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Taylor young desoto

Laughlin Light Guards, Capt. Le Bisque Battery, Co. Leeds Light Horse also called N. Militia called Lewis Rifles Capt. Linton Light Infty, La. Livingston Home Guards Co. Local Defense Troops La. Louisiana Guard Artillery, Capt. Louisiana Guards of Livingston Parish, Capt. Louisiana All Hazards, La. Louisiana Musketeers, Co 20th. Louisiana Native Grds, Co 1st. Louisiana Sappers and Miners, Independent Co. Louisiana State Guards, Co. Louisiana State Grds, Co. Louisiana Swamp Rifles, Co. Louisiana Tigers Whcat's Battn. Supposed to be but not found as such. See also Reichards Battn. Lovell Scouts, Independent Co. Assigned to Starkes 28th Cav. Madison Tipperarys later Capt. Madison Parish Infantry, Co. Madison, Tipperary's, See Madison Lt. Moody's Battery served in Alexander's and Hugers Battn. Maddox's Regt, Reserve Corps Col. Magnolla Guards, Continental Regt. Magee Guards, Continental Regt. Page 13Mccree Rangers, Co. Meschacebe Native Guards, La. Attached to Miles Legion, Co. Dents Batty, formerly Robertson's C. Miliken Bend Guards Co. Cavalry served as Co. Wimberly's or Webb's Squadron La. Milneburg Fire Guards, La. Mississippi Native Guards, Co. Moody's Battery Madison Light Arty. Mounted Wild Catsalso called Independent Mtd. Mcpherson's Battery Orleans Howitzers, La. Natchitoches Mounted Guards, La. National Guards of St. New Basin Guards, Co. New Orleans Home Guards, La. New Orleans Reserve Guards, Capt. North Louisiana Cadets, Co. Jeff Davis Rangers, Ind. Old Dominion Guards, Co. Served as Reserve Co. Orleans Claiborne Guards,Chaffin Co. Orleans Guard Artillery,Independent Battn. Orleans Light Guards Co. Page 14 Orleans Light Guards, Co. Orleans Light Guards, Co. Orleans Light Horse Cavalry also called N. Orleans Rifle Rangers, Co. Orleans Rifle Guards, La. Panola Guardsafterwards Beauregard Rangers Co. Pelican Guards of Iberville, La. Perseverance Life Guards, Capt. Perseverance Fire Guards, Co. Perseverance Native Guards, Co. Phoenix Fire Guards, La. Pikemen of '61, La. Pine Grove Guards, Capt. Plain Rangers, Served in E. Plaisance Guards,served in St. Planche Rebels, Co Chalmette Regt. InftyPlanters Life Guards, Co. Plaquemine Guards served in 13th. Pointee Coupee Creoles, La. Pointe Coupee Light Infty. Pointee Coupee Volunteers, Co. Port Hudson Guards, Capt. Militia called also Protection Grds. Quitman Guards, served in St. Radetzky Rifle Battery Arty. Red River Rangers,Attached to 15th. Red River Rebels, Co. Red River Scouts, Battn. Red River Sharpshooters, Battn. Red Stick Rebels, La. Page 15 Rifle Blues, La. Robert Brown Guards, La. Sarfield Rifle Guards, La. Sandy Creek Rangers, La. Sappers and Miners, Co. Sarsfield Southrons, Co La. Scotch Rifle Guards, Co. Scotch Rifle Guards Co. Scotch Rifles, Scotch Rifle Guards. Screwmen's Guard also called Moore Fencibles Co. Sappers and Miners Sureg's Co. Sharpshooters La Legion, La. Southern Guards of Union Parish, La. Southern Guards of Rapides Parish, La. Southern Protection Guards, La. Vols Wheat's Spearsville Co. Squires Slege Train Capt. Taylor young desoto

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  1. Be a Friend of the Gators! Louisiana Tigers Whcat's Battn. Planche Rebels, Co Chalmette Regt.

  2. Linton Light Infty, La. Partisan Rangers Consolidated with 18th. Atchafalaya River,Feby, , June 4, Sept.

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