The best pick up line ever for guys. Best Guitarists Ever.

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Best Pick Up Lines for Guys

The best pick up line ever for guys

September 14, , 1: Ardhanarishvara September 14, , 6: Coelasquid September 14, , Grent September 14, , 8: The Occupant September 19, , 4: Sam Starfall is Greek? Taryonutanu November 12, , 4: Are we supposed to be offended by that? Kind Canadian Decoy May 9, , 2: Kyle June 25, , Shikome Kido Mi August 9, , 4: A better analogy would be Sparta and one of the many other Greek City states no one remembers, which despite not being remembered were actually much more pleasant places to live because the Spartans were fairly psychotic on a number of issues. Pookarah December 14, , 7: But of course, citizens i. Just, that was not as important as being Spartan. Kind of like in species classification, Greek would be analogous to Mammalian, Spartan to err… Felinidas or something. This comment was supposed to be helpful and then I got distracted. Svlad Cjelli December 5, , 4: Spartans were a petulant lot. October 18, , 7: MrTT October 16, , Akira September 18, , September 12, , 9: Nice work as always. GothamGirl September 19, , 2: One, a girl walks in on these little gay chicken matches and announces with disdain that they are both gay. The shame halts further gay chicken matches. Two, a guy, who does not know any better, walks in on a gay chicken match and announces they are both gay. Both were known for naked wrestling, preferring naked male statues in their court yard over naked women, and not letting women to their gymnasium where they pretty much did everything naked together. Commander would have a lot to deal with. These are just the ones I see. Just-Steve September 12, , 3: I see them years down the road, happily married, embroiled in their contest. Technique September 12, , 9: O well time to go else were while I do something stupid… but fun. Just A Passing Craze September 12, , 6: It was a good try, though, history. He kind of outright ignored the Helots, and the more general Spartan attitude toward freedom and democracy, too. King September 13, , 4: It seems too blatantly stupid to claim that Spartans did not like a bit of boy loving. Surely Miller could not be that silly? On the other hand, Consider that what counted as a Man differed in Athenian and Spartan society. However, all sons of Spartan women are soldiers and men. So a Spartan shagging a Spartan boy is shagging a man, while an Athenian shagging an Athenian boy is shagging a boy. Thatoneguy September 15, , 6: October 22, , 4: SquareSphere September 12, , Gman September 12, , I have scarred you. The best pick up line ever for guys

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  1. Out of the studios and raw and I think it comes down to two! And yes, YES is the greatest rock band ever.

  2. Do you have to categorize music to understand it? Nice work as always. Trudy Smith on October 30, at 5:

  3. Everyone else seems to fall somewhere in between. Out of the studios and raw and I think it comes down to two!

  4. Just find any live versions of Sultans of Swing on YouTube etc. Please come out with this pickup!

  5. And there's so many good ones! Along with the breathtaking vocals of Freddie mercury may he rest in peace , the bombarding drumming of Roger Taylor, and the Steady, rhythmic bass playing of John Deacon, Brian May and Queen is the 1 band in the world.

  6. Best rhythm guitar I ever heard in many ways played for the band not himself V 51 Comments 23 Duane Allman Howard Duane Allman was an American guitarist, session musician, and co-founder and leader of the Allman Brothers Band until his death in a motorcycle crash in , when he was 24 years old. V Comments 34 Richie Sambora Richard Stephen "Richie" Sambora is an American rock guitarist, producer, singer and songwriter who was the lead guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi for 30 years.

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