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A little about the Perfect dives Great dives as expected. Lots of sharks, queensland groupers, rays, and more. Lovely crew and nice boat. Grey nurse sharks, wobbegongs, dusky whalers and a large school of hammerhead sharks. Turtles, bull rays, a small frogfish, I really appreciated to dive in a group of 4 divers one day and only 3 the next one. Thank you to the whole team. We can'y wait to come back!! I felt at ease diving with the staff from the centre especially Steve who was the divemaster for my course. I recently completed a shore dive at Shellharbour and was complemented on my knowledge and handling of the assembly of my gear. The divemaster had asked me where I had trained and said he now knew why I handled my gear so well and complemented the South West Rocks Dive Centre on their expertise in training. Disappointed we couldn't dive one of the day's booked, but we were told well before hand this The day we did dive was so very memorable. My first drop included the loss of a heavy Jet Fin, however my prince being one of the crew saved me while I hung onto the back of the boat , thank goodness I could still dive. The icing on the cake was when the captain followed a whale teaching her young calf how to breach. This wasn't on the menu. The boat is comfortable and easy to get in the water! The accommodation was very clean! Did two dives with these guys who are organised, The first was a general mooch around the rock in very poor vis - but still saw a lot of good stuff. But the second was the iconic dive through 'Fish and Chips' and up the chimney from the back of the cave to the entrance. Just look at their website picture if you want an idea - but it still doesn't do the fish life justice. Now I remember why it's in my top five all time dives! Had the best weekend and can fault them in anyway way always felt safe and taken care off Thanks for an awesome weekend read less Sarah-Katie R. Highly professional and friendly. Very good organization of local dives. The Fish Rock sites are not always easy but they will No matter the divers experience these boys can't do enough for you. One of the top dive centres in the country. Fish Rock Cave is an incredible memorable experience - these guys will make it even more extraordinary. Safety is their number one priority but their real beauty is their customer service focus. Always going above and beyond to ensure everyone has a great time. I recently visited Australia and a dive at Fish Rock Cave was definitely on my 'must do' list after the weather was against me the I stayed two nights in the bunk house accommodation and did two days diving with South West Rocks Dive Centre. Everything was really easy to organise and Kevin even made sure to advise me about the weather and which days were best to come. The accommodation was clean, spacious and really well suited to divers. And then the diving The dive briefs were really good and I felt very safe at all times of the diving. We saw Grey Nurse Sharks on each of the dives and the cave has to be one of my favourite dives of all times. Pete was really knowledgeable about the dive site and all of the staff went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this Dive Centre to anyone looking for an incredible dive! On the MV Seawolf. Safe, competent and just all round good guys My first time diving SWR but it was very relaxing and easy diving. I've never dived through a cave before but I felt totally safe with Mike. And so many beautiful Grey Nurse sharks keeping us company in the gutters. SWR Dive Centre is a very professional and efficient operation. Extremely well run and all the staff are very knowledgeable, passionate divers and friendly, helpful guys. An extremely fun and relaxed weekend. Can't forget the accommodation, right above the dive shop so you can't get much closer. Very clean and cosy with plenty of all the necessities to ensure we had a nice stay. The knowledgeable dive crew made our day with their The dive gear was of high quality and professionally organised. Firstly, diving up close with the mysterious and placid grey nurses was breathtaking. Then second was a very surreal cave dive. At the exit of the cave you are greeted by the beautiful nurse sharks. Epic day in the ocean! Clearly a well oiled machine: Was particularly impressed with the care the team took of the divers camera equipment. Then of course there is the dive site: The cave is a very special addition to the site, always exciting to see what marine life you will encounter! There is a good wash down and secure drying area back at the shop which again made the diving experience a breeze here. The accommodation was clean and comfortable: Would recommend diving with South West Rocks Dive centre in a heartbeat. We will be back for sure read less Roxana C. Really enjoyed my day of diving with these guys. Had booked two days but Mother Nature didn't want us to play for the first day First dive was into the gutter and there were plenty of grey nurse sharks and a few wobbegongs. Lots of small stuff too if you take the time to look. The second dive was the cave dive and this was spectacular! Having not done a cave dive before I went right behind our guide but I felt totally safe the whole time. The cave is cosy and there is so much to see. The best bit is as you leave the cave. We saw a bull ray swim in to the cave as we were leaving and then the amount of sharks outside was phenomenal. You have to look out for the wobbegongs on the bottom as there are so many of them it would be easy to kick one without realising. All in all it was a fantastic dive and I can't wait to go back and have another go. Hopefully get two full days in this time. One of the best spot in the East Coast with such an amazing and professional team! So many good memories! The gear was new and the team was really kind, helpful and professional. If you come for diving in south west rocks, you definitely have to dive with them! Great to be able to stay in cheap accomodation above the dive centre. They are one of the only dive comapnies Pete and his crew have loads of experience and cater to all sorts of diving capabilities making you feel confident and safe. Very friendly atmosphere with lots of fun and laughter during surface time! The dive sites will speak for themselves when you see it for yourself. Definitely worth the trip to the small town of South West Rocks. A true gem in this country. The accommodation was at a great location just above the shop You and your crew were professional, organized, fun, and relaxed. The dives were amazing. We were fortunate with the weather and were able to dive the Fish Rock Cave three days in a row. The Aquarium was a lot of fun with a lot to see. Will remember the friendly blue groupers, little blue-ringed octopus, calm sharks, and all the different marine life. The bonus land tours absolutely made our trip memorable. Thanks Joe to find us so many things in our dives and on land. South West Rocks is a lovely place. South west rocks

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  1. The resulting labour shortage led to changes in feudal practices. Thank you to the whole team. We will be back for sure read less Roxana C.

  2. Pete and his crew have loads of experience and cater to all sorts of diving capabilities making you feel confident and safe. Then there is the cave, the turtles, loads and loads of school fish, wobogong sharks, and eels.

  3. Now I remember why it's in my top five all time dives! Peter, Kevin, Steve, Mike, and Lily are so kind, and most importantly so knowledgable in scuba diving and of the area.

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