Strongest storm ever recorded in the world. World Record Wind.

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LARGEST TORNADO EVER!!! From Birth to Death (w/ Radar & Commentary) 5-31-13

Strongest storm ever recorded in the world

Update 1 - Nov. NASA's Aqua satellite captured visible and infrared data of Hiayan after it made landfall near Leyete, identifying the extent of its power. It was located about nautical miles east-southeast of Manila at that time. The image showed that Haiyan maintained its structure as it moved over the east central Philippines. As the center moved through the eastern Visayas, large, thick bands of thunderstorms spiraled into the center from the northeast. Hiayan's clouds extended over the entire country from the Cagayan Valley in the north to the Soccsksargen region in the south. The coldest cloud top temperaetures and most powerful thunderstorms with heavy rainfall potential covered the Visayas, Bicol, National Capital, Central Luzon, Calabarzon, Northern Mindanao, and Mimaropa regions. It was moving through Western Visayas and was nautical miles south-southeast of Manila. Public storm warning signals have been raised in large areas of the country. In Luzon, Signal 1 was in effect for: Signal 2 is in effect for: In Visayas, Signal 1 remained in effect for: CNN reported on Nov. Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii said it was the strongest tropical cyclone in the world this year. Hiayan is forecast to move through the South China Sea and make a final landfall as a strong typhoon in central Vietnam in a couple of days. NASA is providing visible, infrared and microwave satellite data to forecasters and warnings are in effect for the Philippines and Micronesia as Haiyan moves west. It is now estimated at kts mph , with an 8. Signal 1 is in effect for: Romblon, Sorsogon, Albay, Ticao and Burias island. In Visayas, Signal 1 is in effect for Squijor, and Signal 2 is in effect for: Signal 3 is in effect for: In Mindanao, Signal 1 was posted for: Misamis Oriental, Agusan del Sur; Signal 2 for: Siargao Island and Dinagat province. EDT that showed the thick bands of powerful thunderstorms that surrounded the eye. At the same time, another instrument aboard Aqua captured infrared data on the storm using the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder or AIRS instrument, providing cloud top temperatures and sea surface temperatures. The infrared data revealed a sharply defined eye with multiple concentric rings of thunderstorms and a deep convective eyewall. Those cold temperatures indicate very high, powerful thunderstorms with very heavy rain potential. Haiyan is a Category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale. A high percentage of framed homes will be destroyed, with total roof failure and wall collapse. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power outages will last for weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months. Haiyan was located near According to forecast track, Manila is now expected to be impacted by the northeastern quadrant, the strongest side of the storm. After passing through the Philippines, Haiyan is expected to move through the South China Sea as it heads for landfall in Vietnam. Haiyan is now equivalent to a Category 5 Hurricane. Satellite data also showed a persistent ring of deep convection around the small eye. Haiyan's eye appeared to be about 8 nautical miles in diameter. The TRMM satellite's microwave data showed an intense convective core thunderstorms building around the eye and improved convective banding of thunderstorms in all quadrants of the super-typhoon. Hiayan's center was located near 8. Super typhoon is expected to make landfall over the central Philippines just slightly on Nov. Typhoon Haiyan is now closing in on Yap and Palau with a forecast to move through the central Philippines, so all of those areas are under warnings and watches. TRMM's Precipitation Radar instrument provided data on rainfall in the storm's northeastern quadrant. Haiyan is centered near 6. There was a strong band of thunderstorms wrapping around the western semi-circle and into an eye detected by microwave satellite data. JTWC expects the storm to intensify rapidly over the next two to three days as it moves through the Philippine Sea. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder or AIRS instrument captured infrared data that measured cloud top temperatures in the strengthening tropical storm. AIRS data showed a large area of strong convection with high, cold cloud tops. Satellite data shows that the convection, the rising air that forms the thunderstorms that make up the tropical cyclone, have deepened, or strengthened over the previous 24 hours. Haiyan is lashing the islands of Micronesia and warnings and watches are in effect today, Nov. The area contains thousands of small islands and is part of the larger Oceana. Haiyan was centered near 6. Haiyan is moving west-northwest through Micronesia. It is expected to pass between Yap and Palau on Nov. That strength is equal to a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Strongest storm ever recorded in the world

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  1. Those cold temperatures indicate very high, powerful thunderstorms with very heavy rain potential. He also said that the general election slated for December 7 would take place on time, although eight or nine of the worst affected districts might experience delays, denying rumours that the election would be postponed. Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii said it was the strongest tropical cyclone in the world this year.

  2. Ahsan , denied charges that the armed forces had not acted quickly enough and said supplies were reaching all parts of the disaster area except for some small pockets. Hiayan's clouds extended over the entire country from the Cagayan Valley in the north to the Soccsksargen region in the south. In the months after the storm, the mortality of the middle-aged was lower in the cyclone area than in the control region, near Dhaka.

  3. However, the typhoon was still the most intense to hit Japan's main island of Honshu in more than a decade.

  4. Washington Auto Road Stage Office, where the Observatory was first established, with an anemometer mounted on the roof and thermometer housing mounted on the northern exterior wall.

  5. Data listed are provided by the official Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre , unless otherwise noted.

  6. The infrared data revealed a sharply defined eye with multiple concentric rings of thunderstorms and a deep convective eyewall. Haiyan was located near

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