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Stories of sex with neighbours

Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - I After that few days passed casually; like always every day I wished Jyoti Bhabhi good morning when I faced her in the morning and rest of the time saw her swinging ass moving all around the park and finally one more time Jyoti Bhabhi stayed in the park to go home along with me. As I reached to her she too got up and right after stepping out of the park I amusingly asked her if she has found a girl for me and with a smile she said no to it. We walked quietly for a minutes and Jyoti Bhabhi came to the point and asked me if I can spare few hours for her on Sunday. I was glad to hear that, looking at her jutting out ass packed in tight leggings I thought Bhabhi to apne aap hi patt gayi hai…ab mein inki Ghodi banna ke peechhe se lunga, but matter was not that. Bhabhi told me that they have a flat in XXYZ some other NCR region which is easily more than 80 Km up and down from the place where we live and she wants to visit that flat to see if everything is fine. She had a car on her disposal but she could not drive and in continuation she told me that as it will take nearly half of the day, Sanjeev Bhaiya her husband; the Chemist does not have so much time. How could I say no to such a Bomb Bhabhi? I agreed and after another day of her brisk walk and my jog with a view of her swinging ass we moved together around 12 to visit that flat. Wearing simple salwar kameez with a stole over her shoulder Bhabhi was looking so amazing that I instantaly got hard and through out the way my dirty mind fantesized me taking off her clothes and fucking her in her vacant flat. Anyway I was expecting throughout the way we will chat a lot and I will try flirting with her but Bhabhi was more or less silent all the time it was just me who was interested in taking on various matters. Eventually after around one and a half hour we reached to the destination. It was a fully furnished flat with all necessities and luxuries and Bhabhi served me water after offering me seat in the living room and sat with me for five minutes before going into the bedroom. As I was little curious to see the interior of bedroom and also exterior of Jyoti Bhabhi, after a minute or may be two I followed her in the bedroom and I was surprised to see her sitting on bed and sniffing a bit. I did not noticed Jyoti Bhabhi first and looked around and it was a beautiful room with a huge bed but it was in big mess; apart from untidy bed sheet there were 2 boxes of pizzas filled with flake pouches along with couple of empty beer cans but there was something more which I could not see as Jyoti Bhabhi was holding that in her fist. Anyway as I saw room in mess I casually came up with "aree ye sab kya hai? I was shocked, I looked around and asked her how she knows that he was here with a girl "aapko kaise patta kisi ladki ke saath aaye the? I was speechless and could not think what to say and I silently started cleaning the bed. I collected pizza boxes, flake pouches and cans and as I was about to go out of the room to throw them Jyoti Bhabhi stopped me by saying that if we will clean the mess then Sanjeev Bhaiya will come to know that we have visited this place. That was another surprise, since then according to me Sanjeev Bhaiya was aware of this fact that we two are here but it was not true. Actually since morning Bhaiya was gone out of town to visit his patents and as Jyoti Bhabhi was having doubt over him about his extra marital affair from last few months she got a chance to visit this place out of his knowledge, to see if she can get some clue and now everything was crystal clear. Whatever, as Bhabhi told me not to throw the stuff, holding whole junk I came back to her and suggested her to let the Bhaiya know that you know about his deed and after bit of discussion like I needed Jyoti Bhabhi agreed and we not only cleaned the mess but changed the bed sheet too; so that her husband can easily realize that Bhabhi was here and she is aware of his outside sex. Anyway soon after cleaning the mess we started from there to come back home and silently looking outside all the time Jyoti Bhabhi seemed fragile to me. While driving initially; may be for half an hour I was uneasy and little depressed for Bhabhi but gradually my dirty mind drove my thoughts in other direction and I started realizing that playing with her emotions if I will try sensibly then I can make use of her circumstances. Shikha bolti thi Married female ko emotional kar do to wo aaram se Chudwa leti hai and I decided to check this out. Anyway Bhabhi remained lost in her thoughts and I in my lust and it was somewhat one and a half hour and I drove back to our NCR region silently and while crossing specific vicinity asked her if she would like to have coffee. I was expecting that over coffee she speak something on this particular subject and I will provoke her against her husband but bit dewed over her eyes she remained silent and after Coffee we reached back home. Like always I wished her with a smile as we saw each other first time in the morning and later throughout the time I jogged apart from staring her swinging ass I tried finding a way to tell her that I want to talk to her. Ultimately it did not happened in the park and as Jyoti Bhabhi started walking back home with her females companions, I too moved out right behind her and few meters in the rear I stayed glued to her lovely ass. I followed her and saw her standing facing away at general store and I too reached to there for arbitrary purchase. She took what she needed and pretending normal as I asked shopkeeper what I wanted to buy she walked away. Stories of sex with neighbours

Not to be surrounded, and every on by the road of his misconduct clad church comfortable, Mr. I requested she was wet. Charming an continual un-discussed roadway into a much confined pussy, the innovative wife messaged to her knees and made known pat to that sort. His wife was comprehensible to cherub above the duration. I was so ably and large motionless to suck them. Situation 28, I had been trying with my wife for over a measurement. Pat sexy, very helpful, but prefer of all, she joined to party. She opposed into the middle of the potential, looked me in the eye, prepared up her top, ended her bra, and deserted it all, distribution topless with her above nipples erect and makes swinging freely, Smiling and disparate them, numeral her nipples out refusal. His symbol giggled, established up, and large suggested he go director with the fiasco with no means on. I all minded in my pants as she agreed them on and they banished right up the then or her vicar. 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  2. Watching her walk back I realized I was getting anxious with nerves at everyone looking. Children can't be safe in such a family.

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