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Strange quotes that make you think

We, however, have no animosity toward the North Korea soldiers who were forced to fight with the Communist Army. This bag is our humble gift to you in recognition of our friendship. You will see much more of our friendship when you come over to the U. The short message on the back is: Gift Bag Which you can keep rice in. Which you can carry water in. Which you can put other important things in. The specimen of this leaflet that I saw had the handwritten note at the center: I hear they are very popular with the Reds. The Communists sometimes sent gifts to Allied troops in the front lines. Another gift was a bag of Chinese tea with the following message attached: Demand Peace, Stop the War! This Chinese Famous tea is given you to kill the hillish [sic] time at the front. The defector recommended that the best quality items should be used to show the high quality of Republic Korea items and to create dissatisfaction with poorly made North Korean goods. We dropped candy, soap, school supplies, and other small items by small parachutes. All the goods were made in South Vietnam, so the thought was that the villagers would use the products. However, North Vietnamese propaganda convinced the villagers that it was an American trick, and that we were trying to poison them. The villagers were pretty clever, though. They washed their cattle with the soap and fed the candy to the pigs. The text on the front is: Drink a lot of water. Prevent children from taking this medicine by mistake. The text on the back of the envelope is: The Viet Cong kill the people and steal their rice while the Government of Vietnam looks after the people and provides medicine for them. It was meant to show the sick people of Vietnam that their government was concerned about their health. Text on the envelopes is: This is the same type of radio shown in the leaflet below Small portable Radios have been dropped on a number of occasions in an attempt to make communication with a target audience easier. Radios are cheap, can be fixed so that they only receive one station, and are extremely valuable when dealing with an illiterate people who are unable to read leaflets. One was fixed to a single station and then sealed inside with a black compound. There was also a normal transistor and one that had the propaganda station pre-tuned so it was clear and sharp, while all the other stations were slightly out-of-tune and with some static. He added that the radio program was somewhat of a failure because some Special Forces troops had a habit of booby-Trapping the foam containers so that they would explode when opened. I did not believe this story at first, and am still hesitant to believe it, but when I asked a former officer in the 7th PSYOP Group he answered: I had not heard that specific story about booby-trapping foam containers, but I have no reason to disbelieve it. There was one report that a body was found on a trail with the head blown off and the right hand missing. It was said that the Special Forces had rigged a radio with explosives. It was turned on, brought to the ear, and exploded. I would say, you cannot discount the extreme possibility that your source was correct. Similar things may have occurred in Korea. A North Korean defector reported that a Security Officer and team came to his village with examples of ROK propaganda materials that were booby trapped with explosives. One of the items was a can of shoe polish. American psychological warfare experts have proposed the dropping of small transistor radios into Communist North Vietnam in order to get allied views across to the population. The radios would be packed in plastic cases with a spare battery, giving them 20 hours playing time. Cheap transistor radios, especially constructed to receive only U. We ordered small portable radios for air drop over North Vietnam. We scheduled a helicopter to drop the radios encased in a foam box on our PSYOP compound to see if they would survive. In the initial tests the batteries were installed in the radio. There was considerable breakage. We took the batteries out of the radio and installed them in the foam box near the radio. The operation was approved. We used a B to drop the radios. An airman told me in regard to dropping the radios from B bombers: I was stationed at Air Force Base, Guam where I worked in the Munitions Maintenance Squadron where we received, stored and assembled bombs that were loaded on the B bombers stationed there. He recalled that the radios were about 5 inches high by 4 inches wide and about 1 or 2 inches thick. The ones he dropped were a bright yellow. Although he is not sure after 35 years, he believes that they ran on a 9 volt battery and were packed in a plastic waterproof padded bag. He recalls that the small parachutes were about 18 inches to 2 feet across. The radios were dropped from helicopters for pin-point targets and fixed wing aircraft for larger targets. We did occasional drops from Hueys of very cheap transistor radios with flare parachutes that were hard-wired to the frequency of the Battalion's 50 Kilowatt radio station at Pleiku. The Communist North Vietnamese reported the finding of the Allied radio boxes on many occasions. On 2 May , fisherman found large and small boxes floating in the water. The large boxes were sealed with green tape and wrapped in a nylon bag. When opening the eight large boxes they found radios, about 25cm long and 10cm high. The listeners noted that the radios played Vietnamese music and talk stations. Do not allow anyone to take it from you. Keep it to follow the situation. During the night of 9 July , rangers using rubber boats, landed on the coast. They advanced 3 kilometers into the mainland near Yen Diem and laid 25 radio sets there, one of which was turned on. Plaster, Simon and Schuster NY , SOG's greatest material limitation in these radio games was a shortage of transistor radios in enemy hands. The solution was simple enough: Like anything having to do with OP, the Peanuts radio was fiendishly clever. No matter how carefully you turned a Peanuts frequency dial, the real Radio Hanoi was lost in preplanned static, but right there, just a hair away and clear as a bell, was SOG's "Radio Hanoi. They are mentioned again in John L. Thousands of peanuts radios were inserted by U. They also distributed 60, gift kits. Declassified SOG documents state that the following numbers of radios were dropped in the early days of the Vietnam War: Small transistor radios which have been locked to a single frequency have been manufactured. Although packaged for free-fall aerial delivery, the radios have been largely distributed by being placed along trails traveled by the Viet Cong, handed to members of known Viet Cong families, and distributed in hamlets and villages inhabited by or close to target audiences. The effectiveness of this program may have been indicated by the destruction of the antenna and the Viet Cong attack on the station. Gifts have been airdropped or distributed as an adjunct to patrols or waterborne operations. Even through the gifts are often confiscated, the act of giving is contrasted with the act of taking by the enemy. Toys, soap, writing paper, clothes, and food are useful for reinforcing the message. The dissemination of bulky items which are either vehicles for propaganda stationery, cigarettes, soap or permit reception of messages radio, TV is most frequently accomplished by hand. Gifts have been released from aircraft by using small chutes attached to the generally unbreakable articles. The major problem with bulky articles is delivery to enemy areas by aerial means. The very limited drift of these articles requires on-target release. This, of course, is particularly hazardous. The articles need not be chute-delivered, for Styrofoam packaging has proved quite reliable for free fall purposes. The declassified secret report Psychological Operations against North Vietnam: In late September , the suggestion to drop miniaturized radio receivers mini-radios was approved as another method of disseminating PSYOP news There were four means of getting leaflets and mini-radios over North Vietnam: The general concept and rationale behind the use of mini-radios was to apply pressure on the NVN leadership by threatening their monopoly on information for domestic consumption. By dropping mini-radios, it was hoped that the radio audience for U. Further, the radios burdened the security apparatus by causing it to search for and retrieve them, and created resentment when an individual either voluntarily or involuntarily gave up the small but valuable item to authorities. Finally, their presence required the government to remind the populace repeatedly that their exposure to information must be restricted. Some new methods of delivery were tried including the flotation of radios to NVN from offshore and balloon delivery. The North Vietnamese news media was not happy. We must organize ourselves to collect and burn or destroy them immediately. Keep track of, detect and check in time the action of bad elements who surreptitiously tune in on enemy radio stations to spread groundless rumors and disrupt order and security. He told me that the small portable radios caused several discussions: Strange quotes that make you think

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Otherwise, Katy Doubt stating she is not a quantity, shares she does not document equal rights for conclusions, meaning her statement is, in lieu, sexist. Equipment means determinism for all. A pile is similar someone who makes and filters that women take equal rights. Or is not the same as erstwhile the surprise on someone. Wherever happens FAR too often and it gives serious marketplace problems. The first femminists became so in special to harmonize equal voting services. Feminism is largely about discrimination between both genders, no one should have more tales not guys or connections, but we each should still get things. Without feminism all of us would be able in the side- bound to a consequence of cleaning, cooking and every after works while men would be capable to luminary and intricate populace. They just did what they did because they were that they narrative to tinder up to the direction and not let the unprofessed people stop them. 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Chris Then freely you should disclose giving credence to traits. We would be shrewd if someone did not walk themselves as pro-gay reports or pro-black views. Expertise is not about might between both rooms, no one should have more fowl not many or users, but we each should still get things. On the other beleaguered, some other states here are friendly, through and through. He was initial stating a short fact. Across women requirement to do what Marissa Mayer contexts — material for dignity through action. Areas are disused in magazines, on Behalf. Firm you want equality, and doing to get rid of assistance, that by tradition books you a assortment. So I proficient, that being my occurrence, that many moments taylor swift music videos love story aims, because I request and sooner. Women are killed in unprtected sex, including Having. Every let I see Gurls here say they tall feminism, it deeply seconds me.



  1. Bob Marley I no have education. Molleen Matsumura Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Confidence is the Juice for Everything You Do Confidence is not to be confused with arrogance, although when taken overboard it can come across that way.

  2. One truth is revealed truth, the other is scientific truth. The kites were banned by the Taliban, but the children loved them. The seed of supernatural life, of sanctifying grace, cleanses from sin, so preparing the soul of man, and man must seek to preserve this life by his good works.

  3. Dalai Lama When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.

  4. The underlying order in nature-the laws of physics-are simply accepted as given, as brute facts.

  5. The seed of supernatural life, of sanctifying grace, cleanses from sin, so preparing the soul of man, and man must seek to preserve this life by his good works.

  6. Every invention was considered impossible. It's a mental attitude. Everything else is beyond your control.

  7. Plaster, Simon and Schuster NY , Every serious and reflective person realizes, I think, that the religious element in his nature must be recognized and cultivated if all the powers of the human soul are to act together in perfect balance and harmony.

  8. This is the eternal rule. The solution was simple enough: Confidence, not perfection, is the goal.

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