens. Small cabins are also available with great views. We would highly recommend staying here. Martin P Weather was rubbish but the camp site was fantastic, great facilities. Kids loved pedalling around and playing on the tramp when the weather allowed. Great location, well worth taking the bikes. Steve Rodwell we stayed there mon to fri. Mary Martin - https: What a joy to come back to each night - our spot by the sea. We cycled to the festival each day - an easy ride. Will definitely do this again next year. But please keep it a secret! Belt road is by far the Park with the best facilities with the cleanest unit. Good job Belt Road!!! Right beside the cliff top looking out at sea. On the map it looked as though we would have people walking past on the coastal walkway but this was well below us so didn't impact on us at all. We were given a great site overlooking the view. The campground is well designed with shrubs defining areas and giving privacy. The cabins looked really nice parents had stayed in these before. Some are on coast front sites so I would request these ones. Of course it is easy to enjoy NewPlymouth with an enjoyable walk or preferably bike ride along coastal walk to town. Bathroom facilities were pretty basic but clean. I arrived with no booking and was fitted it. Powered sites were great and with a great view of the coast! Facilities were modern and clean! There are private washrooms with a shower, sink and toilet - so you can do everything in privacy and in one go! The view from the room is totally stunning! Rooms look directly out onto the water with the port in view as well. Family rooms are clean, tidy, generous and well resourced. Playground is small but there are plenty of other things to do in New Plymouth. The biggest holiday book ever

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