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The Line-Up February 3rd, Comments off People make a lot of noise about the Catholic Church and its sex scandals as they rightly should for such abominable behavior, but there is a quiet outrage that is happening right under our noses on the other side of the aisle with Protestants. When it comes to misdeeds by the clergy, Protestants can hang with the worst of them, breaking their own rules and a few that missed the book. Murder, attempted murder and rape are some of the more heinous crimes, but the list goes from the horrendous to the absurdity of a preacher stealing a dildo in a house robbery. I spent more time alphabetizing the crimes of Protestant clergy than collecting information. The following information is an amalgamation of my picking and choosing over a few days. A simple Google search will reveal a line-up of preachers, ministers and evangelists that fell a lot short of the law. How easy is it? Zachery and Riva Tims ended their year-marriage in late July; two years after Zachery admitted the affair. He returned to the pulpit three months later, after counseling with a group of ministers. In a written statement to Charisma, Tims, 40, said he has been involved in counseling since the affair became public. Many members left the independent church after Judy Nguyen posted details of her affair with the pastor on the Internet. She said the long-distance affair lasted from August to October Riva Tims, 38, also left the church and filed for divorce in The couple share joint custody of their four children. Riva Tims would not comment on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, founded Majestic Life Institute and opened Majestic Life Ministries church in Orlando. Much like NDCC, the church emphasizes outreach, with programs planned for children with special needs and youth gang prevention, as well as a job placement ministry for former inmates, drug addicts and alcoholics. New Destiny Christian Center pastor, Dr. Zachary Tims, announced to his congregation that he had an outside relationship that compromised his marriage. A paternity test revealed Paulk was the father of his nephew, who is now leader of the church. Jim Creason told the officers who arrested him that he was financially desperate. Harold Hunter and his wife Patricia each were charged with second-degree arson days after the early morning fire destroyed much of Bethel AME Church, which has since been rebuilt on its same location on North Main Street. Anish Shorrosh is charged with trying to burn down a condominium high-rise where he lived in Daphne. He says he is from the hometown of Jesus, and claims to have preached the gospel in 82 different countries. Anis Shorrosh is accused of putting dozens of his Daphne neighbors in danger. Shorrosh was arrested, and is now facing charges of attempted arson. Bush, said killing Chavez would be cheaper than starting a war to remove him. Robert Nelson of Naugatuck, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting the three young girls he met at church. While he was serving the sentence at Cheshire Correctional Institution, state police learned of a murder plot against one of the girls. State police said Nelson tried to persuade a woman outside the prison to kill one of his victims. Lewis, who entered a blind guilty plea to charges he intended to kill his wife when he shot her in , appeared before Associate District Judge Joe Enos. Enos ordered Lewis to serve 19 years of the sentence behind bars. The former pastor of Victory Temple Church was arrested after he shot at and wounded his wife. Lewis was taken into custody by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper after hospital employees foiled his attempt to accost his wife in the hospital parking lot. Uber was booked into the Cherokee County Jail for domestic battery and felony aggravated battery. He will be held without bond until he is allowed to appear before a judge in Cherokee County District Court. Uber is a minister at the First Baptist Church. Witcher was arrested at his home just before 1 a. He was charged with simple assault and obstruction of a call. Witcher, Senior Minister of First Baptist Church of Alpharetta faces charges stemming from his arrest in a domestic altercation after allegedly threatening his wife with a shotgun. Mowery reportedly also got a nine-millimeter handgun from his bedroom and fired it outside his home. Merrill will serve six months on tether as well as two years of probation after his guilty plea to four counts of making bootleg CDs and DVDs. Merrill pleaded guilty to the charges in July. County Circuit Judge Fred L. Borchard sentenced him Wednesday. A plea agreement dismissed felony firearm charges. It was the second time the married pastor had been publicly confronted with impregnating a parishioner. In , a woman told church members during a Sunday service that Davis had impregnated her year-old daughter. Police charged both with first-degree child cruelty. This is the Albany home where investigators say the boy was injured. He was arrested Wednesday while preparing for an evening service at Second Baptist Church in Greenville. Amason was arrested at the church where he preaches. Virginia Graham Foreman, spent a night in jail after New Smyrna Beach police said she physically abused her husband, Chad. She was charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse and released on her own recognizance. Authorities accuse Mable of delivering 50 grams of crack cocaine. Brian Moore was arrested for felony drug possession and misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia near Charlotte, North Carolina. He also works for several other churches in North and South Carolina. Frank Leach of Salina was charged Monday in Mayes County District Court with delivery of a controlled drug, unlawful use of a police radio and use of a weapon during the commission of a crime, records show. Heathscott ordered Conner to pay the money. Conner pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to drop a charge of delivering marijuana. Daniel Keith Gabbard faces 20 years to life in prison if he is found guilty of wanton murder in the June 8 death of Doug Wright. Wright had served as the commonwealth attorney for Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton and Robertson counties for three years. He was married with two children. Gabbard, an independent truck driver and pastor of Uptown Church in Over-the-Rhine, was driving his semi truck south on U. They were each charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records, crimes punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Randall Radic reportedly sold the church that he preached at for almost ten years so that he could purchase a BMW. Radic was also accused of forging ownership documents to obtain loans on his home, which is owned by the church. Radic now faces up to 18 months in prison and is scheduled for sentencing on March 16th. Charles Betts, who skirted jail with plea deal and a promise to pay back some money received probation after prosecutors, believing Betts less culpable, allowed him to plead guilty in exchange for probation. Morning Star is among the 20 percent of churches nationwide that has lost money to people entrusted to protect church finances. He later admitted, under the advice of attorney Thomas Damico, to stealing other funds as well. Ilger, a former second-grade teacher, was convicted in of molesting four students in his San Luis Obispo classroom. Jeff Fischer of Hope Chapel said outside court. Fischer has said he and about 30 church elders knew that Ilger had molested young girls before he was hired. Forsythe, a Protestant minister in South Dakota, has not registered as a sex offender as required by law. Forsythe pleaded guilty in to attempted indecent liberties with a child. A Johnson County district judge said Forsythe was a pedophile and ordered him to have no contact with teen-age boys—a restriction the judge later lifted. He pleaded guilty in to attempting indecent liberties with a child. The church is part of a growing denomination that serves predominantly gay and lesbian worshippers. Forsythe said he had never told the whole congregation of his past. Shiloh Baptist Church leaders had hired the Rev. Williams in mid-March, even though they knew he had pleaded guilty in Florida to charges of child abuse and using children in a sexual performance. Robidoux showed no emotion as he was sentenced to an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole. She also said Karen should take her son off food and give him only her own breast milk. The sentence also bars Ray Anthony Hemphill, 46, a former maintenance worker with no religious schooling who conducted services in a strip-mall sanctuary, from attempting any more exorcisms during the next 10 years without formal training in the practice. Participants pose as Nigerian government officials, then try to persuade people to send them money and bank account numbers. People are told in e-mails or letters that they can earn money by helping to funnel funds from Nigeria to the U. When VSP Special Agent Dennis Dodson began working this case, he quickly found there was more to it than just the preacher receiving a few extra bucks. I had to take a second read. Reverend James Cornell Clark—a former Lubbock pastor —was convicted on 41 counts of various indictments charging him with various offenses related to defrauding the federal government of more than a half million dollars. Likewise, Clark was also found guilty in another trial of importing an alien for immoral purposes. Apparently, James Clark forced a Kenyan exchange student into prostitution. James Clark was heard on tape; telling the young woman that she would have to provide sexual favors in return for what he had done for her after bringing her to Lubbock from Kenya. Sex and theft—Clark is working on breaking commandments in a big way! Specifically the jury convicted Clark on 23 counts of mail fraud, five counts of making false statements or entries, three counts of possession of false papers to defraud the U. District Court in Roanoke. That means more than people who were once promised a 40 percent return on their investments must now settle for 9 cents on the dollar. A pastor with the First Baptist Church, Rev. He pleaded guilty to 20 felony charges and one misdemeanor. Steve damico williamsburg dating

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  1. David Valencia pleaded guilty yesterday in Common Pleas Court to sexual assault stemming from a series of incidents involving a high school junior he was counseling at church. After 40 years, Edgar Ray Killen, the man considered to be the leader and organizer of the attack, had his day in court. Fouts agreed to the sentence when he pleaded no contest to one count of committing a lewd act on a child under age 14 and one count of committing a lewd act on a child more than 10 years his junior.

  2. She was charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse and released on her own recognizance. Tillman was found guilty of murdering Janet Lorita Tillman.

  3. She said the long-distance affair lasted from August to October Investigators said Double, a youth minister at Willowbrook Christian Church, purposely collided with young girls in a wave pool, pulled their swimsuits aside and groped them at Typhoon Lagoon.

  4. Judge Don Stephens sentenced Reaves to life in prison without parole. Moore admitted to acts of forcible oral sodomy and to showing the boy pornographic images. He will be held without bond until he is allowed to appear before a judge in Cherokee County District Court.

  5. Steve Richardson was sentenced by U. After 40 years, Edgar Ray Killen, the man considered to be the leader and organizer of the attack, had his day in court.

  6. Heiskell was the former minister at the West Valley Assembly of God Church in Goodyear, but his brother, who has been the church pastor for 16 years, said Heiskell was never an ordained minister. In September , Crotts was sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud and seven years for illegally conducting an enterprise.

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