Sweet things to say to your daughter. Blow Your Mind Healthy DIY Facial Moisturizer.

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10 Important Things Your Child Should Learn by Age 10

Sweet things to say to your daughter

Reply rose September 27, at 7: Reply Carey August 21, at 7: Ive read all 3 ideas…mother son dates,mother daughter,and mother older daughter dates. I can only dream of my mom doing these things with me when I was younger,she never did,I know how it feels and my kids will not feel this way. From my heart,Thank You: Sue - The Spin Cycle November 12, at 6: Reply Monique August 8, at 1: Thanks for the post! So glad I could help! Stefani November 12, at 8: This post totally makes me miss my Mom, though. Reply Kim November 13, at 5: My daughters are now my friends. Thankfully none of us killed the others during those turbulent go-away-I-hate-you-but-give-me-money-and-the-car-first days. There is hope for moms with younger daughters. Stay the course as a mean mom and you can indeed be friends later. Reply hillary May 6, at 2: I hope you can spend some quality time with her and turn it around! Christy Rosander November 14, at 2: So fun seeing her here. What fantastic ideas to use with my two older daughters. I also read your Mommy-Daughter post for inspiration to use with my grand-daughter that is now in kindergarten. Reply hillary November 14, at 2: Reply aimee steckowski November 15, at 7: Thanks for the ideas! November 22, at 1: I bet she loves being able to say that. You are such a cool mom! Too often we get busy and forget about these simply things. I think Shelby and I will go for a horse ride together this weekend. I so wanna take my daughter horseback riding! Reply Janet December 6, at 6: Reply Ruth Ann December 31, at 1: How about an aunt, older cousin, neighbor, or an older church friend instead? She and I have made memories together! Mapp December 7, at I know we are going to have a blast. Thank you for this posting! Reply Hannah Strong December 8, at 3: My mom is one of my best friends, a big inspiration and someone I love spending time with! Are is usually in the kitchen, in the garden or in the craft room. But i have many special moments and I treasure them all! Reply hillary December 8, at 7: I hope and pray that my daughter and I can be friends when she is an adult! Reply Elizabeth December 8, at 4: Reply Monique August 8, at 2: Reply Dee Dillow December 9, at 3: This is a great list thanks for blogging Reply Amanda Pelaccio December 11, at 3: You had me at the first one lol! I would like to say that me and my mother are very close and do lots together. But the one thing we LOVE to do together is take trips. We both have the same styles when it comes to vacations so it is always fun. This year I will be graduating grad school with my masters and my mother will be turning 50 so to celebrate we have a trip planned to London together. I have been trying to figure out some things to do with my 13 year old. Reply Amanda December 13, at 2: This helped me to think of some things for us to do, the next time we get to see each other. Reply Robin Merriman December 13, at 3: I have a 15 year old daughter that is not into gifts, but really into experiences and quality time. Full of fun experiences we can have together that she can redeem through the year. Thanks for the inspiration! Reply Mary December 15, at 2: My daughter is a Senior in High School and for her spring break we are planning a trip to Mexico with her best friend and her mom. Just the girls and we all have been counting the days down to our trip. I think this memory is going to have a positive lasting impact on our special relationship! Reply Bailey December 26, at 1: We do a bit of window shopping, have lunch and then go see a movie. We always pick out a fun one, usually a cartoon like Chicken Little or Finding Nemo and laugh all the way home. Sharlotte January 19, at 8: Reply Lisa Weinstein December 27, at I think my daughter is still a bit too young, at 15, she would rather be with her friends. Although lunch and shopping goes over well…. Thanks for great ideas — Lisa hillary December 28, at 6: Reply Cindy December 28, at 2: So thats when we do something together. But we also go to movies together and read some of the same books. Sweet things to say to your daughter

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  1. A hand mixer or stand mixer with a whisk attachment would be fine too. We are so proud to call ourselves the parents of such an amazing daughter like you. Some of those come scented.

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