Ten commandments of dating ben young. Druids and Israel.

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Ten commandments of dating ben young

The authority given to the elders continued from generation to generation, and from Rabbi to Rabbi, right down to our time Numbers In addition local judges and captains were appointed. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you. These officials performed a voluntary service. They had to adjudicate in minor issues and refer more weighty matters to an authority over them. Our of all this a class of people emerged. This class must have existed throughout ALL Israel. The nation of Israel split into two separate sections. One part went to Judah and the other to the Ten Tribes. The Sages of Judah. The Sages of Judah are mostly known to us from the time of Ezra and Nehemiah , the return from exile in Babylon, the Second Temple period, and the era immediately following. They overlapped with the Prophets. The Sages had existed alongside the Prophets but with the eclipse of Prophecy they came more tot he fore. The Sages gave rise to the Talmud and related literature such as the Midrashim, etc. In the New Testament and the writings of Josephus we hear of the Pharisees. The Pharisees were in effect a voluntary association whose members were learned and who undertook to live in stricter observance beyond the minimal requirements. Most of the Sages may have belonged to the Pharisee group but not necessarily all of them. The Sages as a class were marked by learning, belief, and observance. In Jewish Literature the Sages are sometimes referred to as Chazal. The Israelites had previously been subjected to the Egyptians and then redeemed under the leadership of Moses. They had however still retained an attachment to Egyptian pagan ways as may be seen by the sin of the Golden Bull Calf. The mixed multitude induced Aharon, the brother of Moses, to take their gold jewelry and cast it into a fire. From this they made a golden bull calf. Moses intermediated between them and the Almighty. The golden calf was at first intended as a replacement for Moses and not of God Exodus When Moses returned he broke the idol into pieces Exodus Before that, Jeroboam had initially fled from Solomon to Egypt which gave him refuge 1-Kings When Solomon died Jeroboam returned and led the rebellion. Consequently Jeroboam became king of the separate Kingdom of Israel as distinct from the Kingdom of Judah in the south. The Kingdom of Israel is identified with the House of Joseph. There was therefore an Egyptian element within Joseph. The inhabitants of the northern Kingdom of Israel numbered ten out of the original 13 or 12 depending on how they are counted Tribes. They were to be exiled and lose their identity. They were to converge in separate waves of migration on Western Europe. The Isles of Britain became dominated by elements from the Tribes of Joseph. Ancient Britain reveals ongoing contacts with Egypt. The early inhabitants i. In Canaan, Baal had been worshipped locally under different forms. In this sense there were numerous "baalim" in the plural though others could consider them all variations on the one theme. They set up their own Kingdom which is referred to as the Kingdom of Israel. Jeroboam established the worship of golden bull-calves in Dan and Beth-el. The aim of Jeroboam had been to wean the Israelites away from Jerusalem and to prevent their re-unification with Judah. Also he went out from there and built Penuel. Here are your gods, O Israel, which brought you up from the land of Egypt! Ce-TeVunam from the root "binah" meaning understanding. This word "Citvunam" could also be understood to say, "as they wrote" from the root "CaTaV" i. Zovchai Adam Egalim Yishakoon. The Celts of the west practiced human sacrifice and in some instances were also cannibals. This was remarked upon by contemporaries and has been confirmed by archaeological findings. These were the metallic calves of the Northern Kingdom. At first these calves were made of gold but the Assyrians in their incursions may have taken them away. The replacements were apparently made of silver. Their worshippers would kiss these idols. They may also have offered up human sacrifice to them! The rationale behind human sacrifice is not much different from that used in our day to justify abortions. The same social grouping that in Judah gave rise to the Sages must also have existed in the separate Kingdom of Israel. This expression has been explained to mean both fromt he highest class of the people and from the most debased amongst them Daat Mikra Commentary. After the Ten Tribes were exiled remnants of this class still existed and in the west reasserted themlseves. They became the Druids. Druids were not some kind of romantic good-natured wise magicians from a legendary fairyland. They worshipped numerous gods especially Bel who was a form of the Canaanite Baal. They practised human sacrifice. Their cult included self immolation over Indian "suttee" type pyres. Epigraphic and archaeological evidence also indicates a cult of cannibalism in some places. Druids were bad people. Nevertheless, there may have been something positive about them. In addition to the idolatrous heathenism there may have been remnants of Hebrew ancestry in their worship. We find Druids amongst peoples we otherwise identify as descended from the lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Compare the extracts below: Druids Committed Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism? Julius Caesar, who led the first Roman landing in 55 B. Perhaps the most incriminating evidence is the 2,year-old, bog-mummified body of Lindow Man, discovered in [Cheshire, just north of Wales] England in the s. Lindow Man's manicured fingernails and finely trimmed hair and beard suggest that he may have been of high status possibly even a Druid himself. At least one thing appears nearly certain about the ancient twentysomething: He was the victim of a carefully staged sacrifice. Recent studies have revealed that Lindow Man's head had been violently smashed and his neck had been strangled and slashed. Another clue lay inside the body's well-preserved gut: Romans wrote that Druids cut mistletoe from trees with golden sickles. Lindow Man's death is dated to around A. Other grisly clues come from a cave in Alveston, [south Gloucestershire, just to the east of southern Wales] England. Skeletons belonging to as many as people and dating back to about the time of the Roman conquest were discovered in Druids may have killed the victimswho show evidence of skull-splitting blows in a single event. The Alveston cave bones hint at something even more sinister - cannibalism. A human thighbone in the cave had been broken open in exactly the same method people use to get at the nutritious bone marrow of nonhuman animals. Julius Caesar conquered Gaul and began the Roman encroachment in Britain. In his description of these activities he gives us a description of the druids as he was informed about them. We suggest that the account of Caesar on this issue be read and in the blight of this that the druids be compared tot he Sages of Judah. Judlius Caear, The Gallic Wars 6. The greater part, when they are pressed either by debt, or the large amount of their tributes, or the oppression of the more powerful, give themselves up in vassalage to the nobles, who possess over them the same rights without exception as masters over their slaves. But of these two orders, one is that of the Druids, the other that of the knights. The Druids are engaged in things sacred, conduct the public and the private sacrifices, and interpret all matters of religion. To these a large number of the young men come for instruction, for Druids are held in great honor among them. They make the decisions on almost all controversies, public and private; and if any crime has been perpetrated, or if a murder has been committed, or if there is any dispute about an inheritance or any property boundary, these same persons decide it. They decree rewards and punishments. If anyone, either in a private or public capacity, does not submit to their decision, they exclude him from their sacrifices. This among them is the most heavy punishment. Those who have been thus excluded are counted as impious and criminal: No justice is administered to these outcasts, when they seek it. No dignities are bestowed on them. Ten commandments of dating ben young

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