Talking wife into anal sex. Sexual intercourse.

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Talking wife into anal sex

My wife, Jeanie, and I have always talked very openly about sex. From early on inour relationship she would ask me about previous girlfriends and details of the sex we had. However, while I had been with a reasonable number of girls, my wife, who was and is stunningly beautiful, was a virgin until a brief time after we met. Her own sexual experiences had beenlimited to allowing a few boyfriends to feel her tits and finger her pussy. Jeanie would ask me to tell her about my experiences and would get turned on by my talking about how and where I had fucked the girls I had fucked before we met. She would listen first and would get very turned on and then afterwards she would want a good fucking herself, making love noisily and wildly. She told me that she liked to imagine, while we made love, that she was being fucked by someone else. Was it anyone in particular? Her fantasy while we made love was she was being screwed by a total stranger. We enjoyed talking about this and our other sexual fantasies, however the recurring theme was always another man fucking her. Sometimes she wanted me to tie her up and blind-fold her so she could imaginethat I was someone else forcing her into sexual submission. While my cock pumped up inside her hot cunt I knew in her mind she was being fucked by another man. We started reading magazines with letters from readers and wives talking about the same kind of fantasy as my wife had and pretty soon these became my fantasies as well. I asked Jeanie if she would like to make this fantasies actually happen whether she really wanted to be screwed by another man. Eventually some two years after we had started thinking about it we talked about making our fantasies real, about how we could arrange to meet a stranger that we could invite back to our house and let him fuck her. I told her she could have whatever cock she wanted as long she told me about it. We realized, however, that while we had read of others doing this, that this for us was impractical. We decided that it should be someone that we knew perhaps vaguely and started to think of a suitable candidate to be the first man to screw my wife since I had taken her virginity seven years earlier. Jeanie subsequently told me that she had met someone at work, David, that she knew really fancied her and she him. They were in fact going on a residential course as part of a group from work. I told her that if she wanted to get laid while she was away, that it was OK with me. When she came back, she told me that he had been to her bedroom on some pretext but that absolutely nothing had happened. We talked about the fantasy more and more. I told her to do it and enjoy it. She deserved the experience of having another cock screwing her delicious cunt. One week she told me that she had decided that she was really going to do it. Had I changed my mind about letting her? No, I had not. After two years of fantasizing and doubt whether to do it or not Jeanie now seemed determined that tonight she was going to have David fuck her. I said I thought that it was fantastic and said that I hoped she would get a really good hard fuck. On the Saturday afternoon she had a bath. I watched her prepare herself , putting on her make-up wearing her sexy french knickers and lacey bra that showed just enough of her nipples through the fabric. Now she no longer asked me if I was sure, whether she should change her mind and having dressed in a light short dress Jeanie set out to with the intention of seducing David and letting happen whatever would happen. I think I was excited as she was as I kissed her goodbye on her way to new sexual experiences. While she was out I could hardly contain my excitement. I thought about where she would be at that time and she would be doing with David. Jeanie got back about 4 o-clock in the morning but I was wide awake. I could not wait for her to come into the bedroom and to hear what wild things she had been doing and to see her cum soaked knickers — if she still had them. She came in the bedroom and I immediately asked if she had enjoyed herself. She said she would tell me all about it when she got into bed. She told me that when she got to his house they drank some wine and talked. Very soon, she said, she had then surprised him by saying that it was obvious that they both wanted something to happen and that she thought they should let it. Soon they were kissing deep wet kisses and it was not long before he was feeling her body and caressing her beautiful tits. He kissed her neck and ears and sucked her nipples which for Jeanie act like a sex switch that gets her pussy bumping and grinding. Finally kissed her pussy. Taking his clothes off he got onto the bed with my wife, his cock pressing at her pussy. Amazingly Jeanie suddenly decided that she could not do it. They spent the remaining hours kissing and rolling their naked bodies together on the bed. What a gentleman he was. I told Jeanie that if it had been me that she taken so close to the delights of fucking her especially when the tip of his cock had been actually at the opening to her quim, that I would have not held back from giving her the fucking that her body had been craving for. She started to visit him more often. After a few more times she told me that he was bringing her off by sucking her juicy cunt. Jeanie is a fantastic cock sucker the best that has ever sucked my cock and it excited me to think of her expertly taking another prick between her lips and her tongue working around the swollen end, her teeth gently scraping along the skin and to the tip until it was throbbing purple bursting to come. She told me that his cock was more curved than mine and not as long or as thick as mine this silently pleased me. She and I would relive the excitement as she told me of how she had enjoyed his cock in her mouth. He would telephone her and she told me that he kept asking to fuck her that he wanted to bend her over the bed and fuck her from behind just as I like to do. Jeanie was still unsure about fucking him. I told her that she had fantasized about him screwing her and that if she wanted to do it then she should just go ahead and get herself well and truly fucked! One night she went to his house for her evening of fun. I was in bed, as usual, when she came back. When she undressed for the second time that night and got beside me in bed, she told me that David had fucked her. I could hardly believe it. After all the talking, all the months of fantasizing she had finally got fucked. My cock was so excited that I came without hardly being touched. Her visits were also getting more infrequent and in fact she told him that it could not continue. Then his birthday came and she went to give him the present she had bought. That night she was feeling really on heat. I had a good feel of her perfumed breasts and kissed her beautiful body before she went … I had a pretty good idea what she was going to do. When she got there, they had their customary glass of wine while she gave him her gift. Then, feeling incredibly randy, she told him that SHE was his birthday present and that he could do whatever he wanted. I think he could not get her upstairs fast enough. Finally he got what he had been dreaming about: Since then she has had a regular alternate sex life with a few lovers. I enjoy my wife telling me about her adventures, giving me a blow by blow and fuck by fuck account. I love doing to her what she has already been doing a few hours earlier, kissing her where earlier that night she has had come dripping out of her mouth, kissing her pussy, putting my cock up where earlier she has been taking another cock. Talking wife into anal sex

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  1. I suspected she liked the idea of sitting in the movies, being able to open and close her legs as she wished, exposing herself to the darkness. Far too filthy dirty.

  2. My cock jumped, his wife placed her hand on my knee and smiled at me with a slutty drunken look. Oh the joy of no children. An Encyclopedia states that "the inner third of the anal canal is less sensitive to touch than the outer two-thirds, but is more sensitive to pressure" and that "the rectum is a curved tube about eight or nine inches long and has the capacity, like the anus, to expand".

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